Hi-Fi Choice July 2020

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Looking forward. That’s what we’re doing here at HFC. Now that we’re easing out of lockdown, we’re anticipating a busy third quarter and a spectacular fourth. Our favourite companies back up and running on all cylinders! The international markets reopening! The shops pulling up their shutters and throwing open their doors! The trade shows reorganising showcase dates! All of us eager and ready for the roll-out to come. Many of us who have managed to continue working from home may choose not to re-enter the traditional daily grind of commuting to the office. Some have grown used to creating their own customised working environment. In other words, what we do and who we are can be more one-and-the-same than ever before. With that bright future in mind, we’re looking forward to all…

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celebration time

PRICE: £4,000 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: TECHNICS.COM/UK CAST YOUR MIND back to the summer of 2016 and you’ll no doubt remember that Technics released its Grand Class SL-1200GAE limited edition turntable to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company forming. Now, five years later, it’s releasing the SL-1210GAE Limited Edition to honour its 55th year. Based upon the SL-1200G that received an Editor’s Choice recommendation back in HFC 418, the updated deck marks Technics first collaboration with highly respected pick-up producer Nagaoka – which in turn celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Specially tuned by a joint team of experts from both companies, a moving-magnet JT-120 cartridge comes bundled with the turntable (and won’t be available anywhere else). Employing a boron cantilever, it’s claimed to be designed for superior focus and improved detail. The…

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ifi’s iphono3 black label

PRICE: £1,000 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01279 501111 WEB: IFI-AUDIO.COM INCORPORATING TECHNOLOGY DERIVED from the £12,000 PH-77 phono preamp from sister-company AMR, iFiAudio’s iPhono3 Black Label MM/MCcompatible phono stage is driven by the company’s Class A TubeState engine – solidstate circuitry claimed to capture the key attributes of valves while maintaining ultra-low distortion. Its circuit is directcoupled, meaning there’s no coupling capacitor from cartridge to output, and this is achieved without a conventional DC servo. iFicalls the design Direct Drive Servoless, incorporating a proprietary DC Infinity circuit to boost DC gain to a level approaching infinity. The Black Label also boasts a series of DIP switches on its underside for setting gain and load. The former can be adjusted between 36dB and 72dB, while there is a wide variety of values for the…

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monitor audio ims-4 music streamer

PRICE: £1,200 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01268 740580 WEB: MONITORAUDIO.COM Monitor Audio has launched its new IMS-4 Music Streamer featuring BluOS and Apple AirPlay 2. The former allows the IMS-4 to stream to four separate zones and its BluOS Controller app offers playback from music services and libraries with voice control through a suitable smart device. Accessed through the app or one of the integrated control systems, multiple IMS-4 Music Streamers can be integrated with other BluOS devices to provide up to 64 different music zones. MA claims that lossless music can be played with resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz to every room in a home network while AirPlay 2 provides the IMS-4 Music Streamer with flexibility as Siri allows users to request the track they would like to hear and then state the…

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mag’s new little ribbon system

PRICE: £1,000 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01642 267012 WEB: HIFISOUND.CO.UK US-BASED MAGNEPAN HAS launched its new entry-level magneplanar LRS this month, a small, flat-panel, full-range quasi-ribbon loudspeaker that upgrades from its previous appetiser models. Manufactured in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, the LRS (Little Ribbon System) is cloth covered with a 32mm-thick flat panel standing 1,220mm high and 370mm wide. Unlike conventional box speakers, which radiate sound forward, the LRS emits audio from both the front and rear, and where most speakers use dome tweeters and midrange or low-frequency drivers, it instead adopts a thin film aluminium ribbon. In simplest terms, air is shifted and sound waves are created by the ribbon, while its ultra-low mass enables it to respond quickly to the electrical signal that comes from the amplifier to produce bass, midrange…

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talk electronics tonearm duo

PRICE: £350-£600 AVAILABLE: NOW CONTACT: 01344 844204 WEB: TALKELECTRONICS.COM UK-based Talk Electronics has launched two new tonearms – the A500 and A600. Both are advanced captive uni-pivot designs with acrylic headshells and hardened stainless steel pivot joins with outputs via a five-pin 270° connector, which provides for the user’s choice of cable. The A500 boasts a 12mm aluminium slightly tapered arm tube, is internally wired with jointless 0.15mm copper single-core, varnished copper wire and offers the option of straight or right-angle sockets. The A600 meanwhile features lightweight, rigid 12mm pultruded carbon fibre, and is wired internally with jointless copper litz wiring. Both tonearms have a standard Rega compatible mounting, and are available in 9in, 10in and 12in versions with SME Audio or Jelco compatible mounts by special order. The A500 costs £350 and…