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www.hifichoice.com Issue No. 482 December 2021 Phew! Made it! It’s been a bit of a haul, but here it is: the final issue of 2021. Can’t say it’s been the easiest year, what with all the lockdowns and false starts, but we’ve had a heap of fun, ducking and diving and innovating where we can to bring your hi-fi info and reviews coming thick and fast. Because dealer visits have been tricky for most, we dropped them for now and increased the size of the Audiofile news section to keep you in touch with all the up-and-coming goodies, we’ve updated Music Legends so you can discover more about a wider range of artists and maybe introduce some new names, we’ve tried to ensure there’s always some aspirational kit in each issue so…

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bridging the gap

PRICE: £3,490-£4,990 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: KOGAUDIO.COM GERMAN HI-FI SPECIALIST T+A has unveiled its latest compact high-end Series 200, which consists of the MP 200 multi-source player, DAC 200 digital-to-analogue converter/preamp and A 200 output stage. Reminiscent of its iconic M-systems of the Nineties T+A explains: “The series was developed with the goal of closing the gulf between high-grade specialised separates and a combined system for relaxed listening”. The digital-to-analogue converter is compatible with music files up to 768kHz PCM and DSD1024 and features amplifier sections utilising Class A and HV technology. T+A says the result is that: “the DAC 200 is the perfect choice for customers using active loudspeakers as well as audiophile converter enthusiasts”. Using the company’s Modular High-End Architecture, the MP 200 operates as a universal player, delivering DAB radio and streaming,…

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turning the tables

PRICE: £1,100-£1,400 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: THORENS.COM THORENS HAS LAUNCHED a couple of new turntables in the shape of the TD 1500 and TD 403 DD. The belt-driven TD 1500 features a sub-chassis that decouples the turntable and tonearm shelf from the motor and frame using three conical springs, which can be easily adjusted from above through corresponding holes in the platter so that it doesn’t have to be removed. The platter weighs in at 1.4kg and is 22mm thick, made of cast aluminium with a ground edge turning it in a Delrin trust bearing for smooth running. The speed of the DC motor is electronically monitored by an incremental encoder and any deviations are automatically corrected. The turntable has XLR outputs in addition to a pair of RCA jacks, enabling balanced operation…

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best end musical

PRICE: £1,200 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: CHORDELECTRONICS.CO.UK CHORD ELECTRONICS HAS launched its first ever small desktop integrated amplifier, Anni. Designed for headphones and compact loudspeakers, Anni benefits from the company’s proprietary Ultima circuit topology and forms part of the Qutest range created to complement the resolving abilities of the Qutest standalone DAC (HFC 436) and Huei phono stage (HFC 459). Chord explains: “As a system, the Qutest components provide an unrivalled desktop audio solution, offering class-leading digital and analogue technologies for the modern music lover”. The whole system can be housed on the company’s compact QSS (Qutest Stand System) modular equipment rack while Anni offers Chord Electronics’ recently announced dual-feed-forward error-correction circuit topology whether using headphones or compact loudspeakers. The company claims: “Anni’s advanced technology allows it to drive any headphone load, error-monitored…

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go with the flow

PRICE: £130 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: NADELECTRONICS.COM CANADIAN COMPANY NAD is adding to its range in the just-add-speakers category with the launch of the new C 700 BluOS streaming amplifier. The housing is made from solid aluminium with a smooth glass front panel and 5in high-definition colour display that shows artwork, track status and system settings. Inside of this is a HybridDigital UcD amplifier and BluOS-enabled network streamer and the company claims that: “using the intuitive BluOS app, the ability to cue music from a digital library or stream from internet radio and online services like Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Tidal and Qobuz couldn’t be easier”. NAD also notes that the UcD amplifier design is: “renowned for ultra-low noise and distortion through the entire frequency range, regardless of the loudspeaker load”. The C 700…

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opposites attract

PRICE: £8,800 EACH AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: AUDIOZENAUDIO.COM OVER IN ITALY, Audiozen has been having fun creating a pair of complimentary monophonic amplifiers: the Yin and Yang, named after the ancient Chinese philosophical proposition of opposites. The Yin stands for black, darkness and negativity; the Yang for white, brightness and positivity and together they serve to power a single stereo system. Designed to illustrate the concept, the pair of solid-state power amplifiers have two toroidal power transformers each, for a total claimed power of more than 800VA per amplifier and more than 130V of voltage on power devices. The pair of oversized transformers is optimally assisted in its task by two rectifier bridges (with metal body) of more than 20 Amperes and by four filter capacitors for a total of 43000μF and more. Each…