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April 2019

Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, houseproud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.

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home & decor singapore

GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Caroline Ngui (nguislc@sph.com.sg) GROUP EDITOR Joanna Lee-Miller (jolee@sph.com.sg) EDITORIAL EDITOR Young Lim (younglim@sph.com.sg) EXECUTIVE SUB-EDITOR Adeline Wong (adewong@sph.com.sg) SENIOR WRITER Domenica Tan (domtan@sph.com.sg) WRITERS Eliza Hamizah (elizahby@sph.com.sg) Isabelle Tow (imztow@sph.com.sg) CONTRIBUTING WRITER Marie Quek (msquekxn@sph.com.sg) CREATIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Maureen Cheng (chenglpm@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Nonie Chen (noniec@sph.com.sg) ART DIRECTOR Kristy Quah (krisquah@sph.com.sg) DIGITAL  TRENDING DESK GROUP EDITOR Dhylan Boey dhylanb@sph.com.sg ASSOCIATE EDITOR Joy Fang joyfang@sph.com.sg SENIOR CONTENT SPECIALIST (BEAUTY) Joyce Cheo jcheo@sph.com.sg VIDEO LAB GROUP EDITOR Tara Barker (tbarker@sph.com.sg) LEAD GRAPHIC DESIGNER Felicia Liew (felliew@sph.com.sg) SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sherry Leung (suetyee@sph.com.sg) VIDEO EDITOR Firdaus Mahadi (firmhdi@sph.com.sg) BRAND LAB DIRECTOR Ong…

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art of refinement

One of the things that I tell everyone I meet is that design should be accessible to everybody, regardless of income bracket, gender or age. That’s an important factor to keep in mind, especially for young and/or first-time homeowners, because all it takes is some effort to style up a living space.However, for those who have reached a certain point in their appreciation of outstanding design, and who are on the hunt for something unique and distinctive, they will be glad to know that there is a whole universe of creativity and beauty worth investing in.That is the topic that we will delve into within this issue; the many new ways to enjoy the finer things in life when it comes to home and interior decorating.For me, I’m an…

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nouveau luxe

What does luxury living mean to you? Gone are the days when living the fine life meant splurging on bulky furniture finished in ostentatious gold and velvet trimmings. Modern luxury is an attitude, a preference for appreciating the details in life instead of going for the obvious. Luxury is having the space for nothing, and understanding that, sometimes, all a room needs is a single statement piece to make a big impression. That is the meaning of mod-luxe. The Canape armless banquette sofa is part of Pierre Frey’s new furniture line. Visit www.romanez.com.sg for more information.…

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mitzi lighting

An offshoot of the luxurious American lighting brand Hudson Valley Lighting, Mitzi presents more affordably priced, but no less chic, collections sporting similar colour schemes like black and gold. Mitzi carries various lighting options, from chandeliers and floor lamps to wall sconces. Styles range from elevated industrial to sculptural and geometric. See the designs at https://mitzi.hvlgroup.com. …

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TAKE A SEAT American modern furniture brand Bernhardt Design has launched the Claus Breinholt’s Queue collection of dining chairs that are sleek and versatile for use in any interior space. Thanks to its seamless, understated design paired with comfortable upholstery, it delivers both on function and form. Each Queue dining chair costs 406 euros (S$620). Find out more at www.bernhardtdesign.com. New Designs Local furniture brand Ipse Ipsa Ipsum has launched two collections: Straits and Muse. The Straits collection – a joint collaboration between Saurabh Mangla, founder and creative head of Ipse Ipsa Ipsum, and Jeremy Sun, design director of Orcadesign – comprises Singapore heritage-inspired designs. The Muse collection by London design studio AMR offers furniture inspired by sets from the early days of cinema. …

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the pantheon iconic rome hotel

Located in the historical heart of Rome, The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel opened in May 2018 after an 11-month makeover by Studio Marco Piva.Part of the Autograph Collection – Marriott’s portfolio of upscale hotels – the five-star property occupies a building that has been brought back to its original function. Initially known as the hotel Bologna when it was built in the 1800s, the structure became offices for the Senate of the Republic, before this latest rebirth two years ago. The bronze arches in the lobby create a formal setting, conveying an elegant atmosphere.Studio Marco Piva carefully led the renovation, introducing contemporary features that both echo and reinterpret the majestic architectural environment. “The research focused on the shapes, colours and surfaces of the surrounding monuments, and on how they…