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Home & Decor May 2019

Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, houseproud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.

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GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Caroline Ngui (nguislc@sph.com.sg) GROUP EDITOR Joanna Lee-Miller (jolee@sph.com.sg) EDITORIAL EDITOR Young Lim (younglim@sph.com.sg) EXECUTIVE SUB-EDITOR Adeline Wong (adewong@sph.com.sg) SENIOR WRITER Domenica Tan (domtan@sph.com.sg) WRITERS Eliza Hamizah (elizahby@sph.com.sg) Isabelle Tow (imztow@sph.com.sg) CONTRIBUTING WRITER Marie Quek (msquekxn@sph.com.sg) CREATIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Maureen Cheng (chenglpm@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Nonie Chen (noniec@sph.com.sg) ART DIRECTOR Kristy Quah (krisquah@sph.com.sg) DIGITAL TRENDING DESK GROUP EDITOR Dhylan Boey dhylanb@sph.com.sg ASSOCIATE EDITOR Joy Fang joyfang@sph.com.sg SENIOR CONTENT SPECIALIST (BEAUTY) Joyce Cheo jcheo@sph.com.sg VIDEO LAB GROUP EDITOR Tara Barker (tbarker@sph.com.sg) LEAD GRAPHIC DESIGNER Felicia Liew (felliew@sph.com.sg) SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sherry Leung (suetyee@sph.com.sg) VIDEO EDITOR Firdaus Mahadi (firmhdi@sph.com.sg) BRAND LAB DIRECTOR Ong Ting Nee (tingnee@sph.com.sg) EDITOR Grace Chua (cshgrace@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Neccol Woo (neccolw@sph.com.sg) PHOTOGRAPHY CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER Veronica Tay (verontay@sph.com.sg) EXECUTIVE PHOTOGRAPHERS Frenchescar Lim (frenchl@sph.com.sg) Tan Wei Te (tanweite@sph.com.sg) SUPERVISING VIDEO PRODUCER Leon Kiong (leonkw@sph.com.sg) PHOTOGRAPHERS Angela Guo (angelag@sph.com.sg) Darren Chang (darrenc@sph.com.sg) Phyllicia Wang (wanglx@sph.com.sg) Vee Chin (veechin@sph.com.sg) VIDEOGRAPHERS Alicia Chong (achong@sph.com.sg) Gong Yimin (gongym@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE Wendy Wong (wwong@sph.com.sg) EDITORIAL SUPPORT SENIOR MANAGER, ADMINISTRATION & EDITORIAL SUPPORT UNIT Juliana Chong (julianac@sph.com.sg) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Charlene Rodrigues (charrod@sph.com.sg) DEPUTY EDITOR Emmelyn Mah AD SALES ENQUIRIES Michelle Yow E-mail: michelleyow@bluinc.com.my BUSINESS SOLUTIONS MANAGING DIRECTOR Diana Lee (leemld@sph.com.sg) DIRECTOR, COLLABORATION & PARTNERSHIPS Eileen Chia GROUP HEAD, DIGITAL STRATEGY Irene Tan HEAD,…

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size does not matter

Whenever I’m drawn into a discussion on home decoration, I hear a common refrain from some of my friends. “Oh but my home’s small, so it’s hard to make it look nice,” they’d tell me. When that happens, I refute the claim, telling them that it is definitely possible to have a nice pad, regardless of square footage. I’ve been to some landed properties with impressive footprints which are in desperate need of a design intervention, while, on the other hand, I’ve visited shoebox apartments that are so charming, I wish they belonged to me. We often share tips and ideas on how to dress up small spaces in our magazines, but it is just as important to bear in mind that making a standard-sized room look cosy and stylish is just as…

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play station

Remember the time when you were a child, and the playground offered a world of endless possibilities and fun? That is what the Imaginarium cupboard, designed by local interior design studio The Carpenter’s Workshop, offers you as an adult now. Created for the Freeplay design competition ( jointly organised by furniture store P5 and Danish furniture brand Montana), and made with Montana’s shelving modules, Imaginarium is a portable cabinet that can be used in all situations and home settings. Young parents can use it as a counter for nappy changing, while single homeowners can convert it into a bar for holding beverages and tipple. Imaginarium is available for order at P5 Studio. Visit #01-08 Henderson Industrial Park, 213 Henderson Road or www.p5studio.com.sg for more information.…

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a burst of flavour

We know, we know. This shade of orange has come to be closely associated with a particular mobile service provider here, but, that aside, there is something quite appealing about this tangerine hue when used in light doses around the home. Contrasted against a textured wall and a neutral solid palette, orange actually injects vitality into a space, making a room feel spacious and inviting. Still not convinced it’s the colour for your living room? We suggest experimenting with it on soft furnishings and patterned fabrics, especially those from labels such as Missoni Home and Marimekko, which are known for using orange in artful and lovely ways. The effect looks even better, when paired with the beautiful patterns of wood grain. the experts “Local homeowners are careful about using bright colours on…

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NATURE INSPIRED French brand Christian Lacroix Maison has launched the Paradis Barbares collection that is inspired by the fluid, curvy form of nature-inspired elements. Included in the range of stylish accessories is the Les Rosales Bleu Paon jacquard cushion, which has embroidered hydrangeas and wild roses sewn with gold thread. The Les Rosales Bleu Paon cushion is priced at 129 euros (S$196). Find out more at www.designersguild.com. ALL AUSSIE GOODNESS How would you like to lounge on a sofa made by an award-winning Australian sofa maker? A made-in-Australia collection comprising seven designs – including Conrad, a low and modular three-seater, and Bella, a Nordic-inspired sofa with brass-finished legs – is now in Harvey Norman. Elegant and clad in famed Warwick fabric, each sofa has a kiln-dried hardwood frame. Each sofa comes with a 10-year warranty.…

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If you’re a fan of the iconic Panton chair and Vitra Eames elephant stool, you’ll be delighted to visit Swiss brand Vitra’s new store in Singapore. Over 4,000 sq ft in size, Vitra carries well-loved furniture pieces for various settings, including living and dining rooms and home offices. Aside from furniture, it sells unique knick-knacks such as Vitra’s colourful collection of wooden dolls. Decorated with plants and quirky accessories, the store offers a holistic shopping experience and inspiration for design-conscious shoppers. Eye-catching features include the signature house structure, which reminds one of the architecture of Vitrahaus, Vitra’s flagship store in Germany designed by award-winning architects Herzog & de Meuron. There is also a divider made up of chairs taking centre stage, and it showcases Vitra’s selection of designer chairs. Opened in partnership with…