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Home & Decor is a monthly interior design magazine which aims to make stylish living easy for everyone. Authoritative articles on interior design, home decorating and home improvement equip readers with the relevant know-how to navigate their renovations, with beautiful interior photography and styling for inspiration. Capturing the latest design and lifestyle trends, shops, furniture and furnishings, houseproud owners are able to keep their home perennially stylish and the perfect fit to their changing needs and lifestyles.

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home & decor

GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Caroline Ngui (nguislc@sph.com.sg) GROUP EDITOR Joanna Lee-Miller (jolee@sph.com.sg) EDITORIAL EDITOR Young Lim (younglim@sph.com.sg) EXECUTIVE SUB-EDITOR Adeline Wong (adewong@sph.com.sg) SENIOR WRITER Domenica Tan (domtan@sph.com.sg) WRITERS Eliza Hamizah (elizahby@sph.com.sg) Isabelle Tow (imztow@sph.com.sg) CONTRIBUTING WRITER Marie Quek (msquekxn@sph.com.sg) CREATIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Maureen Cheng (chenglpm@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Nonie Chen (noniec@sph.com.sg) ART DIRECTOR Kristy Quah (krisquah@sph.com.sg) DIGITAL TRENDING DESK GROUP EDITOR Dhylan Boey dhylanb@sph.com.sg ASSOCIATE EDITOR Joy Fang joyfang@sph.com.sg SENIOR CONTENT SPECIALIST (BEAUTY) Joyce Cheo jcheo@sph.com.sg VIDEO LAB GROUP EDITOR Tara Barker (tbarker@sph.com.sg) LEAD GRAPHIC DESIGNER Felicia Liew (felliew@sph.com.sg) SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sherry Leung (suetyee@sph.com.sg) VIDEO EDITOR Firdaus Mahadi (firmhdi@sph.com.sg) BRAND LAB DIRECTOR Ong Ting Nee (tingnee@sph.com.sg) EDITOR Grace Chua (cshgrace@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Neccol Woo (neccolw@sph.com.sg) PHOTOGRAPHY CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER Veronica Tay (verontay@sph.com.sg) EXECUTIVE PHOTOGRAPHERS Frenchescar Lim (frenchl@sph.com.sg) Tan Wei Te (tanweite@sph.com.sg) SUPERVISING VIDEO PRODUCER Leon Kiong (leonkw@sph.com.sg) PHOTOGRAPHERS Darren Chang (darrenc@sph.com.sg) Phyllicia Wang (wanglx@sph.com.sg) Vee Chin (veechin@sph.com.sg) VIDEOGRAPHERS Alicia Chong (achong@sph.com.sg) Gong Yimin (gongym@sph.com.sg) SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE EXECUTIVE Wendy Wong (wwong@sph.com.sg) EDITORIAL SUPPORT SENIOR MANAGER, ADMINISTRATION & EDITORIAL SUPPORT UNIT Juliana Chong (julianac@sph.com.sg) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Charlene Rodrigues (charrod@sph.com.sg) INTERNATIONAL EDITIONS HOME & DECOR INDONESIA MPG MEDIA PUBLISHING Jl Palmerah Utara 55 Slipi, Jakarta 11910 Indonesia AD SALES ENQUIRIES Tel: +62 21 5366 7777 E-mail:…

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celebrate home cuisine

June has always been a popular month for home renovations, partly because homeowners with children want to make use of the mid-year holiday period to take their kids abroad, while, at the same time, escaping the dust and dirt when renovations are under way. Now, the kitchen is usually a space in the house that gets renovated regularly, because of the high “traffic” it sees daily. The kitchen is so essential that many people consider it to be the heart of the home, as it is the place where families gather to interact at mealtimes. My fondest memories of my family are also of the times we’d catch up over an evening meal around the kitchen counter. As more city dwellers turn to cooking and baking as ways to unwind, more people…

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basket case

As the worlds of fashion and homeware design continue to converge, more and more fashion houses are leveraging on their expertise working with specific materials to create impressive new accessories for the home. Spanish bag label Loewe unveiled its fifth collection of home objects during the Milan furniture fair in April, comprising leather-woven baskets conceived by 10 artists from Japan, the US, South Africa and Ireland. The intricately crafted pieces feature Loewe’s buttery smooth leather pelts cut and woven to form baskets of various sizes and forms to hold plants, flowers and more. Time for your interiors to get fashion-forward togs. The Loewe Basket collection was launched exclusively at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. For order enquiries, visit www.loewe.com or call 6733-6477.…

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colour of the month

THE COLOUR PURPLE Traditionally reserved for royalty in the West, purple was considered a colour denoting status and wealth in the past because of the tedious process required to attain the purple dye from Bolinus brandaris snails. According to The New York Times: “To make Tyrian purple, marine snails were collected by the thousands. They were then boiled for days in giant lead vats, producing a terrible odour. The snails, though, aren’t purple to begin with. The craftsmen were harvesting chemical precursors from the snails that, through heat and light, were transformed into the valuable dye.” Even though the process has become simpler, thanks to the discovery of chemical dyes, this plush mauve tone continues to convey a sense of authority, mystery and decadence. When used sparingly as an accent colour, purple can…

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great buys

Add to cart MOMIJI KIDS New mothers creating a stylish room for their child will love the two-piece rattan bassinets from Momiji Kids, which can be converted into a storage basket once the baby has outgrown it. The local brand works with artisans in Indonesia to design children’s furniture that’s made by hand using sustainably sourced materials. You’ll find vintage-style toddler beds, chairs and decor items – all painted and finished using water-based, non-toxic and eco-friendly paint. Prices start from $59. Visit www.momijikids.com. TIMELESS AND ICONIC Marimekko showcased its Oiva collection of homeware and accessories at the Salone del Mobile Milano this year. Celebrating its 10th year anniversary, the design of Oiva by Sami Ruotsalainen is a testament to iconic Nordic design and its timelessness. Designed for everyday life, the unique patterns of the Oiva…

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minotti singapore

Minotti’s new showroom in Singapore exudes an understated elegance that makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk in. It is an atmosphere you’d want for your home, making shopping here quite irresistible. The combination of sophisticated yet ultra-comfy Italian furniture collection – arranged and styled by Minotti Studio, whose team flew in from Italy – and the colonial features of the space pay homage to its location: the revamped Raffles Hotel Arcade, which will be unveiled some time this year. The showroom spans 5,000 sq ft (across two spacious units), and is filled with collections coordinated by Milanese architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni, known for his impeccable and versatile style. You will spot furniture pieces like the Alexander modular seating system, which features squared and curved forms, the Dan dining…