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All the paint ideas and inspiration you need – from clever techniques and colour schemes to nifty DIY tips. Just add colour!

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5 min.
hello yellow

We love this! Create a seamless look in a small space by painting the doors in the same colour as the surrounding walls. At the entrance to Madelein and Hein Luttig’s Kuils River home, yellow creates the ultimate friendly welcome. Metallic paint is an affordable alternative to gold leaf and great for a solid look.– Sihan Wiid HERE’S HOW Sihan Wiid of Mink Interiors explains the process: First we painted the wall with a base colour of maroon. Turquoise, umber and maroon work well as an undercoat when it comes to gilding; when they show through the gold leaf, they create a lovely aged look. We chose maroon as it creates a warm feel in this large hallway. An adhesive (gilding size) was then brushed onto the wall and the gold leaf sheets were gently applied.…

8 min.
no boring beige, thanks!

IIf a woman tells you “my favourite colour is leopard print”, you should know that the future will not hold safe shades of cream or boring décor. Milan Struwig remembers all too well how surprised he was by this statement from Marina shortly after they fell in love as Stellenbosch drama students. Today, Marina is a playwright and lecturer and Milan is a digital marketing manager. The pair, now 27 and 28, were married in 2017. They bought their apartment in the Cape Town City Bowl in May last year, and with the creative use of paint and bright accent colours have dramatically changed its atmosphere. The Mother City, however, tends to be somewhat of a challenge for new buyers, and Milan and Marina were sometimes quite discouraged – until family friend…

8 min.
it’s a kind of magic

Pieter Vosloo and JanHarm Vorster’s approach to decorating their home in the sleepy hollow of Cullinan in Gauteng is similar to an artist working with a blank canvas. The large expanses of the whitewashed interior walls were left unplastered – the ideal backdrop to showcase their collection of rustic furniture, lovingly collected from scrapyards, markets and antique stores over the years. Their own shop, Rust in White (also in Cullinan), has become an institution among lovers of collectibles, and the style they maintain in their home is a golden thread that runs through everything they do and love, including their wedding venue (JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas) and guesthouse (JanHarmsgat Gastehys) in Cullinan “A white background is kind of like magic,” says Pieter. “It really works wonders in showcasing interesting shapes and textures and there’s…

2 min.
dulux visualizertm get the free app now

www.dulux.co.za Struggling to decide which colour to paint your house? Thanks to the free Dulux VisualizerTM app, it’s easier than ever to make the perfect choice. The VisualizerTM app is an innovative, user-friendly solution for your smartphone or tablet; it’s interactive and helps you make the right decision. Find it in the app store, download it and start dreaming… Simply take a picture of the wall you want to paint and then play with options on the image. You will be able to change the colour of the wall as often as you like. Save your pictures for later, or share them on social media to showcase your style. Using the app is as simple as the touch of a screen. Follow these simple steps: 1 UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO Once you’ve downloaded the Dulux VisualizerTM app (find it…

4 min.
down to a fine art

The walls, colours and art are a symphony!– Mynhardt When we last visited chef and entrepreneur Mynhardt Joubert and his husband Ian Engelmohr, a ceramic artist (of Patat Ontwerp fame) and accountant, in their loft apartment in southern Paarl in 2016, the walls were a sedate white. Back then, it was still a new home but it was already a striking space with interesting architecture. Now there’s no sign of a neutral palette. A home evolves over time and takes on new layers; in this instance, layers of paint! “Ian and I went through a personal renaissance and feel this new era should coincide with colours of renewal,” says Mynhardt. “We got rid of all the artworks we didn’t like and started a new collection. The idea was to use the entire house…

4 min.
a fresh start

It’s in the detail Old pressed-steel ceiling panels add impact to the walls between the top and bottom cabinets. “I discovered them on Gumtree years ago,” says Amanda. Once she’d removed the rust with a wire brush and cleaned the panels with ordinary soap and water, she prepped them with a multipurpose undercoat and then applied a layer of dark grey paint. To achieve a slightly weathered look, Amanda sanded the painted panels lightly with fine sandpaper and then sealed the surface with two coats of Sabre Stoneseal. The panels were secured to the walls with No More Nails. The house Bobby and Amanda Craddock moved into in August 2018 suited them to a T. Except for the kitchen, which was the proverbial ugly duckling. “The kitchen was badly in need of a…