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All the paint ideas and inspiration you need – from clever techniques and colour schemes to nifty DIY tips. Just add colour!

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chromophobia = a fear of colour

Can you believe it? It was probably first diagnosed in one of the Scandinavian countries where everything is blanketed in snow for months on end. Think about it: all winter long there’s only white wherever you look and then suddenly, one day, the trees start to bud. It probably does throw some people off balance... I am, by nature, a worrywart and sometimes too many thoughts keep me awake at night. But colour? No. I love colour. Yes, choosing colour can present a dilemma. But that there must be colour is a foregone conclusion. The blue of a Delft plate, the bright yellow of a lemon in a pretty bowl on a dresser. The blood-red chest of drawers I bought one night without hesitation, when all I really wanted to buy was…

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your space

Write to us at Home, Readers’ Letters, PO Box 1802, Cape Town 8000; emaileditor@homemag.co.za, fax 021 408 3046, and join our Facebook group (facebook.com/homemag) or follow us on Twitter@TuisHomeMag. A GREAT IDEA! Time and time again! Janine Elliott of Pietermaritzburg writes I read Home every month and my husband cringes when I get that wistful look in my eye, often followed by the words: “I’ve been thinking…” Which always means that I’ve just had an idea for a new project! My friend’s daughter and I recently gave an old chest of drawers an interesting makeover. Having moved into a new home, she wanted a new-look bedroom and chose a travel theme. So with chalkboard paint, a variety of handles, faux leather straps, an old Parisian map, some elbow grease and loads of glue sticks,…

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with flying colours

Optical illusion A door can be made to stand out as a focal point, but you can just as easily create a seamless and spacious look by painting yours in the same colour as the adjacent walls. You will need different types of paint for the walls and door; simply mix them in the same shade. Like this red? Try Dulux Fire Cracker 2. Block party Polish visual artist Andrzej Urbanski created several public wall paintings for the ART54 project, including this funky one at the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town. Why not create a similar feature wall at home using samples or leftover paint? Simply use masking tape to mark out the outlines of the blocks, and paint away – the kids can help, too! Off the wall Use a simple pegboard and…

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Colour is a personal choice and can change the mood of your home significantly. Don’t be afraid to experiment – if bright walls aren’t for you, add pops of colour with a cheerful headboard, a funky chest of drawers or a dramatic focal wall. Any questions? Send an email to experts@homemag.co.za. Colour references are as accurate as printing will allow. Always refer to in-store colour cards or on-shelf colour displays for an accurate representation of the shades. Remember that light will also have a big impact on the colour.…

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“colour makes me happy”

Their colour scheme… Jamaican Sea Signal Red Brilliant White English Yellow Who lives here? Suretha and Sarel Jansen van Rensburg and their children Charlotte (6), Henk (3) and Peet (six months) WHERE Durban The colourful chandelier was created with the help of an electrician. “The bright colours add a cheerful touch to the dining room when we entertain,” says Suretha. After years of playing it safe in her previous home, Suretha Jansen van Rensburg of Durban was keen to use bold colours in her new abode – and, armed with a paintbrush, she did just that. “I wanted our new home to be cheerful – a place where the kids can play and just have fun,” says Suretha. “Once the bug bit, I simply couldn’t stop. If I don’t like the way something looks, I pretty it up with…

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get the free dulux visualizer™ app now

Struggling to decide which colour to paint your house? Thanks to the free Dulux Visualizer™ app, it’s now easier than ever to make the perfect choice! The Visualizer™ app is an innovative, user-friendly solution for your smartphone or tablet. It’s interactive and it gives you the power to make the right decision. Find the Visualizer™ app in the app store, download it and start dreaming… Take a picture of the wall you want to paint and then play with options on the image. You’ll be able to change the colour of the wall as often as you like. Simply save your pictures for later, or share them on social media to showcase your style. Using the app is as simple as the touch of a screen. Follow these simple steps: 1 UPLOAD YOUR PHOTO Once you’ve downloaded…