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homestyle October/November 2019

homestyle is New Zealand’s freshest home and lifestyle magazine. With a focus on clever ideas and intelligent spending, homestyle offers a mix of accessible luxury and practical inspiration giving you the confidence to create your own living environment with a personal touch. From new homes, to renovations and even rentals, homestyle is the magazine for anyone looking to transform their house into a home.

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editor’s note

Sometimes it can feel as if homestyle HQ is part office, part workshop, especially when art director Juliette Wanty’s prototyping the brilliant sets she creates for our styled shoots. Pots of paint stack up on the meeting table, colour tests crowd the pinboard and large-scale materials take up residence to be prepped for transportation to the photography studio. This hands-on research and development is something we feel passionate about, because it adds an element of creation to the content we curate. If you’re curious to find out exactly what I’m talking about, flip to page 28 to see the scenes Juliette dreamed up to demonstrate new ways in which to use paint. We search the world in our pursuit of original interior ideas, and this issue I’m excited to be sharing the…

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LOST IN A DAYDREAM As the shadows grow ever shorter, Città’s S/S19/20 collection, Days of Reverie, is a definite mood. The range out now blends a sense of nostalgia with the charm of a jaunt in the English countryside. Among its colours of earth and sky, and gingham and wildflower prints, the pieces our thoughts keep returning to include this dreamy Arc bed, Sove bedding and Moon lamp. cittadesign.com COOL COUPLE Handmade from sustainable organic clay, these vases, Lily (left) and Roger, stand at 77 and 100cm, making them a dashing duo in the corner of any room. Lily’s elegant and erudite in cream or terracotta, and although Roger can get a bit carried away with his mansplaining, you can’t hold it against him when he looks so suave in the same two…

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top shelf

Eden Revisited by Umberto Pasti & Ngoc Minh Ngo (Rizzoli, $125) When Italian writer and horticulturist Umberto Pasti first came to the Moroccan village of Rohuna, near Tangier, 20 years ago, an otherworldly experience saw him seized by an intense desire to stay. His wish becoming the villagers’ command, he hired a team he now considers family to help him build a home here with his French-born fashion-designer partner Stephan Janson — and a magnificent garden. A series of open-air rooms criss-crossed with pathways, this famed oasis is filled with thousands of plants rescued from construction sites, making it a sanctuary for local species threatened by progress. Wonder infuses its 25 acres in spaces such as the Bone Garden decorated with skulls, and an entire hillside devoted to preserving indigenous flowering…

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in brief

The New Mediterranean (Gestalten, $95) Crossing now from a Mediterranean garden to the crafted, earthy and summery appeal of the region’s interior aesthetic, this beauty of a book profiles architects and designers who blend the look’s authenticity with modernity, and has boundless ideas for recreating the every-day’s-a-holiday vibe at your place. Big Ideas for Small Houses by Catherine Foster (Penguin, $50) Yes, we’ve got a thing for books on small-space living, but this one’s all about little local homes and the ways in which they’ve helped New Zealanders get a foot in the door of our impenetrable housing market. Inspiration, plans and costs are included for dwellings as diminutive as 34m2 . Aēsop by Jennifer Down and Dennis Paphitis (Rizzoli, $175) Since 1987, Australian company Aēsop has been a leader in science-meets-botanicals skincare, and this…

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young & hungry

THE YOUNG PROFESSIONAL LAYOUT Small-space living calls for some big ideas. Most efficient for a compact kitchen in an open-plan area is a single-row layout, which sees appliances and cabinetry contained along one wall. This also allows room for a dining table; we chose a petite, circular style with no hard edges to bump into and maximum legroom. Wire mesh shelving offers storage and display and uses the room’s full height. THE LOOK A savvy trick as old as time, the light colours and integrated appliances in this scheme make the space seem anything but tight. Indulging in a few high-end pieces ups the luxe factor without overspending; you don’t need a lot of textural granite to turn a splashback into a focal point that ties in with your other materials and hues.…

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coming right up

True blue This magnetic colour has a creative pedigree through its ties to the late French artist Yves Klein, who patented his own International Klein Blue hue. Whether you call it IKB or cobalt, it’s one pretty punchy pigment that commands attention and exudes pure class and confidence. Fields of gold There’s something so sweet about the haystack vibes of the raw cotton, plaid, gingham and floral textiles and homeware springing up that make us feel like kicking back on the porch in a rocking chair. We’re not about to go full country bumpkin on you, but the wholesome naïvety is undeniably charming. Ahead with the curves The emergence of full-figured furniture with exaggerated proportions has been noted as a movement dubbed neotenic design. The vaguely human qualities of such pieces make…