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homestyle February/March 2021

homestyle is New Zealand’s freshest home and lifestyle magazine. With a focus on clever ideas and intelligent spending, homestyle offers a mix of accessible luxury and practical inspiration giving you the confidence to create your own living environment with a personal touch. From new homes, to renovations and even rentals, homestyle is the magazine for anyone looking to transform their house into a home.

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editor’s note

“The result is 100 inspiring tidbits that will carry us all forward into the new year.” This issue is our 100th; I know, I can’t quite believe it either — what a milestone! There have been many defining moments in homestyle’s history — surviving 2020 being one of them —and I’m immensely proud of how we’ve stayed the course and evolved to become the magazine we are today. One of the things my team and I really enjoy about our work is finding the people, projects and points of view that embody our uniquely local take on living well at home — the heart and soul of homestyle. In the process of creating Issue 100, we realised that perhaps we don’t spell out our ethos as often as we could, so we…

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CHROMA CHAMELEON Dreamed up in Vietnam, responsibly manufactured in China and distributed from Peka Peka on the Kapiti Coast, the provenance of this painterly bedding by new brand I Am Home is a reflection of its founders’ residences in Asia and Aotearoa. This sweet set-up showcases their Chroma 02 duvet cover and pillowcases, which are created from an artwork digitally printed onto linen/cotton fabric then cut in such a way that no two pieces end up the same. iamhome.life GIVE & TAKE Bring something exceptional into your life while bettering someone else’s by shopping the latest collection from Auckland-based Asili, who work with fair-trade artisan groups in Africa. Handcrafted from soapstone and ethical cattle horn, it’s a collab with award-winning Stockholm designer Amina Horozić. asili.co MAKE A STAND Adopt a firm policy against clutter and…

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fair share

Ayesha Green Known for her simplified painting style and reimaginings of historical figures and botanical illustrations, through her work Ayesha attempts to relocate and redefine the power relationships of Māori representation. Andrea Bolima Andrea layers her works with thinly applied acrylic paint, building ambiguous scenes in which blurred forms create impressions of flowers, foliage, trees, cliffs and the like, suggested through colour palettes she blends on the canvas itself. Tia Ansell All of the components of Tia’s work are handmade. Her integration of weaving and painting challenges the traditional divisions between craft and fine art, and elevates the use of handspun material to new heights. Chauncey Flay Working with materials including New Zealand greywacke and Tākaka marble, Chauncey investigates the idea of the Anthropocene (the current geological era), within which he explores the…

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social work

Balance is the key to success both in general and in interiors, and the set-up pictured here at Auckland’s The Village has it sussed. Work, life and wellbeing are the pillars that prop up this co-working, community and event space in Herne Bay. By Sophie Gilmour, Louise Graham and Stacey O’Gorman, it supports its members to manage all three in a villa renovated in collaboration with interior designers Mijntje Lepoutre and Jess White. These women have elevated the concept of co-working with an inviting and optimistic space full of unexpected colours and bold but simple forms. It’s intended to feel like a home away from home, and you can work on the look at your actual home with this stuff:…

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on the shelf

Surf Shacks Vol 2 by Matt Titone (Gestalten, $85) As all New Zealanders are aware, the good old two degrees of separation thing means that wherever we go, there we are — and this book is no different. Surf Shacks Vol 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in profiling homes belonging to colourful characters in the international surf community, the first of which is owned by Kiwi Kara Johnson. Kara’s a former model who now runs her own fashion label, and her husband Jeff’s a photographer, director, author, brand ambassador, outdoor adventurer — and surfer, obviously. They live in the foothills of the Los Padres National Forest overlooking California’s Santa Barbara coast in the 1970s A-frame pictured here, which they renovated for themselves and their daughter, Adler. Further into the…

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a thing or two

For teens Sleep meets study in this space that caters to both equally well, thanks to a built-in desk that itself does double duty for learning and as a surface on which to arrange decorative vignettes. - Get fit This room celebrates simple, bold forms and a hero piece of furniture: the desk. Finding the right desk to fit a bedroom can be tricky, but build your own and you can specify the perfect width and length for your space. - Check it To create this tiled effect, paint your desk with Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen in Resene Quarter Tea, allow to dry, then apply a second coat. Use a ruler and pencil to mark alternating increments of 1cm along the long edge of the desk (these are the pale ‘grout’ lines )…