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homestyle Feb/Mar 2017

homestyle is New Zealand’s freshest home and lifestyle magazine. With a focus on clever ideas and intelligent spending, homestyle offers a mix of accessible luxury and practical inspiration giving you the confidence to create your own living environment with a personal touch. From new homes, to renovations and even rentals, homestyle is the magazine for anyone looking to transform their house into a home.

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editor’s note

“Refreshed from the holidays and with the best of summer weather to work with, we can’t think of a better time to launch into those around-the-house projects.” I’M OFTEN ASKED HOW WE FIND THE HOMES we feature in the magazine and where the ideas come from for our photoshoots. And it can be a difficult question to answer, as sometimes I’m not even sure myself just how our modest team pulls it all together each issue! When we’re in full swing sourcing stories and producing concepts to share, inspiration can come from all over – our meetings with local designers, the restaurants we visit, films we watch and fashion we covet. Social media opens another door into the lives others lead, and New Zealand’s small size means we invariably find ourselves chatting…

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you & us

#HOMESTY LEBEHINDTHESCENES When we heard interior designer Alex Fulton (@helloalex f ulton, goofing around on set above) was collaborating with Electric Confetti on a range of neon lights, we felt a ‘Three Ways With’ story coming on. Such lights might sound a bit bananas for the average home, but in Electric Company on page 28, we show how to make them work in colourful and neutral schemes. Alex’s two new designs feature on page 31. #SPACETOCREATE Next stop for the homestyle team was Wellington, to have a squizz at community creative space The Neighbourhood Studio, which we profile in Prints Charming on page 58. Dalmatian-on-the-spot Albert cast a watchful eye over proceedings as Larnie Nicolson (@larnienicolson) photographed screen-printer Eloise Evans. #HOMEST YLEBEHINDTHESCENES At work in our vibrant cover home, Duncan Innes (@duncaninnesphotography) somehow found the…

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scout & about

YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT Sculptographer, collector, curator, expat Kiwi – Toronto-based Anna Church is many things, and talented is one of them. For her latest series of fine art prints, Blurred Lines, she hand-painted silk flowers to make sculptures she then photographed reflected in mirrors. Enjoy at face value or find out the meaning of all this at annachurchar t .com. HOW WE ROLL With a fairytale hint of Hans Christian Andersen classic The Princess and the Pea, the Princess Toppers at Father Rabbit are the perfect partners for that daybed or couch you want to turn into a big softie. Made in New Zealand, these bedding rolls can be customised in the colour and size of your choice. fatherrabbit .com THE DAILY SHOW A perpetual calendar is the gift that keeps on giving,…

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top shelf

SPACE WORKS, BY CAROLINE CLIFTON-MOGG, JOANNA SIMMONS, REBECCA TANQUERAY & REBECCA WINWARD. PUBLISHED BY RYLAND PETERS & SMALL, $70. We might like to picture ourselves wafting around the kitchen cooing over cocoa like Nigella, or luxuriating in the bathroom in a cloud of bubbles like Marilyn, but reality has a habit of being far less carefree. Cue the slamming of drawers while you search again for that blimmin’ sieve and the rising frustration of a badly lit bathroom mirror. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you’ve reached the “Enough is enough” stage, you might like to check out Space Works: A source book of design and decorating ideas to create your perfect home, in which the writers (all best-selling authors and interiors journalists) share what they know…

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wonder walls

Let paints in tutti-frutti shades help your kids carve out zones of their own. Under the sea 1. Print and carefully cut out a paper waves template (homestyle.co.nz/waves). 2. Use a roller to paint the entire wall with two or three coats of Resene Point Break. Allow to dry. 3. Decide how high up the wall you’d like the waves to go, draw a straight line across the wall with a pencil, then stick three 48mm-wide strips of painters’ tape one on top of the other along the wall, so the pencil line is fully covered. 4. Use the pencil and template to draw the outline of the wave onto the tape. 5. Slice along the outline with a craft knife. Peel off the upper half-moon segments, leaving the rest of the tape. 6. Use a roller…