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homestyle June/July 2017

homestyle is New Zealand’s freshest home and lifestyle magazine. With a focus on clever ideas and intelligent spending, homestyle offers a mix of accessible luxury and practical inspiration giving you the confidence to create your own living environment with a personal touch. From new homes, to renovations and even rentals, homestyle is the magazine for anyone looking to transform their house into a home.

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editor’s note

“Hygge is the ‘concept of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing’. And in essence, isn’t that what all our homemaking efforts are in aid of?” IN THE SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT WORDS TO SUM up the themes of this issue for our cover, ‘cosy’ kept popping up. But why is it that ‘cosy’ can sometimes call to mind spaces that are small, cluttered or old-fashioned, rather than rooms with the stylish, relaxed intimacy we’re aiming to conjure in our homes at this time of year? Short of giving cosy a rebrand, I’m thinking we could also adopt the Danish notion of hygge to describe the effect we’re wanting to create when the weather has us holed up inside. According to the Collins English Dictionary, hygge is the ‘concept of creating…

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you & us

#HOMESTYLELOVESCOLOUR It’s hard work being a fabulous stylist, but someone’s got to do it. Here’s Dulux colour ambassador Alex Fulton (@helloalexfulton) laying to rest the rumours that it’s any fun at all. Wait, what? See the fruit of her labour in Beautiful Mine on page 38, where she shows how to turn a corner that’s not up to much into a relaxing nook that’s yours, all yours, using colour to set the scene and accessories and texture to bring it all together. Just don’t expect to enjoy yourself… #THATFEELINGWHEN… your house charges your car! You don’t see Queenstown homeowners Jodie Lynes (pictured) and Michael Sly at the petrol station too often these days. The couple’s home was built using ‘passive house’ design principles, and the solar panels on the roof generate…

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scout & about

JOINING THE CIRCUS Among the 450 exhibitors at lighting spectacular Euroluce at April’s Milan Furniture Fair were Simon James and Scott Bridgens for Resident with their exhibition Dark Matter, which included pieces from a collaboration with UK designers Philippe Malouin and Tim Rundle. You’re looking at Philippe’s Offset side table, a charmingly irregular screw-together piece in solid oak, and Resident Studio’s Circus lights, a flexible system of brass rings that can be combined to create a theatrical vertical design object. resident.co.nz SLOWER-MO Crafted from brass and blown glass, the Ikebana vase by Jamie Hayon for Fritz Hansen is designed to let the whole flower be admired – petals, stem and all. We’re swayed by how gorgeous it is and also its whispers of the Japanese art of flower arranging that encourage…

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NEW ROMANCE: CONTEMPORARY COUNTRYSTYLE INTERIORS. PUBLISHED BY GESTALTEN, $100. Life been a little lacking in the romance department lately? Inject it into your home instead with styling that blends the raw charm and comfort of a rustic look with modern touches. This book tells international tales of homes that honour the traditions, materials and craftmanship of rural dwellings and combine them with the best of today’s design. If you live rurally, great, but you don’t need a farmhouse to achieve this aesthetic, just a hankering to blend the homely and contemporary without those country clichés (we’re looking at you, cast-iron bread-baskets in the shape of hens). Maybe you’re keen to come home to something more grounding, looking to return to your roots without upping sticks, or wanting to update your…

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a class of its own

TODAY’S DISHES HAVE SOME FINE minds to thank for their star treatment. Some major innovation came with the territory 20 years ago when Fisher & Paykel’s engineers got to thinking about the practicality of the filing cabinet and developed the concept that changed washing-up forever. Propelling the New Zealand company onto the world stage, the DishDrawer™ was the best thing to happen to dishes since the dishwasher. Says Fisher & Paykel’s head of industrial design Mark Elmore, “‘We live life out of drawers, so why don’t appliances do that too?’ That insight started us thinking about how a dishwasher could slide out towards you and provide an ergonomic solution to loading and unloading your dishes.” Who can argue with the wisdom and necessity of an appliance that makes one of life’s most…