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HWM Singapore March 2019

HWM Singapore is a monthly consumer technology publication covering the 3Cs of tech -- Computers, Consumer Electronics & Communications (and now Software & Games). A strong technology brand with independent editions throughout South-east Asia since 2000, HWM Singapore is known for its authoritative product comparison shootouts, analytical feature stories, benchmarked product reviews and technical walkthroughs. Feast your eyes on easy-to-read layouts, useful tips and decisive reviews, before plonking that hard-earned dollar on the best technology for you, your social circle and your home.

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celebrating technology

It’s that time of the year again for our annual Tech Awards showcase, where HWM Singapore and our sister site www.hardwarezone.com acknowledges the best of consumer electronics over the past year. In this issue, you’ll see the release of our Readers’ Choice polling results where you, dear reader have chosen your favorite tech brands. Do you like looking at numbers? Did your brand win? Are you that guy who voted for an obscure hipster brand in the “Others” section? We’ve got more than 15 pages of graphs for you to pore over. Of course, that’s not everything we’ve got, and as the conversations around tech continue, the trend that keeps popping up the first few months of 2019 is connectivity. We talked about Wi-Fi 6 and 5G in our last issue as a…

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the latest and greatest

STRAIGHT TO DA CHOPPA! The Bell Nexus flying taxi is a full-scale vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) air taxi vehicle that can seat up to five persons. It’s powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system and is expected to be commercially available by 2020! A SMART SPEAKER FROM LG The LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7 marks the company’s virgin foray into the smart speaker market. With support for Google Assistant, the wireless speaker acts as a control hub for support devices. It promises to deliver high-fidelity audio, courtesy of UK-based audio specialist Meridian, and is ideal for multi-room audio with other Chromecast Audio devices. IT PRINTS AND DOES NAIL ART TOO... The new Canon Pixma TS707 is a high-performance wireless ink-jet printer for SOHOs. It has a small footprint but has a load of features that include automatic duplex…

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the return of the legend

It has taken 17 long years but an icon of Japanese motoring has finally made its long-awaited comeback. The Supra is back, ladies and gentlemen. Most of you probably know the Supra as the car that the late Paul Walker drove in the first Fast and Furious film. But it was also a hero of the gaming scene, making numerous appearances in games such as Gran Turismo, Initial D, Need for Speed, and many more. Developing a brand new sports car is a financially perilous undertaking, especially in today’s world where everyone seems to want an SUV. So to reduce costs and risks, the Supra was developed with BMW, which explains why the Supra and BMW’s new Z4 have so much in common. The Supra will be fast. Power comes from a 3-liter…

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is it lonely up on mount olympus?

The recent camera releases at Photokina 2018 made one thing clear: camera companies are shifting towards full-frame mirrorless offerings, touting this segment as the ultimate in image quality. Certainly, there’s no argument that mirrorless cameras are the way to go – there just isn’t any discernable advantage to sticking to the reflex mirror design other than battery life any more. However, the question of what the optimal size for image sensors should be is still very much up for debate. IS BIGGER ALWAYS BETTER? The likes of Leica, Sony, Nikon, Canon and most recently Panasonic seem to have chosen full-frame as their “ultimate” in performance. Fujifilm has leap-frogged this with their Medium Format GFX series of cameras, leaving Olympus as the only camera manufacturer sticking exclusively to the Micro Four Thirds format.…

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wi-fi for the ages

2019 is the 20th anniversary of Wi-Fi. What do you think is Wi-Fi’s biggest breakthrough? I’d say the biggest breakthrough for Wi-Fi is its ubiquity, right? I’d watch people walk into a new venue, and the first thing they do? They’re on their phone; they’re looking for the Wi-Fi. So there’ve been many different wireless technologies that have promised to be that next great thing, like ultra wideband or WiMax. And for a variety of reasons, good technologies don’t always turn into good products. But Wi-Fi has dominated for the last decade. What’s the big deal with 802.11ax, or Wi-Fi 6 as it is now called? Isn’t it just another speed bump? So it is faster, right. But I think the real value in Wi-Fi 6 is around the ability to handle very…

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fortnite’s marshmello concert shows off a future where various worlds of entertainment collide

EDM DJ and producer Marshmello held a concert in early February that was attended by nearly 10 million people. What venue could hold a crowd this large? Nothing, as it turns out. Marshmello’s concert was held in Fortnite’s Pleasant Park, a popular landing place in Epic Games’ hit battle royale game. The virtual arena meant that Marshmello wasn’t limited by physical constraints and just about anyone could load into one of the concert’s many different instances. Admittedly, that’s less impressive than cramming thousands of avatars into the same venue, but the scale of it is still astounding. The live in-game concert saw everyone put away their guns and pickaxes for 10 minutes to bop together in front of a giant stage. In some ways, Marshmello was the perfect artist to bring this…