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HWM Singapore is a monthly consumer technology publication covering the 3Cs of tech -- Computers, Consumer Electronics & Communications (and now Software & Games). A strong technology brand with independent editions throughout South-east Asia since 2000, HWM Singapore is known for its authoritative product comparison shootouts, analytical feature stories, benchmarked product reviews and technical walkthroughs. Feast your eyes on easy-to-read layouts, useful tips and decisive reviews, before plonking that hard-earned dollar on the best technology for you, your social circle and your home.

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Crowd sourcing, crowd funding, sharing economy, gig economy; these are the new norms for running businesses or services today. The one commonality here is that there is a component of sharing involved, be it resources, finances, or expertise. With the gig economy, we’ve truly seen how companies offering really niche services can thrive. For example, we talked to Singaporean AntiHACK.me, which offers up hackers on demand to test your company’s systems against vulnerabilities. They’re a small setup in a cosy shophouse, but boast an army of over 500 hackers around the world. This kind of operation would never have been possible in a traditional company structure. At the heart of this sharing structure is really the concept of decentralization. Think cloud storage or mesh networking, or even blockchain and cryptocurrency as…

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seeking harmony: the japanese difference with the vaio se14

We all want it – that perfect blend of notebook aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. Stop by any major IT retailer and you’re often met with a swathe of notebooks to choose from, and the options are as varied as they are exciting. Cutting through that swathe is the new VAIO SE14, a region-exclusive model that redefines what it means to be an entry-level ultrabook. PURSUING AESTHETICS VAIO wants their notebooks to inspire ease and confidence, and the SE14 is a flawless expression of that design philosophy. Users tired of the usual monotone or loud colours will find a touch of tasteful elegance here. Available in either dark grey or red copper, its subdued hues are a great fit for both the office and classroom. Open it up and you’ll see that VAIO has…

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the latest and greatest

TALK TO YOUR HOME PROJECTOR NOW Imagine controlling your home theater projector with voice commands and enjoy UHD visuals with great audio to boot? You can do so with the ViewSonic X10-4K LED portable projector that supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It features 125% of Rec.709 color accuracy and Frame Interpolation technology and with HDR content support. The X10-4K delivers incredibly detailed video playback, contrast, and vivid colors. IT CHARGES UP TO THREE DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY The new Zens Dual+Watch aluminium wireless charger is designed to fast-charge a smartphone, Apple AirPods (or a second smartphone), and an Apple Watch (all series) simultaneously. The MFi-certified Watch charging module is even able to juice up an Apple Watch with a closed metal band! The entire module is also Qi-certified and it now comes in…

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get smart about home audio with the new bose soundbar 500 &700

Sound forms an integral part of any experience, but there is often a trade-off between size and power in a speaker. Not anymore. The Bose Soundbar 500 and 700 answers that age-old predicament by combining Bose’s audio and design expertise with a new generation of technology. Don’t take them at face value. For something that beautifully matches modern TVs and a variety of home decor, these sleek soundbars are certainly capable of powerful, crystal-clear audio. FOR THE SMART HOME GENERATION As the latest additions to the Bose family, the Soundbar 500 and 700 are all about “smart” sound, introducing better efficiency than the SoundTouch platform. They feature Amazon Alexa(1) voice functionality, programmable remote presets, and finer control and customization via the Bose Music App. Even the set-up is hassle-free, using Bose’s patented ADAPTiQ for…

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roam large and hassle-free with m1 data passport

We’re using more mobile data than ever before, so it’s little wonder that telco plans can now soar past the 15GB mark. Yet for all that mobile freedom we get in Singapore, stepping out of the country can often feel like an annoying step back in time. Why should it? With M1 Data Passport, the days of expensive and fussy data roaming are thankfully over. WHAT IS M1 DATA PASSPORT? It’s data roaming made easy! Use your local data plans overseas to save yourself from unnecessary hassle and costs. From neighboring Malaysia to far-flung Iceland, you’ll easily stay connected on preferred networks in over 60 countries worldwide. Data Passport seamlessly works with your existing mobile plans from M1. For example, you get to use your local data allowance when roaming, and all…