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HWM Singapore May 2020

HWM Singapore is a monthly consumer technology publication covering the 3Cs of tech -- Computers, Consumer Electronics & Communications (and now Software & Games). A strong technology brand with independent editions throughout South-east Asia since 2000, HWM Singapore is known for its authoritative product comparison shootouts, analytical feature stories, benchmarked product reviews and technical walkthroughs. Feast your eyes on easy-to-read layouts, useful tips and decisive reviews, before plonking that hard-earned dollar on the best technology for you, your social circle and your home.

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continued circuit breaker

4 months, 3 issues. That’s how long I’ve been without a haircut. In my last note, I made a mention about the realities of working from home, and after spending a good quarter of 2020 sequestered in my room, I’m missing the office. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. While we’re continuing to service HWM with stories about cybersecurity, hygiene and optimising your work-from-home setups - and it has been entirely possible to upkeep HardwareZone.com remotely - there are physical aspects that I miss. Having ready access to our testing lab, equipment, tools, and human interaction just makes tasks so much easier to accomplish. For example, with everything done through e-mail, chats and video conferencing, a simple request that would have taken me 5 minutes to walk over to…

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road to 5g

“5G WILL GROW FROM US$5.54 BILLION TO US$668 BILLION. IN OTHER WORDS, THE 5G INDUSTRY WILL HAVE A 122% ANNUAL GROWTH.” 5G is fast — faster than 4G, which is faster than 3G, which was, of course, faster than 2G. 5G is anywhere from 10 to 100 times faster than a typical 4G connection, depending on whether you’re citing theory or practical reality. But speed is not its only selling point. Promotions for the next-generation 5G cellular technology also note that it has 1,000 times the capacity of 4G and delivers 10 times less latency. Latency is another type of ‘faster’; as in, you can do more things in real time. Still, those are not the only reasons to be excited about 5G. Kimm Yeo, Synopsys senior product marketing manager for the fuzzing…

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what’s in store for smartphones of the future?

“THE MAIN CAMERA MODULE OF THE APEX 2020 HOUSES A MINIATURE GIMBAL STRUCTURE. SIMILAR TO THE ROTATION OF A CHAMELEON’S EYEBALL, THE FEATURE’S STRUCTURE USES BOTH MECHANICAL STABILISATION AND ALGORITHMIC FOCUS TRACKING TO ALLOW A USER TO FOLLOW THE VIDEO SUBJECT SHARPLY.” We spoke with Harry Hong, General Manager of Products at Vivo, after the reveal of APEX 2020 - Vivo’s annual concept phone announcement that showcases mobile components and features that eventually find their way in real-world Vivo devices. Through the APEX 2020 concept product, we learnt about how the Chinese technology company perceives technological advancement in the smartphone space, and what helps them define a phone worthy of many tomorrows to come. Tell us more about some of the APEX 2020 features. Does the Gimbalstabilising Main Camera really use a…

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we are all still learning

Tell us a bit about yourself! Alyssa Herrera: I’m a full-time bug bounty hunter and security researcher based in California, United States. In my free time, I tend to play games and talk with friends usually. How did you first get interested in computers and hacking? Alyssa Herrera: I got interested in computers when I was in middle school. My school provided us with computers, but like most middle schoolers, I wanted to play games on the admin computer systems. I got my first start with hacking when I was trying to get administrative access to a school given laptop, to play games. At what age did you start hacking? Alyssa Herrera: I started hacking web applications around 16 years old when I heard about Google’s bug bounty program. This lead me down a rabbit…

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tech awards 2020 readers' choice

This year marks the 11th edition of the annual HWM+HardwareZone.com Tech Awards, Singapore tech industry’s premier event where we recognize the best brands, products and services. While the event was scheduled to be held on February 21st 2020, due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, we’ve chosen not to host a physical event to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our working partners and staff. Voting for the 40 Readers’ Choice categories was opened to all readers of HWM, HardwareZone.com, and GameAxis. com. With a total of 245 brand nominations, it remains one of the most comprehensive brand recognition surveys in the industry. BEST ULTRAPORTABLE NOTEBOOK BRAND APPLE With 28% of the votes, Apple is the brand that comes to most of our readers’ mind when asked about ultraportable notebooks. To refresh your…

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evolving smartphone photography

The Android-based Huawei P40 Pro is here to improve upon its photography features, despite lacking Google’s Play Store and having to convince everyone that it’s a flagship phone worthy of being among the people’s top choice in 2020. The P40 Pro’s Quad-Curve Overflow Display features rounded glass edges to emulate a near-overflowing glass of water with its almost bezel-less appearance. Its 6.58-inch OLED display features refresh rates up to 90Hz and a resolution of 2,640 x 1,200 pixels for a pretty vibrant and smooth experience, but what makes the display stand out more is that Huawei’s EMUI interface is now actually well-designed enough to appear crisp and sharp to the eye. Apps and videos render quite nicely on the device, befitting its flagship status. The P40 Pro runs on the Android 10…