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iCreate No. 216

iCreate is the creative magazine for Apple computer users. Made for Mac users by Mac users, it provides sumptuously designed, essential content for Apple aficionados and switchers alike. Featuring in-depth tutorials in iMovie, iPhoto and the rest of the iLife applications as well as iTunes and Mac OS X, it is the magazine no Apple addict can be without. If Apple made a magazine, it would be iCreate. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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“your settings icon is soon to display a red dot to herald the arrival of ios 14”

At some point this month, your iOS Settings app icon will become adorned with the telltale red dot to signify that an update is available. And, provided that you regularly heed these alerts and keep your device updated, the upgrade in question will be iOS 14. But rather than let you fumble around blindly, unsure of exactly what is new, what isn’t, and what you’ll never use anyway, we have put together the ultimate genius guide to mastering the awesome new operating system. We’ll show you how to declutter and customise your Home Screen in amazing new ways, how to become an instant expert in the new Translate app, and how to get more from Maps, Messages and the App Store. Turn to page 14 now for instant enlightenment. Also in…

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meet the experts

David Crookes This issue, our iOS expert shows you how to unlock your devices using your voice and the trick required to add a second, masked Face ID to your iPhone. Shaun McGill Our tech specialist helps you administer emergency aid to a sluggish, flatlining Mac, providing proven methods of speeding it up and getting it running at peak performance. George Cairns Our creative genius will show you how to make selective tonal adjustments in Photos and how to overcome the challenges of shooting and editing macro subjects. Facebook iCreateMagazine Twitter @iCreateMagazine Instagram icreate_mag Email icreate@futurenet.com…

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apple enters a battle of epic proportions

EPIC GAMES, PUBLISHER OF THE POPULAR ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME FORTNITE HAS FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST BOTH APPLE AND GOOGLE FOLLOWING ITS GAME’S REMOVAL FROM BOTH COMPANIES’ APP STORES. The spat between these three organisations started when Epic Games released an updated version of Fortnite that bypassed the usual App Store approval process and circumvented the payment options in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play service. The problems started when Epic Games announced a 20 per cent price reduction on V-Bucks, the in-game currency used in Fortnite. “Starting today, any V-Bucks or real-money offers you purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac are now discounted by up to 20 per cent. You don’t need to do anything!” Epic Games posted. Using a process called Epic Payment, Epic…

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5 things we learned this month

Apple’s Phil Schiller is moving on to a new role Apple news Apple’s beloved senior VP of marketing, Phil Schiller is vacating the position and accepting a new role as Apple fellow. Schiller joined Apple in 1987, helping guide Apple’s products and marketing for 30 years. “Phil has helped make Apple the company it is today and his contributions are broad, vast and run deep. In this new role he will continue to provide the incredible thought partnership and guidance that have defined his decades at Apple,” says Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. In his new role as Apple fellow, Schiller will continue to lead the App Store and Apple Events teams. Apple is a $2 trillion company This month Apple became the first US company worth over two trillion dollars. Despite the COVID-19…

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master ios 14 now

Get excited because iOS 14 is now with us – or at least it should be within the next couple of weeks! Apple’s big new update for 2020/21 was first unveiled at the COVID-19-enforced ‘virtual’ WWDC back in June, and it demonstrated a stack of neat new features, enhancements and a brand-new app. Since it was first released as iPhone OS back in 2007, iOS has continued to grow, introducing bold new additions and becoming ever-more intuitive to use. Although Apple is never entirely first with certain features (iOS 14 finally has Home Screen widgets, for example, something Android has delivered for years), its cautious approach to introducing certain features means that they essentially arrive fully formed so as to genuinely benefit the way you use your iOS devices. It’s always…

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adjust exposure with curves

Selective adjustments The Light panel’s options enables you to selectively lighten shadows without overexposing highlights. You can also darken highlights without underexposing shadows. The Brilliance tool also helps reveal missing tonal detail. Add control point The control point tool enables you to sample a particular tone in the shot, such as an underexposed shadow. After taking a sample, the tool adds a control point to the curve. By dragging the point you can lighten or darken the sampled tone. Healthy histogram Our start image was underexposed, so the histogram’s graph was clumped towards the left to indicate strong shadows. After tweaking the shot’s tones, the edited histogram has spread to the right, indicating that more shadow and midtone detail is visible. S-curve Here we’ve pushed a control point upwards to lighten shadows and dragged another point down…