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4 ways to stop negative thinking before it starts

1SLEEP Research suggests that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. The better rested you are, the more likely you are to look at things in a positive light. 2LAUGH Laughter sends mood-lifting chemicals to your brain. Laugh more and you’ll be less focused on the bad. 3GIVE THANKS Before you go to bed, write down three things you are grateful for that day. 4USE THE RUBBER-BAND TRICK Complaining is unproductive. Snap a rubber band on your wrist every time you do it. “You can be radically candid with somebody in an instant—in the time it takes a traffic light to change—and change their whole life.” Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor • TOP VIDEOS INC.COM/LIFT Richard Barton Founder of Expedia, co-founder of Zillow and Glassdoor “You can have all the resources of being in a big company and…

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the founders agenda

I KNOW, I KNOW: YOU CAN’T GET THROUGH the Oscars or the Super Bowl or even your Facebook feed without having to watch people take a stand politically. If you hoped to escape that here—well, I hate to disappoint. I’m about to tell you where Inc. stands. This has nothing to do with the Inc. staff’s personal persuasions. Like our readers, we cover the spectrum. What we all share, however, is a belief in our mission to help entrepreneurs like you succeed no matter what stage of growth you’re in. Any policy out of Washington that furthers that mission can count on Inc.’s support. One such policy, in our opinion, would be comprehensive business tax reform. Americans spend 6.1 billion hours a year preparing tax returns, according to the Taxpayer Advocate Service.…

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the jargonator

• AIRLINED / • verb. The anti-consumer practices of 19th-century train operators gave us “railroaded.” Today, fliers get airlined by rising prices, tiny seats, and poor service. It’s nice to know some things never change. Source: AviationPros/ PR Newswire KAIGO-JIGOKU / • noun. “Caregiving hell”—a neologism used by young folk in Japan to describe having to look after aged relatives. Are the Japanese taking on the Germans in the “there should be a word for it” stakes? Source: The Guardian PANK / • noun. “Professional aunt, no kids.” PANKs “play a financially meaningful role in the lives of other people’s kids, are active on social media, and influence the purchasing decisions of those around them.” We assume the male version is PUNK. Source: Forbes • SWIPERS / • noun. The rise of self-scanning…

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walking the talk

SAY “MISSION STATEMENT” AND most people think of a social mission company. But business mission statements have been around forever and, when crafted carefully, can be a powerful sales tool for nonsocial businesses, as Tina Aldatz and Margarita Floris, co-founders of Savvy Travelers, recently found out. Their company, based in Laguna Hills, California, makes packaged wipes for things like face washing, removing nail polish, and applying deodorant. They’d gotten into Nordstrom, but sales were lagging. In September, Aldatz and Floris decided to sharpen the company’s focus. They wrote a mission statement that begins, “Our mission is to make travel and on-the-go beauty easy and accessible for women.” Guided by these words, Savvy Travelers eliminated packaging designed to appeal to men. The wipes are now carried by 200 retailers, up from…

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how do you destress?

“I take eight hours, maybe as much as 12, and go immerse myself in a neighborhood that I know nothing about—see the culture, eat the food, drink the drinks. After three days of nonstop meetings in San Juan, I flew to Santo Domingo, where I hired a tour guide and explored for eight hours. I felt like a new person. It takes you away from whatever’s weighing you down and gives you new perspective.” JOHN MEADOW Founder and president, LDV Hospitality (food and beverages) NO. 3,013 2016 INC. 5000 RANK 114% 3-YEAR GROWTH $65.8M 2015 REVENUE “It sounds cheesy, but I take a few deep breaths. Then I scan my news feed for a short article to take my mind off whatever’s causing my stress to spike. That helps me refocus.” BRAD ERWIN Owner and principal…

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teach a man to fish: the serial founder who came back to oregon to save the local fishing industry

THE CULMINATION of Duncan Berry’s lifelong romance with the sea is available in more than 5,000 grocery stores around the country. Fishpeople Seafood, which employs close to 40 workers in-season, delivers for domestic consumption sustainable seafood caught in American waters by independent fisher folk. After 20 years of building fashion companies, Berry returned to the Oregon coast where he was raised. There, he has rededicated his life to the people and wildlife that make up “the last industry based on hunting and gathering,” he says. “We have two million years’ worth of that tradition in our bones.” Berry, the son of a novelist and a photographer, spent summers as a deckhand on his older brother’s salmon troller, Legacy I. By the time he was 16, he says, he was the youngest…