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4 ways to stop procrastinating right now

1 THE (10 + 2) X 5 RULE No, that’s not algebra. That’s doing 10 minutes of focused work and then taking a two-minute break five times in a row. Routine breaks make work less intimidating. 2 DONATE TO CHARITY FOR EVERY HOUR YOU WASTE Hold yourself accountable by giving $5 to a charity of your choice for every hour you procrastinate. This will help you stay focused. 3 GIVE YOURSELF A (FAKE) DEADLINE The longer you give yourself to complete a project, the longer it will take. Set a false deadline—it will force you to get more done. 4 DON’T BE DEFEATIST Procrastinators often let their lack of productivity justify the same behavior in the future. If you’ve wasted your morning, you can still start your day over in the afternoon. “If I hadn’t reached rock bottom…

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top videos INC.COM/HIDI Christene Barberich Co-founder and editor in chief of Refinery29 “If you allow indecision to actually get in the way of your decision, it’s going to be your ultimate downfall.” INC.COM/FOUNDERS-FORUM Adam Fleischman Founder and CEO of Umami Restaurant Group “Never start with a partner. Always start on your own.” INC.COM/THE-INSPIRATIONCHRONICLES Beatriz Acevedo Co-founder and president of Mitú “We have that extra hunger, and that definitely helps define who we are and how we run our businesses.” CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: CREATIVE CROP/GETTY; CHRIS BEIER; SCOTT FOREMAN (2). ILLUSTRATION: MICHAEL FRITH…

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the transit of venus

IWOULD GUESS THAT MANY, IF NOT MOST, kids who eventually became entrepreneurs wanted to grow up to be sports or TV stars. When you’re a kid, that’s who your heroes are. So it’s a bit ironic how many sports and TV stars, having grown up, now want to be entrepreneurs. That’s who our heroes are today. As con tributing editor Jeff Haden and editor-at-large Bill Saporito point out in this month’s profile of Venus Williams (page 22), celebrities have long transitioned into business. But it’s different today. Williams and others, like Bode Miller and Sofía Vergara, are not just slapping their names on some brands’ gear, becoming passive investors, or opening restaurants as tax shelters. They’re building to last. They’re involved. And, in the biggest psychological shift, they really want the…

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who sent you?

Erin Condren knew her artistic day planners might not leap out at online shoppers, so she offered her best customers a deal: If they sent potential business her way through links on their own websites, she’d give those loyal customers a credit toward future purchases each time a referred customer created an account. The approach worked. Today, 12 years after launch, Condren’s eponymous company, based in Hawthorne, California, has a customer-referral program, with rewards for both referred and referring customers, that generated 24 percent of its $40 million in 2015 sales. Referrals may seem old-school, but Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising study found that 83 percent of consumers take action—investigate a brand or buy something—on recom mendations from people they know. Use these tips to mine gold from your…

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the jargonator

WORKVENTURERS / • noun. “Business travelers who are tech-savvy, spontaneous, and seek out rich travel experiences.” And then presumably charge it all to their corporate gold card. Source: AFP/Hotwire FLEXICURITY / • noun. Danish employment policies that give companies more flexibility to hire and fire than is usual in E.U. countries. For Americans, “flexicurity” is having a backup Starbucks when your usual one kicks you out for loitering. Source: Business Insider CHAOS MAGIC / • noun. Chaos magic “creates realities which are temporary and subjective … You opt into whatever belief system you think will help you reach your intended goals.” It would be easy to mock, but it does explain the past 12 months. Source: K-Hole ALL-CAPS PORTFOLIO / • noun. Investing in S&P 500 firms with capitalized names (NVIDIA, QUALCOMM, etc.),…

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you’re your company launching in 60 days.

• Inc. 5000 honorees tell us how they would tackle a common business challenge. —SHEILA MARIKAR “Advertise through Facebook, and use its Lookalike Audiences feature. Take the things you know about your potential customer—where they live, what kind of business they’re in, their age. Facebook can look across a variety of these data points and come back with, say, 50 customers that look like the one you have in mind. It’s a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business. I’ve seen it work well on the B2B side.” JOSH MCCARTER Co-founder and CEO, Booker (software) NO. 1,748 2016 INC. 5000 RANK 213% 3-YEAR GROWTH $22.6 MILLION 2015 REVENUE “Our primary distribution is through benefits brokers and consultants. Before launch, sometimes I called them and said I was a secretary…