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the business of change

The only constant in a dynamic economy is change, and change is oxygen to entrepreneurs: It opens up cracks in the competitive landscape, and it’s in those cracks that new businesses take root. Everyone who has ever been on the cover of Inc.—not least this month’s up-from-Queens icon, Daymond John—got there because he or she saw the possibility in change and built something lasting on its foundation. In light of that, I suppose I should feel a little less bittersweet than I do about the change underway at Inc. The entrepreneur who owns our company, Joe Mansueto, founder of Morningstar and quite a change agent himself, has asked me to oversee both Inc. and Inc.’s sister, Fast Company, as CEO. You won’t notice much difference—the incredibly talented James Ledbetter has been…

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is it your job to create jobs?

In 2009, Sawyer Sparks turned down a $300,000 Shark Tank deal for his gluten-free modeling-clay startup, Soy-Yer Dough. Kevin O’Leary, in a very Mr. Wonderful move, had insisted Sparks move production to China. That would have killed Sparks’s dream of creating jobs in his hometown of Bloomfield, Indiana. Nine years later, Soy-Yer Dough is still a small company, with just eight employees. Sparks says he has enough business to employ 20 but can’t find enough good people locally. If he buys new equipment, that’s three people he doesn’t have to hire. But he’s been hesitating. “The business side of me knows equipment is the proper way to go,” says Sparks. “The humanitarian in me wants to be able to offer more jobs.” The data shows that fast-growing companies are hiring fewer…

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introducing our index

Crunching all the data out there to determine the state of Startup USA isn’t an easy task. That’s why we’re introducing the Inc. Entrepreneurship Index—a measure that tracks the overall health and contributions of American startups, produced in conjunction with Inc.’s new data scientist, Startup Genome research director (and former Kauffman Foundation analyst) Arnobio Morelix. The Index, which updates quarterly, currently clocks in at 88, out of 100. This is noticeably down from recent quarters. (The chart above tracks Index performance over the past six years; it peaked at 98 in the second quarter of 2014 and has now reached its lowest point in that time frame.) Driving up this Index: the percentage of adults who owned their own businesses grew in 2017; and, arguably, the Trump administration’s emphasis on deregulation…

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where are the continent’s fastest-growing companies? cast your eyes north and east.

If you’re looking in Europe’s largest countries for the biggest concentrations of driven entrepreneurs, you’re doing it wrong. Per capita, the 10 countries with the most Inc. 5000 Europe companies—those on this year’s list added more than 311,000 jobs to local economies— were all tiny, and Eastern European or Scandinavian. The same was true last year, when this year’s No. 2, Estonia, topped the list; this year’s and last year’s top five cities all came from those regions as well. All that said: This year, Paris claimed two top 10 businesses–the energy company Forsee Power and the adtech firm Adikteev. Insert joke about which language gave us the word entrepreneur. SEEN AND HEARD ON INC.COM “The world that I came from, women star in television shows, women lead movies, women star on…

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the jargonator

BOUNDLESS COMPUTING • noun “At its simplest level, boundless computing aims to bring computing hardware closer to data sources, cutting down on the need for complex layers of overlying software, allowing users to ‘unleash the full potential of computing.’” In other words: computing. Source: ITProPortal PERVNADO • noun “The unstoppable, unpredictable scope of reputational destruction” sweeping the worlds of media, politics, and fine dining. Of course, other businesses are immune to any form of harassment, so, nothing to see here, folks. Source: Weekly Standard NEONTOCRACY • noun “A world that revolves around the needs of children far beyond the basics of food and material comfort.” Coincidentally, this is also the definition of covfefe. Source: New Scientist BYEJINKS • noun “Emotionally satisfying, seditious final acts [that] accompany one’s last day on the job.” I have inserted 23 profoundly libelous statements into…

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portland, oregon

$98,146 Average salary for a software engineer SOURCE: GLASSDOOR TALENT PIPELINE Co-founded by Nike veteran Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, the University of Oregon’s 18-month sports product management master’s program on designing, producing, and marketing sports products connects aspiring entrepreneurs with angel investors at Oregon Sports Angels, founded by fellow ex-Nike employee Kate Delhagen. Portland Community College’s intensive, 14-week “Getting Your Recipe to Market” course ends with students pitching products to local grocery chain New Seasons. Pitches that ended up on New Seasons’ shelves include TanTan Foods’ vegan Vietnamese sauces, Salsas Locas Mexican Foods, and Brazi Bites, glutenfree cheese bread. WHO TO KNOW Angela Jackson 2 is the executive director of Portland State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and its business accelerator, and co-founder and managing director of the Portland Seed Fund, which invests in early-stage Pacific Northwest–based companies. PSF’s…