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September 2021 - Rodney McLeod- Class of 20NOW

For the multi-faceted, multi-layered Millennials leading the way in subverting the culture with attitude and purpose. InClub accepts the task of being the voice of a generation of influential, inspired and involved, planet-shakers that don’t fit in any one box. Having conversations with those contributing to and defining modern culture.

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letter from the editor

Greetings Club Members, Can you believe we’re approaching the last quarter of the year already? If you’re new around these parts, maybe you stumbled across an Instagram post, or a repost of us clapping back at someone on twitter. However, you got here, we welcome you. Hold on to your butts it’s going to get weird. For our resident lifers well it’s a pleasure to have you here. This issue feels a little different. With the change of the season approaching it got me thinking about the changes we have undergone, and the changes still to come. It reals as if celebration is in order while also feeling like it’s too soon to celebrate. It is reminiscent of declaring for the NFL draft only to go undrafted. Sure up until this point we’ve shown…

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how to keep it 100 with god

AS A PEOPLE, we tend to think that we can hide from God. Therefore, we mask how we truly feel in an attempt to conceal who we really are. But, if you know, like I know this falsehood, this deception, this level of double-mindedness that we so often possess my dear brothers and sweet soul sisters is the furthest thing from The Infinite Truth. Quick question, complex answer. WHY DO WE THINK we can hide anything from a God who is Lord over ALL? You see Beloved, what we must realize and recognize is that God sees all and knows all. “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.”- 2…

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sneaker culture is dead! or is it?

Back in 2004 I purchased my first pair of Jordan’s. Then I got my first pair of inside out Air Force ones. Then I got a pair of Nike Dunks and then a pair of Premium Court Force Hi’s. This wasn’t normal behavior for most people at the time. I loved the designs, colorways, premium materials and exclusivity. I was also heavily influenced by my co-workers. I was a sales associate at a sneaker store in a local mall through High School and College. If you worked in the store, it was an unwritten rule that you had to look the part. This really put me on to the world of sneakers and the culture around it. One of the best things about the culture in the early 2000s was Jordan…

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why we should teach our sons it’s okay to cry

For too long, men have been taught to handle their emotions by withholding their tears with stoicism and self-reliance. But the cultural belief that crying when experiencing emotions is synonymous with weakness has long been refuted by the scientific community. We now recognize that crying not only increases attachment and intimacy among peers, but has also proven to be biologically necessary. However, this undeniable reality clashes with the outdated cultural standard for what it means to be a man. This stigma encourages repressive coping, more commonly known as the “bottling up” of emotions for the preservation of self-image, which can lead to a weakened immune system, hypertension and heart disease. In fact, psychologists suggest that crying releases both endorphins and oxytocin, which chemically ease emotional pain and make the body feel physically…

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the 2021 fall playlist

We have curated the score to your fall season. In the spirit the September issue of InClub Magazine this playlist is a reminder that every day above ground is a blessing. Each day we have to tackle social injustices, reduce our carbon footprint, influence the future and contribute to the culture is a blessed day on our hero’s journey to be impactful humans. This issue is for anyone who felt undrafted, overlooked, cut, not selected, waitlisted… Failure is temporary keep going. May you feel supported, encouraged, empowered. May you feel unstoppable, restored, and ignited. May you remain incorrigible, knowing you are fully competent, capable and called. Be resolved, remain true, stay the course, keep the faith and GO BOLDLY. Alexa play The 2021 Fall playlist.…

5 min
the ultimate jeans guide

Jeans. We all have them. We all need them. We all want them. Essentially, I am saying that jeans to a wardrobe are like air to humans - a necessity. There is no denying it - we love denim. There is nothing like discovering the perfect pair of denim that you have to have! Denim has come such a long way - and today, in 2021, there are so many options to choose from. Designers, every year, continue to evolve the jean with new designs and silhouettes, and patterns - and with all the options out there, picking the right pair can be a little overwhelming. Well, I am here to help! Welcome to my ultimate jeans guide of 2021. Flare Out Jean This retro-style 70s-inspired denim is THE trend of 2021.…