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November 2020

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food for thought

This space is typically dedicated to shining a spotlight on one of the features in the issue. But this time around, I think it’s important to talk about three things that aren’t in these pages: our back-of-the-magazine restaurant guide entries on Rook, Black Market, and Duos. That trio of long-standing restaurants represented the bestknown and most beloved of the dining establishments that closed while we were putt ing together this issue. Sadly, there were others. The reasons are myriad and, at this point, most are well-known or at least fall under the umbrella of the catchall phrase “novel coronavirus.” While it’s fair to say that “pandemic” will be listed as the cause of death for the fallen restaurants, an honest medical examiner would point to another contributing factor that people aren’t openly…

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z is for zerna

TIME STAMP 1930–1970 ZERNA SHARP never had kids of her own, but her children, as she called them—Dick, Jane, and Baby Sally—became American icons as the main characters of schoolbooks used across the nation. If you were in first grade in America between 1930 and 1970, you probably learned to read with Dick and Jane—who reached the height of their popularity in the 1950s. Born in 1889 in Hillisburg, 50 miles north of Indianapolis, Sharp taught first grade in several small Indiana towns, including La Porte, where she ended up school principal. She eventually left the classroom behind for a job at a Chicago publishing house. Passionate about children’s literacy, Sharp came up with the idea for the books aft er sitt ing on the beach on the south side of Chicago…

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virtually perfect

WHEN I WAS a kid growing up in Danville, it was my job to adjust the TV antenna to pull in the signal from Indianapolis. My father, stretched out on the couch on Saturday morning, would say, “See if you can’t get that in a litt le better.” I would sort through my large collection of metal appendages—coat hangers, tinfoil, and copper wire—att aching some or all of them to the antennas to dial in Channel 4 and watch Dick the Bruiser batt le Jimmy Valiant. These many decades later, it remains the sole example of my mastery of technology. I was thinking of this recently while participating in a Zoom meeting, aft er delivering a 10-minute oration with my microphone muted. I noticed the puzzled expressions of the meeting participants,…

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affiliated hospital abbreviations

ASCENSION ST. VINCENT Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital ASCENSION ST. VINCENT ANDERSON Ascension St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital ASCENSION ST. VINCENT CARMEL Ascension St. Vincent Carmel Hospital ASCENSION ST. VINCENT FISHERS Ascension St. Vincent Fishers Hospital ASCENSION ST. VINCENT HEART Ascension St. Vincent Heart Center ASCENSION ST. VINCENT WOMEN’S Ascension St. Vincent Women’s Hospital COMMUNITY Community Health Network COMMUNITY ANDERSON Community Hospital Anderson COMMUNITY EAST Community Hospital East COMMUNITY HEART Community Heart & Vascular Hospital COMMUNITY NORTH Community Hospital North COMMUNITY SOUTH Community Hospital South ESKENAZI Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital FRANCISCAN HEALTH Indianapolis, Carmel, Crawfordsville, and/or Mooresville hospital locations HANCOCK Hancock Regional Hospital HENDRICKS Hendricks Regional Health IU HEALTH METHODIST Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital IU HEALTH NORTH Indiana University Health North Hospital IU HEALTH SAXONY Indiana University Health Saxony Hospital IU HEALTH UNIVERSITY Indiana University Health University Hospital IU HEALTH WEST Indiana University Health West Hospital JOHNSON Johnson Memorial Hospital ORTHOINDY OrthoIndy Hospital PEYTON MANNING Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent RHI Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana RILEY Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health RIVERVIEW Riverview Health TELEMEDICINE RESOURCES COMMUNITY VIRTUAL…

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my covid-19 nightmare

AT COMMUNITY HEALTH, we were just starting to test for COVID-19 on March 23. By that evening, coincidentally, I had a scratchy throat. I didn’t have a fever, but I thought, This is unusual for me, so I slept in the guest room and told my wife not to sleep with me that night. I went in to get a test on Monday morning, and I had the result that evening. I was positive. During that first week, my symptoms were fairly mild. I never had fevers. But the second week, I started having a lot more fatigue. I’m very much a type-A, on-the-go person, but that second week, I had to take a lot of naps during the daytime. That probably lasted for another 10 days or so. And I…

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top doctors list

ADDICTION MEDICIN TIMOTHY KELLY, MD Community Behavioral Professionals, 7250 Clearvista Dr., 317-621-5719 ➙ Community North Special Expertise addiction/substance abuse ADDICTION PSYCHIATRY ROBERT CHAMBERS, MD IU Health Physicians Behavioral Health, IU Health Neuroscience Center, 362 W. 15th St., 317-882-5122 ➙ IU Health University Special Expertise addiction/substance abuse ADOLESCENT MEDICINE LANETTE BROWN-JONES, MD Ascension St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis Primary Care Clinic, 8414 Naab Rd., 317-338-7510 Peyton Manning, Ascension St. Vincent ERIC MEININGER, MD Riley Physicians Adolescent Medicine, 1801 N. Senate Blvd., 317-274-8812 ➙ Riley Special Expertise urinary incontinence, kidney stones THERESA ROHRKIRCHGRABER, MD The Charis Center for Eating Disorders, 6640 Intech Blvd., 317-251-6121 ➙ IU Health Methodist, Riley Special Expertise preventive medicine, chronic illness MARCIA SHEW, MD Riley Physicians, 410 W. 10th St., 317-274-8812 ➙ Riley, Eskenazi Special Expertise adolescent gynecology, reproductive health REBEKAH WILLIAMS, MD Riley Physicians, 410 W. 10th St., 317-274-8812 ➙ Riley, Eskenazi Special Expertise adolescent gynecology, reproductive health ALLERGY & IMMUNOLOGY JOHN DUPLANTIER, MD Central Indiana Allergy, 965 Emerson Pkwy., Greenwood,…