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Inside Out October 2020

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which is the most important room in your house?

Depending on their personal style of at-home mooching, I find that people can be categorised as either kitchen people or bathroom people. For the kitchen people, an afternoon of prepping and planning and plotting in the kitchen to a Saturday-afternoon soundtrack is pure bliss. Mastering Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s no-bake Raspberry Ripple Cake (page 134, highly recommended) may be more of a solo pursuit, or it could be with friends and a little gin and tonic, creating a feast to share. That’s their happy place. The bathroom people, however, are a different breed. It’s a slow and steamy bath with maximum self-care, soft towels, mood lighting and delicate calm that they seek at home. So, here’s the thing. If you had to choose to renovate one or the other of these rooms,…

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on reflection

It may be the most perfect minimalist round mirror we’ve come across. The Como mirror, created by Beatrix Rowe Product Design, is a Melbourne-manufactured masterpiece that sits on a wall hook that can be oriented vertically or horizontally, and comes in a natural, bronzed-brass or powdercoated-metal finish. It is a feng shui must-have and, according to the method of minor additions, can help invite good energy into your space and shift out the bad. Say no more! Priced from $890. grazia&co.com.au…

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the cut

COME TOGETHER WOMEN’S BUSINESS Victorian homewares brand Kip & Co has collaborated with the Northern Territory’s remote Bábbarra Arts Centre, where seven women artists have created works that will be rolled out into vibrant bedding, cushions, tea towels, aprons and bags. Each print is unique and tells the ancestral stories of Arnhem Land country and culture. KIPANDCO.COM.AU HOT STONE FIBONACCI Two new terrazzo releases from Fibonacci in greys, black and pastels bring timeless 1960s vibes. FIBONACCISTONE.COM.AU LIGHT FANTASTIC Henry Wilson In a pair as a bedside ensemble, this jaunty table lamp is on our wishlist. Pillar light in Honey Onyx, from $3000. STORE.HENRYWILSON.COM.AU HIGH FREQUENCY INCENSE AEYRE has released a collection of Japanese-made organic incense sticks, including Sage, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Frankincense and Lavender, $29 for box of 50. RELIQUIACOLLECTIVE.COM/ COLLECTIONS/AEYRE LOVE LETTER HETTY McKINNON The creator of Community Cookbook revisits her childhood in To Asia, With Love, an…

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editor feedback wrought-iron pan

I love the look of a well-used skillet. In fact, I’d love a collection of them in different sizes to suspend over my kitchen bench, but until now I haven’t actually tried one. The AUS-ION ‘Raw’ 18cm wrought-iron skillet is made from one sheet of pure Australian iron and arrives in the mail in a gorgeous golden khaki colour. Not for long. Seasoning the pan requires a series of high-temperature baking sessions — with rigorous oiling inbetween to create that burnished black, naturally non-stick surface. It may take half a day, but it’s worth the effort and I feel completely bonded with my new pan by the time I give it a first test run with some softly sautéed vegetables that turn out beautifully caramelised for a work-from-home lunch. For…

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the power of colour

Why the particular focus on colour in this book? I had noticed the steady increase in the importance placed on colour in object design over many years. There are many good books on design, however most of these feature pieces that rarely experiment with colour. I wanted to showcase designs that incorporate colour into the design process. There are many contemporary designs that use colour for the pure joy of combining colours in unconventional ways… look no further than the Stitch chair by Australian designer Adam Goodrum from 2008 or any of the Memphis designs from the 1980s. How difficult was the editing process when you were writing the book? Massively difficult. The first few months of the process were consumed by long lists of possible candidates for inclusion that I…

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brad turner

Can you explain what you do? I’m an Australian Indigenous artist and photographer from Bundjalung Country, living on the beautiful coastal border between Queensland and NSW. I use my contemporary style of Indigenous art to build relationships, connect people from all walks of life, and unite communities with my culture. My modern approach uses a mix of earthy, coastal tones and vibrant colours to inspire hope and positivity, often in a form of a ‘Chalahn’ [rainbow]. What inspired you to start a creative business? A few years ago, after a workplace injury, I was in a really dark place. As part of my healing process, I attended a photography workshop to help with my anxiety and depression. This sparked something in me that had lain dormant for years; I was able…