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December 2020 Summer

Junkies Magazine is an eco lifestyle magazine, focused on reusing, reducing, rethinking and recycling. Junkies Magazine is for people who have a passion for sustainability, imaginative design.We like to inspire and be inspired by a community of thinkers and to spread important messages about our environmental responsibilities .We aim to be a platform to bring people together , from artists, individuals , mavericks and epicureans.

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beetroot and coconut soup (v)

As autumn approaches, this nutty warming soup is the perfect hearty comfort food. Packed with flavour, this colourful soup is not only delicious but also includes the nutritional benefits and antioxidant action of our favourite seasonal vegetable, beetroot. Ingredients • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil• 1 Spanish onion, roughly chopped• 2 large beets, peeled and cut into small cubes• 6 cups of vegetable stock• 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar• 2 cloves of garlic, minced• 1 tsp of ginger, minced• 1 tsp of coriander powder• 2 tsp cumin• 2 tbsp of almond or cashew butter• 2 cups of coconut milk• Salt and pepper to taste• 1 tbsp of lime or lemon, plus some to squeeze on top• Freshly chopped coriander, plus a sprinkle of sumac(a deep red coloured Mediterranean spice) to garnish Method 1.…

6 min
the red dress

When British artist and designer, Kirstie Macleod, was approached to design an art piece for Art Dubai in 2009, she seized the opportunity to create a statement piece using just a single, red dress. With a shared appreciation of embroidery and the same vibrant red fabric, Kirstie approached talented artisans around the world, including those from war-torn countries and asked them to tell their stories through needle and thread. Where did the initial conception of The Red Dress project come from? I have a fascination with different cultures and had a desire to create a piece of work that would unite and bring together as many different identities as possible, to create a platform in which women could express, feel empowered and be heard. Using a dress seemed appropriate as it is…

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energy tips for the home

Most of us have come to expect electricity or power to be available to us all the time. Whether it be to light our homes at night, cook our food each day, keep us warm in winter and cool in summer, heat our water or provide power to run our plethora of entertainment devices – it is hard to imagine living in a modern home without it. The question is, where does our power come from and could we be smarter in how we use it? These are two critical issues when it comes to powering our homes and modern lifestyle. The first is how we manage the power we have access to, as even though we pay for it that doesn’t mean we should waste it. Secondly, we need to…

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the happy glamper

“Glamping provides a relaxing holiday in an environmentally sustainable fashion.” Camping often conjures up feelings of frustration, imagining nights of restless sleep on rocky ground and hours spent arguing over the placement of tent poles. Thanks to a new resurgence of ‘Glamping’, or glamorous camping, outdoor holidays are no longer fuel for family arguments or relationship breakdowns. You can now enjoy a weekend away, listening to the warble of magpies and the rippling of rivers, with all the creature comforts of contemporary accommodation. The recent pandemic forced us to change our approach to many aspects of modern life from rethinking how we shop, work, and socialise, to changing how we holiday and travel. Following this renewed appreciation for nature and the outdoors, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of…

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a hands-on approach to life and art

As well as being an accomplished painter and sculptor, Michael Ford describes himself as a bit of a “life ponderer”. In his home, Michael has created an inspired dwelling, using a vast array of eclectic offcuts and repurposed matter to construct interdimensional artworks. Well accustomed to using recycled material during the building of his home, Michael takes discarded everyday objects and turns them into artwork, telling the story of hidden characters and mystical faraway adventures. Everywhere you look in Michael and Shirley’s home, you can see their love of repurposing. It is a home filled with treasures from their travels, reflecting a life rich with adventure. Each wall is decorated by the works famous artists, alongside Michael’s own varied artwork. Shirley jokes that they have officially run out of wall space…

9 min
refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot

Interviewing sustainability pioneer, Ecolateral’s Jamie Stott brings us up-to-date with the new 5R’s. Today’s Ecolateral story began over 20 years ago in two separate corners of South Australia. A small shop popped up first in the little town of Murray Bridge . Ahead of its time, this little Waste Not Want Not Eco Shop, helped aspiring eco-warriors to reduce, reuse and recycle. Soon after in Adelaide, Liddy and Ian Dolman established Ecolateral Sustainable Living Products which would go on over the next 12 years to become the city’s most respected eco store. Over the years Waste Not Want Not, moved and changed ownership to end up in the Adelaide Hills village of Blackwood, where it was purchased by Ecolateral’s current owners. Following Liddy Dolman’s decision to retire in 2019 and a chance meeting…