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December 2019 Summer

Junkies Magazine is an eco lifestyle magazine, focused on reusing, reducing, rethinking and recycling. Junkies Magazine is for people who have a passion for sustainability, imaginative design.We like to inspire and be inspired by a community of thinkers and to spread important messages about our environmental responsibilities .We aim to be a platform to bring people together , from artists, individuals , mavericks and epicureans.

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the makers

“...dealing with our human detritus...[should be] about remaking something, creating beauty where there was ugliness and finding value where there was none.” I love the word ‘maker’ – it can mean so much in terms of creativity while at the same time still retaining a meaning in everyday life. It can represent something special and also something mundane. For the mundane, we ‘make’ dinner or ‘make’ a coffee or tea every day. But when we become creative our making can be extraordinary and the works of many artists, musicians and authors are testimony to that. So what does it mean to be a creative maker? Thomas Edison said ‘To be inventive, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk’. Nothing could be more true of those who make, or should I…

4 min.
merrin glasgow

“Fabric, its roles and symbolism, has so much power and significance. Its qualities dictate cut and style.” The seed that grew to become Classic Couture Vintage and Bridal was planted long ago. Merrin Glasgow’s skills in pattern drafting and dressmaking, her experience as a costumier in theatre, and a career in teaching visual arts and textiles, combined with a passion for fabric and an appreciation of the gentle arts, have coalesced into Classic Couture Vintage. Classic Couture Vintage and Bridal garments are ethically and expertly constructed using traditional couture techniques. Merrin offers a unique and intimate experience for brides, designing gowns that are customised to individual needs and aspirations. Classic Couture Vintage and Bridal is dedicated to working with clients at each step of the process, from the first sketch to the…

6 min.
jen eales

“The distinctive signature of my work is the ever-apparent maker’s mark, leaving an imprint of the emotions translated through the creative process.” Jen Eales is a contemporary maker who creates a small object line of handcrafted pieces in Brisbane that features kinetic mobiles and jewellery. At heart an artist and metalsmith, Jen has engaged in many creative outlets. As a seamstress, Jen discovered a passion for jewellery in her search to find wearable art that complemented her designs. Her collection is an exploration into the infinite combinations of colour, texture, and shape. Inspired by the Japanese concept of “wabi sabi”, Jen finds true beauty in the imperfect, and each piece from her collection challenges the traditional idea that jewellery must be perfect. Jen’s artistic approach is inspired by both sustainable art mediums and…

5 min.
david lester

“The world can be an intense and stress-inducing place. Some people go shopping, some take pills and others, like me, adjust the lighting!” Most lights are designed for purpose or beauty. David Lester’s lights are a little different. They also have a personality. Each piece is a luminous creature with a unique character. When illuminated, you get the comforting feeling you’re not alone. Light plays an extremely important part in David’s life. As a skin cancer doctor, he deals with damage caused by too much sunlight on human skin. Keenly sensitive to the quality of light around him, David says bad lighting is “the visual equivalent of muzak”. Living in Kyneton in Victoria’s beautiful Macedon Ranges gives David the mental space to create. Making lights helps him relax and he likes creating lights…

7 min.
antipodean tynker

“ ...the bikes have not been built for the road; they are more objects of outrageous beauty.” The Oxley Highway in New South Wales is something of a mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s a strip of well-maintained road that runs for 200-odd twisty kilometres between Wauchope and Bendemeer. The highway climbs and crosses the Great Dividing Range, passing through tall timbered forests then on top to the open plains. As you climb, it gets noticeably cooler. The jaw-dropping scenery and challenging roads for riding is a winning combination. Along the Oxley is a little town called Walcha, which has an artsy reputation. It is home to a staggering open air gallery of over 50 public artworks, making for an inspirational walking trail. But that is not all. Over five years ago, Mark Walker…

9 min.
louiseann & kristian king

“They are each other’s frankest and fairest critics, and each other’s most ardent advocates and supporters.” Makers can often be curiously solitary figures, the discipline and practice of their craft often necessitating an absorbed and protracted preoccupation with their medium that precludes or inhibits intimate interpersonal relationships. It takes a special sort of significant other – a person, perhaps, with highly developed empathetic virtues and significant patience – to support the abstraction and absorption of a loved but highly focused creative soul. What happens, then, when two highly focused, highly talented artists decide to share their lives? And what happens when, as in the case of Louiseann King and Kristian King, three children are introduced into the creative milieu? We give you an insight into the dynamics of a successful creative…