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Junkies Magazine June 2018 Winter

Junkies Magazine is an eco lifestyle magazine, focused on reusing, reducing, rethinking and recycling. Junkies Magazine is for people who have a passion for sustainability, imaginative design.We like to inspire and be inspired by a community of thinkers and to spread important messages about our environmental responsibilities .We aim to be a platform to bring people together , from artists, individuals , mavericks and epicureans.

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Artists and Designers Matt WIlson airtightartwork.com Susan Elliot susanelliottmosaics.co.uk Kat Pengelly koshka.com.au Rowland Perry skateshank.com Aly de Groot alydegroot.com.au Heath Bradley – Designer handl.tv Sian Blohm sianblohm.com Photographers and Illustrator Louisa West Studio Junkies Photographer/Illustrator louisaweststudio.com.au Pauline Langmead – inside cover plinc.com.au Pixie Rouge Photography pixierouge.com.au Nicolas Rakotopare lerako.net Tim Willcocks timwillcocks.com Sherif Tamim sheriftamim.com Sian Blohm sianblohm.com Nassima Rothacker nassimarothacker.com Places Sandford Cottage airbnb.com.au/rooms/24170487 Shops and Retailers Ebony Neilson facebook.com/EbonysPromotionalProducts Opendrawer opendrawer.com.au Blarney Books and Art blarneybooks.com.au Food and Wine Jacki Haddock instagram.com/jackihaddock Rebecca Sullivan rebeccasullivan.com.au Yealands Winery yealandsestate.co.nz Organisations She Hunts Op Shops facebook.com/shehuntsopshops Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group recyclingrevolution.com.au Snuggle Coats snugglecoats.org Threatened Species Recovery Hub nespthreatenedspecies.edu.au BOAA boaa.net Kate Wall facebook.com/TheGardenersWall Clunes Booktown Festival clunesbooktown.com.au The Rogue Ginger therogueginger.com Anindilyakwa Arts anindilyakwaarts.com.au…

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from the editor

Old is the New Hello fellow Junkies! Thanks for joining us as we head into our winter edition. As someone who grew up with a mother who always had a project on hand, from silk dying to ceramics, felting, quilting and so much more, I have an appreciation for all things handmade. She was a dressmaker by trade, and the floor was never free of a pattern in progress. Being immersed in this creative milieu from as far back as I can remember, I learnt her love of hands-on pursuits in craft, art and fashion. I was always in awe of how she could just make things from anything. My clothes always looked different because they were handmade. Materials were hand-picked, and the design was to my specifications. I was one lucky kid. So for…

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Dear Junkies, Thank you so much for a magazine that is dedicated to waste. I now have four copies and would dearly love to get the other ones. I have been a recycler and reuser long before it was fashionable. I just love waste and see it as an unused resource. I am always looking for ways to reuse stuff which other people discard. I am heartened by the current situation where the three Rs are getting the attention they deserve. I enjoyed the article The Good Bra. It’s the first reference I have seen on Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. It is amazing that these two incredible men are not very well known even though their ideas are revolutionary. You ask what do you think readers can suggest for…

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op shop finds

As the old song goes, “Wherever you wander, there’s no place like home”. Junkies enthusiast and born and bred Kiwi Anna Turnock waxes lyrical about her little home town of Oamaru, steam punk capital of the southern hemisphere, and op shop mecca par excellence. My mum and dad live in a little slice of paradise, the countryside of Oamaru, New Zealand. Growing up in a small town was such a treat, and every time I go home, I feel as though my feet are firmly planted in the bosom of the earth. I spent 16 years backpacking all over our fine globe, and every time I go back to New Zealand, I am blown away by her beauty. Oamaru is a quirky little town. Originally it was to be the main port…

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roadside finds

When I was about 10 years old, my friends and I built a cubby house on top of a hill that overlooked the town’s landfill. We would bike to our hut every day after school and kick about, and as we had prime view over the tip, we would often see wonderful items of furniture and trinkets people were throwing out. We would get so excited about furnishing our cubby house: it became quite elaborate! I guess that you could say treasure-hunting is in my bones. But never before had my South African husband and I been exposed to anything quite as wonderful as hard rubbish – the streets in Australia during hard-rubbish collection are literally paved with gold, in my opinion. My husband was initially a little weirded out when I’d…

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food from waste

In terms of hot food trends, reducing food waste is the thing to do. Anthony Bourdain has even brought the topic into our living rooms with his recent documentary, Wasted – The Story of Food Waste. Most notable in all of this has been the trend to develop edible products from waste or produce that would have been considered food waste otherwise. Life Cykel Mushrooms Offering a slightly different approach to food waste, Life Cykel uses coffee grounds as the growing medium for their mushroom enterprise. The boom in barista-produced coffee has led to an unanticipated problem: an enormous amount of coffee waste ending up in landfill. It is estimated globally that two billion tons of coffee waste is produced every year. Life Cykel build coffee waste mushroom farms, taking coffee grounds…