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Junkies Magazine December 2018 Summer

Junkies Magazine is an eco lifestyle magazine, focused on reusing, reducing, rethinking and recycling. Junkies Magazine is for people who have a passion for sustainability, imaginative design.We like to inspire and be inspired by a community of thinkers and to spread important messages about our environmental responsibilities .We aim to be a platform to bring people together , from artists, individuals , mavericks and epicureans.

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from the editor

Hello fellow Junkies! Here at Junkies HQ we hope that what we print and the stories we tell will provide inspiration for positive change, either directly or indirectly. We feel that along with you, our Junkies community, we can make a difference in our world. We need to join together and become one great global voice for change, to help each other and to back each other in all our endeavours. We like to think we give a voice and mark a place in print for the makers and the creatives who enrich our world; we are so proud that through Junkies, we can share their lives and work with you, our readers. We thank you all for coming on a journey with us each issue. In this edition we focus on some…

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Dear Selena, I am so inspired with your magazine and always look forward to the next issue. I just wanted to thank you for your article on Tim Willcocks and his “one shot photography project”. In this fast-paced world, I am grateful to know that there is someone that has their own version of the truth, and poetically make it their own. Congratulations to Tim as well for releasing a book and I look forward to having my own copy next to my Junkies magazines. With love! Debra, Kingston Hey Junkies, Just a quick note to let you know that your mag is just amazing. Such a high-quality print, stunning photography and a beautiful lay out with fine wordsmithing and it compliments my discerning taste. I often revisit my issues and am always inspired by…

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how to make the most of your op shopping expeditions

Check before you buy While there are plenty of wonderful clothing items to be found, not all of them have been donated in pristine condition. Faults needn’t be a problem if you can mend a tear, remove a stain, or refashion the piece. Tip: Check buttons, zippers and seams and for tears and stains. Know your own style Quality fashion labels can be some of the best op shopping investments you’ll ever make. Designer pieces are usually well made with good quality fabric. But don’t get carried away with the latest fashion style – just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean it’s stylish or will suit you. Tip: Keep your favourite labels in mind and check the styling to make sure it suits you. It takes time to find a bargain Stamina separates those who leave…

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give aways!

Golden Grind Golden Grind is one of Australia’s leading health lifestyle brands, who prides themselves on their innovative turmeric-based products. Their extensive offerings include beverage, beauty and pharmaceutical products, which all aim to leverage off the health benefits of the golden spice, including its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. The prize pack valued at $157.55 includes the following products: Turmeric Latte Blend 15g, Turmeric Latte Blend 100g, Turmeric Hot Chocolate Blend, Turmeric Super Smoothie Blend, Turmeric Tea with Mint, Natural Turmeric Soap, Turmeric Capsules with Black Pepper, Miracle Turmeric Face Mask and Turmeric Face Scrub! All Golden Grind products are vegan, Australian owned and made, not tested on animals, full of organic ingredients, and are available for purchase on: goldengrind.com.au Dog Boy Knives Artisan knives were born from a desire to create beautiful yet functional items…

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urban reusables

“The idea for Urban Reusables simply came about one morning driving my child to school”, she tells us. “Living in an area where hard rubbish collections are booked as needed by households, I was always seeing piles of discarded wooden furniture.” Melissa started with an ordinary pine chest that she painted and upholstered with fabric from a jacket bought in India that she couldn’t bear to throw away. “Let’s face it. We are predominately a throwaway society”, Melissa tells us. “Many usable items are discarded in favour of the new. Our love of pursuing perfection and minimalistic design within our homes is driving us and future generations to buy more rather than rework, restyle and reuse”. She adds, “So many people are discarding brown wooden furniture, not just 20 to 40 years…

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making the e-connection

Many of these items contain valuable materials such as gold, silver, copper and rare earths. But they can also contain hazardous material as well. These include broken glass, sharp metal, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals and mercury vapour in batteries. There are also recyclable materials such as plastic, glass and metal. At the end of their useful lives, all of these items are electronic waste or ‘e-waste’. E-waste is equipment powered by a connection to an electrical outlet or by batteries (eg, televisions, computers, printers and mobile phones) that have been discarded as waste without the intention of reuse. E-waste must be separated from the processing and disposal of general waste, as it can contain both hazardous and valuable materials that can be safely disposed of through treatment or recovered for reuse. E-waste…