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Depending on when you picked up this issue, we’ll either be fast approaching 2019, or already there. How are you going to make 2019 a year to remember? Well, if you’re looking for things to do and places to go, head to p41 and check out our preview. And whatever you do, don’t forget to put our show at Peterborough in your diary for 14-15 September – keep up to date at We’ve plenty to look forward to in 2019. The Evoque 2 has been revealed and we’ll get the chance to explore Land Rover’s vision for the drivetrains for the future, kicking off with the MHEV and subsequently the split-drive PHEV (see p18). And, of course, we expect to see the Defender replacement sometime in ’19. That’s something most Land Rover…

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world of land rovers

1st prize MARK HANKEY WINS A SEALEY AUTO DARKENING WELDING HELMET If you go down to the woods today… or more specifically, this area of spooky woodland somewhere in Wales, you may well spot Mark’s Defender 90. NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize WESSEL AND NICOLE VAN DER WERF WIN A SEALEY SOLAR POWER PANEL A well-equipped Defender 110 is ideal for exploring the French Alps, as Wessel and Nicole van der Werf, from the Netherlands discovered. NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR…

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For stockists, to order a free catalogue, or to buy online, go to 1st PRIZE Sealey Combination Spanner Set 33pc Metric/Imperial (S01063) LIST PRICE £79.14 2nd PRIZE Sealey Rechargeable Inspection Lamp 24 SMD + 7 LED Lithium-ion (LED307) LIST PRICE £42.54 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to Include a vehicle description, where the photo was taken and the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, Mark Hankey, wins a Sealey Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Shade 9-13 - Black. Second prize, a Sealey Solar Power Panel 12V/1.5W, goes to Wessel and Nicole van der Werf. Well done all!…

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dream discovery

There’s a heavy diesel burble and the sound of something big squelching through mud, then a jagged black shape breaks the horizon. Onwards and upwards it relentlessly clambers, then rolls towards us. By now, it’s clear this is a Disco 2 kitted out for serious off-road use. Wait a minute, though – there’s too much stuff on the roof for most straightforward off-roaders. Maybe it’s an expedition vehicle? But we don’t see the usual roof tent on top. When the impressive beast arrives, more confusion: a little front wing sticker announces ‘Tug Boat’ – though this obviously isn’t a boat. The owner has some explaining to do. So, as owner Simon Cox jumps out, let’s start with the ‘Tug Boat’ sticker. ‘Oh that,’ he laughs. ‘I was with some mates at…

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the great escape

OWNER: SIMON COX In normal life, Simon is a hairdresser – he runs a busy unisex salon with a number of stylists. Once very active in the styling competition world, he now prefers to support his stylists and run the business. No jokes about hairdressers’ cars, please, though Simon’s D2 is about as far from that as you could possibly get. With a pressured life and working every Saturday, the kitted-out Discovery is essential for Simon and allows him to switch at a moment’s notice into ‘time off’ mode.…

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skills show

Because it has to venture where no AA man is going to, Simon’s D2 has to be absolutely competent off tarmac. So we’re at Tixover, one of UK’s gloopiest off-road centres, to see how it performs. With all the extra weight we’re expecting some revving and straining, but that never happens. That’s partly due to a no-nonsense technique, Simon reading the ground ahead and predicting which way the Disco will slide and where to find good grip. But of course, a driver can only be as good as the machine he’s piloting. ‘Going down: first gear, there’s engine braking though not as much as some other Land Rover models so I keep my foot over the brake pedal. Going up, second gear. I always lock the centre diff – that’s one of…