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Like most Land Rover owners, I tend to be upbeat when it comes to anything to do with our chosen vehicles, whether that’s tolerating leaking sunroofs, draughty door seals or accepting that sometimes they break down for no reason. But the recent wave of thefts blighting the Land Rover community is testing my resolve – and I’m relieved to see my vehicles still on my drive when I look out of the window in the morning; too many of my friends have had their Land Rovers stolen. Thieves are parasites who don’t care about their victims – I mean, who would think that stealing doors off an ambulance is a reasonable thing to do (p20)? We need to cut off their supply (some may suggest cutting off more). Secure your vehicle and…

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world of land rovers

1st prize JAMES COCKERHAM-BARKER WINS A SEALEY 115mm 11,000RPM ANGLE GRINDER ‘Hiding its age well, James’s 1994 90 truck cab adds a splash of colour to Cregennan Lakes, North Wales, in this nicely composed shot.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR 2nd prize PAUL RHEINBACH WINS A SEALEY HOT AIR GUN 1600W 2-SPEED 375°C/500°C ‘It’s hard to know which would be more fun to play with; Paul’s Mercury RIB or his 2014 Defender 90 XS, seen here at Derwentwater, Cumbria.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR…

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sealey gear in the next issue of lro

1st PRIZE Sealey Screwdriver, Hex Key & Bit Set 44pc (S01090) LIST PRICE £45.54 2nd PRIZE Sealey Large Angled Flo-Thru Brush with 1.7m Telescopic Handle (CC50) LIST PRICE £38.94 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, James Cockerham-Barker wins a Sealey 115mm 900W Angle Grinder. Second prize, a Sealey 1600W 2-Speed 375°C/500°C Hot Air Gun, goes to Paul Rheinbach. Congratulations to both of them.…

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built without compromise

A brisk and chilling breeze blusters and barges its way across the fells around Stalling Busk in North Yorkshire, as the winter sun peels back the reluctant layers of mist. Stepping out of my 20-year-old Freelander, I wish I’d brought my hat. I’ve come to meet Shaun Edwards and his Overfinch Range Rover Sport, which has been superbly and sympathetically modified. Granted, modified Discovery 3s and 4s aren’t uncommon, but I think this is the first Range Rover Sport greenlaner I’ve seen in the metal – and it proves to be well worth the 5.30am start. Giving me a heads-up Shaun and his wife Kathy take pity on me and lend me a hat; it’s as well designed, comfortable and fit for purpose as their gleaming Santorini Black Sport. Clearly, Shaun and…

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the sport of greenlaner modification

FACE OFF Once up on the ramp, the front bodywork was removed so that the hidden winch mount could be fitted before the panels were replaced. SPOILER ALERT The distinctive Overfinch spoiler was retained. The outer edges of the 4mm-thick, custom-designed bash plates have upward lips to protect bumpers. SKIRTING ROUND THE ISSUE Panels were modified to be flush with the bottom face of the chassis for extra ground clearance; 100mm was shaved off the side skirts. HAVING A GOOD BASH AT IT Full underbody protection was designed by Simon Russell at HR Autos. The front bash plate has been bent in use now – but it saved the bumpers. MORE METAL MODS Other metalwork adjustments included the chassis being trimmed at the front and rear to provide clearance for bigger wheels and tyres. TALL IN THE SADDLE Fitting 18-inch wheels…

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theft epidemic hits uk

We’re all aware that Defenders have been targets for thieves in recent years. But no Land Rover is safe. The two Series IIA Land Rovers pictured above were both stolen from John Stokes in Rutland in early November – his father has owned the 1968 109-inch (left) from new. The only trace so far is one of the numberplates that was found discarded east of Grantham, Lincolnshire. But they’re far from being the only Land Rovers to be stolen since the clocks changed in October. A 2004 dark blue Discovery 2 (YC04 MZV), owned by Francouis van Rooyen, has been stolen from the Holmfirth area. It’s fitted with a Safari Snorkel, Flatdog roof rack and LRO spare wheel cover. The Landywatch Facebook page highlights that a couple of Discovery 4s and…