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Le Grand Mag No. 32 December 2017

LE GRAND MAG - THE EXTREMELY WELL LIVING MAGAZINE celebrates the values of the high life, a global guide to the ultimate and extraordinary. One unique platform to reach the most privilege high-level target consumer. LE GRAND MAG is sold in 32 international airports around the world (London, Paris, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Geneva, Miami, Los Angeles, among others…). Its digital platform distributes more than 500,000 digital magazine in the global luxury capitals.

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Le Grand Mag Global Media Company
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the sophisticated elegance of the bougeotte collection

BEST SECRET KEEPER OF SUBLIME SOPHISTICATION Featuring the exclusive metal titanium and rendered in blue, shiny crocodile this Case epitomises the glamour of travel, infused with luxury. EMBROIDERED GUN SCARLET SUEDE LOAFERS FOR TODAY’S FLÂNEUR Bougeotte has perfected the shape and style of their shoes, crafted with exquisite materials for long-lasting allure and an elegant silhouette. WORLDLY ELEGANCE CELEBRATING MEMORIES AND EXPERIENCES Using the finest fabrics, precious detailing, artisan craftsmanship Bougeotte’s ready-to-wear collection harmonises luxury and practicality, complementing a woman’s personal style and character. A SENSE OF STYLE CRAFTED THROUGH UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY Bougeotte is the French word for wanderlust, which is reflected here as unparalleled craftsmanship and design of this elegant Titanium Midi Purse in Bordeaux Galuchat.…

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night fantasy by victoria’s secret

The glitzy Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra was designed by world-renowned jeweller Mouawad and costs $2 million smackers. Set in 18 karat gold on a Dream Angels Demi Bra, the custom piece contains nearly 6,000 diamonds, yellow sapphires and blue topaz. It weighs in at over 600 carats and took around 350 hours to create. Victoria’s Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro, the 27-year-old Brazilian model, who officially became an Angel in 2015 but has been working with the brand since 2010, was wearing the Fantasy Bra for the first time on runway in November in the 2017 in Shanghai Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.…

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mario schmolka interview

Born in Vienna, Mario Schmolka graduated from the College of Photography before moving to Milan, where he assisted at the legendary Superstudio 13 as well as for some of the most influential photographers and was involved in productions for clients including Prada, Versace, Vogue and Marie Claire. His first book, ‘Intense’, was published by daab - Verlag in Germany followed by two solo exhibitions. He was also invited to be a guest lecturer at the Art Institute of NYC. Mario and his family had been living in NYC for the past six years and have just recently relocated to Los Angeles. He divides his time between LA, New York and Europe. This is Mario Schmolka. How would you describe yourself as a photographer? I would say I am a photographer that loves to…

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MASTER OF DIORAMAS Photographer Richard Tuschman and model Clara Settje play a fantastical game of dress-up. Maestro captures a moment that is more magical than real, with images of extraordinary harmony. They evoke a world of surreal beauty, veiled with melancholy. SURREAL BEAUTY Richard Tuschman photographed the dollhouse and model separately, layering the images for a trompe l’oeil mash-up. The series ‘’Welcome to Her Dollhouse’’, introduced Tuschman to the world of fashion photography in an especially delightful and inspiring way. So what is his secret? Dioramas. He builds them and then fills them with dollhouse furniture that he purchases or builds. He puts figurines in to match the lighting and drops the models into the scene with Photoshop. In his words, Tuschman has “been making dioramas long before Photoshop was introduced, but it’s nice…

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Welcome to Her Dollhouse by poetic Richard Tuschman Merging the handcrafted with digital technology, Richard Tuschman produces painterly, evocative photographs. With the introduction of Photoshop in the 1990s, Tuschman turned to photography, developing a style that incorporates techniques of graphic design, painting, and assemblage. KEVIN MULVANY AND SUSIE ROGERS faithful facsimiles of the smallest details, make a surreal setting for the equally ornate spring collections. THE LIGHT in Tuschman’s work act almost as another character, illuminating the inner lives of the subjects as well as their physical forms.…

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greg lotus - vogue’s favorite

www.greglotus.com After two decades of glamorous photography, Greg Lotus’ bio reads much more like the sanctified black book everybody wants to get their hands on. His photographs span his 20-year career draw inspiration from classical paintings, international travels and life experiences. Lotus has developed his own evocative way of using light and shadow, playing with angles and composition to enhance the graphic quality of his images. With editorial credits that include Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vogue Pelle and GQ-and many a cover among them-the work of fashion photographer Greg Lotus has been flooding newsstands for more than a decade. Lotus has come a long way from his upbringing in rural West Virginia to where he is today. “I didn’t see my first real city till I was sixteen, when I wrote an…