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LE GRAND MAG - THE EXTREMELY WELL LIVING MAGAZINE celebrates the values of the high life, a global guide to the ultimate and extraordinary. One unique platform to reach the most privilege high-level target consumer. LE GRAND MAG is sold in 32 international airports around the world (London, Paris, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Geneva, Miami, Los Angeles, among others…). Its digital platform distributes more than 500,000 digital magazine in the global luxury capitals.

United Kingdom
Le Grand Mag Global Media Company
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shadows & light

Shadows & Light is the first photography book by Greg Lotus and comprises an exquisite selection of over 80 black-and-white as well as color photographs that demonstrate his unique way of interpreting light and shadows through elegantly captures evocative angles and masterful compositions. Lotus began his career with a bridal assignment; according to him he was mostly ‘self-taught’ acquiring skills along the way from shooting test shots for models to more important projects.As his career picked up he turned to advertising campaigns for top labels and now is the man behind the camera snapping away shots of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In fact, his book features a foreword by Eva Longoria a regular in his photographs. “I’ve been able to train my eyes to see only black and white,” he explains…

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narrative photography by michael dweck

“I’M TAKING MY IDEALIZED POINT OF VIEW AND PUTTING THAT OUT THERE.”Michael Dweck The End: Montauk, N.Y.: The book, a 10 anniversary edition of its predecessor, features 85 new photographs and “captures the way Montauk made me feel,” explains Dweck. “I wanted that collection of images to freeze Montauk.” “She took my hand like… well a princess, and dazzled me with that smile that God designed to melt mortal men’s hearts.”…

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beauty & elegance

“She exuded some magic warmth that was hers alone.” Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby is known for his timeless photographs of Hollywood’s leading ladies, his favorite however remains Audrey Hepburn. Willoughby first became acquainted with the actress on assignment in 1953 when she first arrived in Hollywood. His book, Audrey Hepburn, Photographs 1953-1966 is an exquisite collection of the actress’s beauty and elegance both on the set, behind the scenes and in her private life from her Hollywood debut to her career peak that included My Fair Lady and her Oscar-winning performance in Roman Holidays.The book is an unrivalled record of one of the 20th century’s touchstone beauties. www.willoughbyphotos.com…

4 min
bikini fashion

The two-piece swimsuit had been first proposed by Jacques Heim back in 1946 however, it was Louis Réard’s risqué design that attracted attention that same year. His new swimwear model was made of 194 cm of printed fabric and consisted of four triangles connected with string revealing the wearer’s navel and much of her rear. Dancer Micheline Bernardini bravely modeled his daring design when it was presented at Paris’ Piscine Molitor, and like the Bikini Atoll from where it took its name, this garment exploded onto the fashion scene. Although it did attract attention, some considered it scandalous and the bikini was banned in beauty contests around the globe and was even declared sinful by the Vatican. Over the years it became a favorite item for the likes of Brigitte…

2 min
christophe gilbert a detail-maniac fanatic

“IF YOU’RE LIKE ME, ONE OF THOSE WHO TRULY BELIEVES THAT SMALL DETAILS CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE, YOU’LL PROBABLY NEED A FEW MORE LIVES TO IMAGINE REACHING PRETENSE OF SATISFACTION!” “IT WASN’T ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE, OR EVEN HOW YOU SEE THINGS ANYMORE, BUT ABOUT HOW YOU WANTED THINGS TO BE SEEN. PICTURES WITH A GOAL.” Brussels-based Christophe Gilbert was born to a photographer mother and advertising turned artist father.While art was definitely in his genes, he was first introduced to photography with a Kodak Instamatic at the age of nine. He considers himself a ‘self-made photographer’ although vividly recalls working as an assistant to a celebrated automobile photographer in the 1980s which served as an educational stepping-stone. Working closely with cars he noticed that they reflect everything around them.These…

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a look at artisan work in milan’s brera district

GIÒSA EMBRACES CRAFTSMANSHIP WHILST CREATING AN EXCLUSIVELY UNIQUE PRODUCT. Nestled in Milan’s artistic Brera district, you’ll find Giòsa, la Bottega del Coccodrillo, the artisanal crocodile workshop. Alongside art galleries, antique dealers and design boutiques Giòsa brings to life artisanal masterpieces made of the most precious crocodile skins. These handcrafted items comprise a full range of products of long-lasting quality. Giòsa is the brainchild of Giorgio Santamaria, who followed his family’s craftsmanship heritage and combined it with his creative flair. The Santamaria family owned a small workshop in the outskirts of Milan in the 1950s that specialized in the manufacture of products made with precious skins. Giorgio grew up surrounded by this devotion to craftsmanship. He has worked with crocodile skins for over 30 years with leading Italian and International labels side by…