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Lifestyle Asia August 2019

The greatest luxury in the world is being able to do what your heart sets out to do, to pursue your passions unbridled, free from constraints of obligation. Indeed you feel the richest when you are able to march to the beat of your own drum and live life on your own terms. Lifestyle Asia highlights these inspiring, powerful and relevant beacons of the Philippine Society who live life exactly how they envisioned it to be, enriching their lives, the life of others, and through their own accord the world we live in.

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letter from the editor

Beauty is all about perspective. There is no definitive meaning of beauty. It has become heterogeneous. Beauty comes in different forms, shapes, and mindsets. The essence of beauty has greatly evolved with the advent of new philosophies and principles, shaping different cultures and practices. We now live in a world where the concept of beauty is being debunked every day, with stereotypes being challenged incessantly. We live in a new world where anyone and everyone can be beautiful. In this issue, we tackle beauty in different lights and themes. Truly, the meaning or the essence of beauty has evolved into many different things. And we celebrate this multi-faceted view of beauty through our cover, Charmaine Lagman. Charmaine is undoubtedly beautiful inside and out. She radiates a strong sense of womanhood that is…

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with a smile

It was a Sunday morning at the GAOC (Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center) in Makati City when I sat down with multi-awarded dental surgeon, Dr. Steve Mark Gan. GAOC is the product of Dr. Gan's hard work, and with its state-of-the art dental equipment and expertise in personalized patient care, many of the country's biggest names trust Dr. Gan's brand of dental care. Dr. Gan is proudly self-made, starting his practice with three thousand pesos and a third-hand dental chair in a small clinic in Binondo. From one branch to 10 GAOC premium clinics and 5 Novodental clinics, it is with passion, grit, and determination that he grew his empire and made a name for himself. Dubbed as the “Dentist to the Stars,” Dr. Gan gained fame in 2007 when television personality…

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on the business of well-being

Beginning the interview, Romy Sia narrates the story behind his successful business. Having come back from living in the UK, he and his wife were surprised to discover that their son developed a food allergy. At the doctor’s advice, they were told not to give him anything with artificial ingredients. This proved to be a huge problem when he discovered that all products in the local supermarket contained one or more artificial additives. The dilemma prompted him to develop a store concept that provides all-natural chemical-free food products. Healthy Options currently has 33 stores across the country. Next year, the brand is celebrating its silver anniversary. From a 106-square-meter space, its flagship store has expanded 4 times to 650 sq. m. at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Romy proudly says that the…

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the dream weaver

Kaayo piece weaves together narratives that are as beautiful as the patterns and beadwork that embellish the garment. As founder Marga Nograles puts it, Kaayothe Bisaya term for “kindness”—is a curated collection of different Mindanao stories. One can look at each item of clothing as a colorful and decorated tale about Mindanao artistry, local culture, and the communities that bring the brand to life. Kaayo’s story began with a simple jacket and a desire to help out. Already an established entrepreneur in the south, Marga would often have visitors in her office. They would drop by either to chat or humbly ask for help with everyday necessities, and Marga would happily oblige. LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Elena, a T’boli woman, and a longtime family friend was one such visitor. Thinking of a more…

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a celebration of life

A sunny afternoon and a gentle breeze greet us upon our arrival at the Haven for the Elderly. A solemn atmosphere blankets the tranquil facility, nestled within lush hills in Tanay, Rizal. Volunteers guide us toward the activity area, where mass is being heard. We join the elderly residents, guests, and the birthday celebrant, Pinky Tobiano. Pinky makes it a point to spend her special day with the elderly of Haven, alongside people near and dear to her heart. With the joint efforts of her foundation, Pinky Cares, and her business partners, they organize a fun-filled day of food, performances, games, quality time, and thanksgiving with the elderly. This year isn’t an exception—in fact, Pinky is celebrating her 50th birthday, making the festivities more monumental and meaningful. Mass has ended, and the…

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Joni Koro and Camille Co met each other on a plane. “We were seated beside each other, and Joni just kept talking to me from the moment I sat,” shares Camille. The proposal took place in Tokyo. “He kept telling me we should check out this pretty park he found online,” she says. “Little did I know that he already booked a photographer to sneakily document his proposal.” The marriage took place in Villa Catignano, a beautiful 17th-century estate located a few minutes away from the Siena city center. “We wanted an intimate destination wedding with only our closest family and friends, so we only had around 75 or so guests,” says Camille. While both Joni and Camille enjoy sharing their lives on social media, they were adamant about having a genuine…