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Lifestyle Asia October 2019

The greatest luxury in the world is being able to do what your heart sets out to do, to pursue your passions unbridled, free from constraints of obligation. Indeed you feel the richest when you are able to march to the beat of your own drum and live life on your own terms. Lifestyle Asia highlights these inspiring, powerful and relevant beacons of the Philippine Society who live life exactly how they envisioned it to be, enriching their lives, the life of others, and through their own accord the world we live in.

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letter from the editor

You have more power than you think. Though no one has absolute control over anything, so much so how others would think, feel, and act, our ability to influence becomes much more critical. We influence by being real, saying what we think, and doing what we want to do. But what really is influence? How do we influence others? In this age of social media, it gave birth to the concept of “influencers”. But who truly are the individuals who we can call influencers? We often confuse power with influence. They may be synonymous but power is driven by your current state in life, whether you are wealthy or in a position. While influence is derived from inspiring and encouraging others to create change, make a positive impact, and contribute to…

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with burning passion

It would be easy to categorize current Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso as another celebrity who joined the political bandwagon and entered public service. But his story is is far from that narrative. The man who beat the previous mayor by an overwhelming margin of nearly 150,000 votes is clearly a champion of his people. What others simply saw as a man of good looks, the city of Manila saw as one of their own—and the entire nation is starting to take notice. Spirited in speech and sincere in meaning, our thirty-minute conversation was enlightening, riveting, and truly inspiring. It is no secret that Isko comes from poverty. So much has been said about his life’s travails, from growing up in the slums of Tondo to his work in the…

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unconquerable in spirit

Toppling a five-decade dynasty reign is not something anyone can claim to have done. But for San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora, it is an incredible feat that he was able to achieve, thanks to the citizens of his beloved city. To him, it signifies the clamor for change. And regardless of his crushing defeat in the 2016 elections, his genuine concern for the people’s welfare only further fueled his campaign for the seat and solidified his dreams of progress for the city. He says of the experience, “The entire 2016 experience really motivated me to continue with the fight. And even after losing, half of San Juan that voted for me considered me their de facto mayor. So for 2016 all the way to 2019, it’s like I was…

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from shooting hoops to giving back

Chris Tiu knows the importance of international sports tournaments to the development of the country. The former basketball player has represented teams at the university, professional and international level, and this year is undertaking the daunting task as Organizing Committee Deputy Director for Volunteers Program of the 30th Southeast Asian Games. “I want to give back to the country in a different capacity. I know how important these international competitions are for athletes, coaches, and the country as a whole,” he says. “And I want to make sure that our country will be able to host a successful and organized SEA Games. The hosting of the games reflects significantly on the ability of a country.” When looking for volunteers, the criteria were that they be competent, responsible, committed, and passionate about…

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Norby Geraldez and Jackie Anzures met at law school but because they had different schedules, never really saw each other. They only started seeing the other when they ended up in the same summer internship. “But it would take a year, a few drunk friends, and a lot of alcohol-induced courage, to finally bring us together,” says Jackie. “On the last day of exam week, walking alone in the streets of BGC, he finally had the courage to ask me out to dinner.” They were together for five and a half years when they were engaged in Hong Kong. Norby had wanted to propose on Independence Day, as he thought “giving up his independence” by proposing would be quite funny, but ended up proposing a few days before. “Before proposing, he…

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Chris Imperial and Isa Palabyab met at a debutante ball in 2008. “I was 17 and he was 19,” says Isa. “We were together for 11 years.” Chris proposed when they were both in the US for Isa’s birthday. “After lunch with his family and mine, we walked around a vineyard in Napa Valley, and he got down on one knee,” she says. The celebration was a three-day affair in Malaga, Spain. “We started off the festivities with a hike to Caminito Del Rey in the afternoon, the despedida de soltera/welcome dinner in the evening, a white sunset dinner party at the Real Club Mediterraneo on the second day and the wedding at Castillo de Santa Catalina on the 3rd day,” says Isa. Isa was remarkably relaxed as a bride preparing for…