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Lifestyle Asia March 2020

The greatest luxury in the world is being able to do what your heart sets out to do, to pursue your passions unbridled, free from constraints of obligation. Indeed you feel the richest when you are able to march to the beat of your own drum and live life on your own terms. Lifestyle Asia highlights these inspiring, powerful and relevant beacons of the Philippine Society who live life exactly how they envisioned it to be, enriching their lives, the life of others, and through their own accord the world we live in.

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letter from the editor

Why has everyone been obsessed with beauty since the beginning of time? Why is it so powerful that it ruins lives, countries and even civilizations? Its immense power is astounding and we have just begun to understand its impact to self, others and the society we live in. Now comes health and wellness. They are not replacing beauty but they have become part of an ecosystem. As the role of beauty becomes even stronger, health and wellness trends become the new mindset that completes self love and self care. Everybody, more so to the people who have the means, know that health and wellness have become symbiotic to beauty. It is now part of everyone’s lives. We can no longer have a magazine that is solely focused on beauty. There are…

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future-forward beauty

In an alternate universe, Z Teo could have been a lawyer. While the Singaporean doctor grew up playing around his father’s clinic and thinking that he would follow his dad’s footsteps, he discovered a love for the arts and humanities during his teenage years. “I’ve always been told that I should become a doctor,” says Z. “As with children growing up, however, I started discovering other subjects in school. I liked English literature, history, and the arts—in fact, I excelled in those subjects. Math and science were a bit of a challenge, but you know how it is with Singaporeans—we are not supposed to struggle academically,” he quips. Challenges aside, Z was able to study well enough to get accepted in medical and law school. “I veered toward law at first,…

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wedding aouami-reyes

Reda Aouami and Pipay Reyes met in Singapore. Both expatriates from different parts of the world, Pipay marvels that it was a miracle they were able to meet. “It was through a series of serendipitous events: my best friend was moving to Hong Kong and needed a new tenant to take over his flat in Singapore. He put a post online to advertise and Reda, who was moving from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore saw it. He got in touch with my friend and arranged a viewing,” Pipay remembers. “I happened to have had dinner scheduled with my friend that night, so he invited Reda along to dinner with me. That’s where we officially met but it wasn’t until months after that we started going out.” They were together for four and…

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Brage Stuve and Ina Yulo met at a club called Maggie’s, in London. “I was with my flat-mates after a house party we had at our place and Brage was with a big group of his friends who were visiting from Norway,” says Ina. They caught each other’s eye and said hello, and spent the entire evening talking. “We spent the entire evening talking and eventually I said I was starving so he brought me to this 24-hour restaurant next door,” she remembers, “I remember him showing me photos of his two nieces and newborn nephew. Who would’ve known they would eventually end up as our flower girls and ring bearer!” They were together for five and a half years before they got married. Ina’s family flew to London for a…

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Benny Tady and Maica Salud met at a common friend’s birthday party and were together for 11 years before Benny proposed during a family trip. “I loved this because we got to celebrate with family right after,” says Maica. According to Maica, both of them love the beach, so they decided to celebrate in a garden wedding at Montemar, Bataan. “We knew from the beginning that it would be an outdoor setting where we could feel Mother Nature,” she says. Maica wore her mother’s wedding dress, reconstructed into a new design by Vania Romoff. “We used the beautiful hand-beaded lace and placed it into a new bodice,” she says. Her other two dresses were by Martin Bautista, topped off with a pearl-encrusted headpiece for the after-party by Magnetic Midnight. The bridesmaids were dressed…

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beauty watchout for this 2020

KERASTASE GENESIS Finally, the favored hair care brand of my college days is launching their first Anti Hair-Fall Nourishment Ritual this March 2020. It is a line of products backed up by a panel of experts that will surely disrupt beauty regimen norms. This innovative product was carefully formulated to ensure stronger hair roots, hair fibers, and 84% less hair fall. Its main ingredients are Ginger Root, for protection against external aggressors; Edelweiss Stem Cells, for resisting the most extreme conditions; and Aminelix 1.5%, to strengthen the hair anchor more solidly into the scalp and prevent collagen hardening around the hair follicles. This new line is quite extensive in that it allows everyone to personalize their hair fall treatment base on hair type and intensity. The line includes a shampoo, conditioner,…