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Lifestyle Asia December 2020

The greatest luxury in the world is being able to do what your heart sets out to do, to pursue your passions unbridled, free from constraints of obligation. Indeed you feel the richest when you are able to march to the beat of your own drum and live life on your own terms. Lifestyle Asia highlights these inspiring, powerful and relevant beacons of the Philippine Society who live life exactly how they envisioned it to be, enriching their lives, the life of others, and through their own accord the world we live in.

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letter from the editor

Merry Christmas! The year may be far from perfect, but the holiday is not cancelled. I vowed to myself that I will continue to be hopeful, positive, and joyful despite the situation and share this outlook with the people around me. Where did the year go? It's all a matter of perspective. How did you use this situation and time to better yourself? And reflecting on what matters most? And the positive changes that you want for your life? Our situation might look very daunting, but then again it is up to us how we will handle it and rise above it. Since the pandemic started we filled our pages with stories of positivity, messages of courage and hope, lessons, and highlighted individuals who championed the fight. Learning continues. Relationship continues. Living…

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Marco Syjuco and Jorgina A l m o ro w e re introduced by a common friend who happened to live in the same village as the both of them. “We were so surprised that our houses are 5 minutes away from each other and ever since then we haven't missed a day not seeing each other,” says Jorgina. Together for a year, Marco had planned to propose in Spain with both their families present, but due to the pandemic, plans suddenly changed. Having the ring for quite a while, he decided to propose in Amanpulo instead. “On our first night there while we were walking on the beach he suddenly popped the question,” the bride remembers. Wanting to be together, Marco and Jorgina decided to get married this year. With 40…

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Anton Cojuangco introduced himself to Sofia Miranda at a common friend’s birthday party. Sofia remembers that while she found him funny, they didn’t get to talk much, and she had to leave early because she was preparing for a busy work week. Meeting again two months later, he asked for her mobile number. “Our first date was a coffee date in the afternoon then we also started playing tennis together,” says Sofia. “Everything was just so natural and it seemed as though I knew him for a long time already.” Together for four years, Anton proposed last year, in Napa Valley, California. Sofia had never used her US Visa and it was due to expire at the end of the year so she and Anton planned a trip to California, so…

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rodriguez-de asis

"We met at a salsa party...the dance, not the sauce," says Patrice about her husband, Paj Rodriguez. Together for a little over two years, Paj proposed on a very busy Friday. "He woke me up, saying it was already 8:30 AM, that I was already late for work," she remembers. "I rushed to the bathroom and ten minutes later asked for 2 my phone so I could check the time and see any messages. He wouldn't give it to me, and when I finally finished dressing up, I saw it was still 5:30 AM. No wonder it was still dark outside." Little did Patrice know they were going on an adventure. When they went downstairs, he said they were headed to the hangar. On the way, Patrice tried to think of…

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the best beauty products of 2020

So the year 2020 is finally coming to a close. This year has been a tumultuous one for most of us, so I'm certain more than a few of us are actually looking forward to celebrating its send-off, and starting a brand new year (hello, 2021). I look forward to the end of each year, because then I get to evaluate the year that was, and come up with improvements I can work on for the New Year. This year has been tough and challenging in many aspects, but I believe there is a silver lining in every situation, and surely 2020 came with quite a few of them. On the top of my list is the gift of time—a concept many of us felt we didn’t have enough of back…

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SISLEY PARIS BLACK ROSE EYE CONTOUR FLUID A lightweight eye fluid that offers to revitalize performance, thanks to its concentration of emblematic key ingredients from the Black Rose Collection. I love how my eye area looks smoothed, awake, and illuminated after swiping it on. The rosy emulsion texture transforms on the skin’s surface to become a fresh and melting gel. Plus, the cold ceramic applicator is a dream to use—it is ideal for massage and is so soothing and relaxing! Formulated without essential oils, this product is naturally scented from May Rosewater. ESTEE LAUDER NEW ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR SERUM This is one of my favorite skincare serums, as I've been using it for years. But this new formulation has gotten me excited about this product once again. Well, for one, the new ANR…