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Lifestyle Asia July 2021

The greatest luxury in the world is being able to do what your heart sets out to do, to pursue your passions unbridled, free from constraints of obligation. Indeed you feel the richest when you are able to march to the beat of your own drum and live life on your own terms. Lifestyle Asia highlights these inspiring, powerful and relevant beacons of the Philippine Society who live life exactly how they envisioned it to be, enriching their lives, the life of others, and through their own accord the world we live in.

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inner peace is the new wealth

I firmly believe that no matter how beautiful your face and skin are, how toned your body is, or how healthy your organs are, it boils down to the state of your mind. Your face, your skin, your body and your organs get affected if you are stressed, or not in a good mental state. This is the reality of it all. We live in a world that is more stressful than ever. We cannot deny the fact that the world is crueler. That said, self-love and self-care are the new buzzwords. The focus on self has become more crucial to survive and thrive. Rightly so, we should take care of, or must I say, love ourselves in however way we want: from the way we look, how we eat, and…

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hero ingredients

LA PRAIRE PURE GOLD COLLECTION Gold This brand never fails to amaze me with its new innovative ingredients. Now, it’s Gold. La Prairie has developed a new and exclusive Pure Gold Diffusion System designed to provide immediate radiance. The Pure Gold Diffusion System works in a three-peak action sequence. Upon application, they immediately penetrate the skin and initiate nourishment and revitalization. Finally, a steady release of the replenishing active ingredients attached to submicron gold particles completes the sequence. Once released, they penetrate into the skin in a delayed infusion. This is to ensure that optimal levels are maintained in the skin and further support long-term reconstruction. This product will provide immediate radiance, leaving skin enriched, revitalized, and replenished. MARIO BADESCU HYALURONIC DEW CREAM Hyaluronic acid They say that hyaluronic acid is a magical ingredient that…

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for him

Everyone has been in a contemplative mood since last year, and perfumers are no exception. And the question they’ve been posing when it comes to men’s fragrances of late is of how masculinity is defined in a socially-aware, and ever expressive world. Some of the answers, in the forms of these EDPs and EDTs, point to a variety of meanings. FRANCIS KURKDJIAN COLOGNE FORTE 2021 “Freshness is to perfume what water is to life on earth: essential,” says Francis Kurkdjian. It is this quality that the French perfumer harkens back as his maison unveils three new scents within the Cologne Forte collection: Aqua Universalis Cologne forte, Aqua Vitae Cologne forte, and Aqua Celestia Cologne forte. Freshness is the dominant theme of these new scents, driven mostly its fundamental ingredient of bergamot, which was…

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wet look

It’s officially the rainy season. Gone are the hot, sunny days of summer and here to stay is the gloomy, damp, and humid weather. But while many are happy to finally experience cooler temperatures after months of excruciating heat, others are likely experiencing bad hair days more frequently. It’s not because of the pandemic or prolonged stays at home. It’s simply the change of weather and the excess moisture in the air that creates the perfect conditions for the hair to look frizzy, limp, flat, and full of flyaways. Moisture absorbed from water vapor causes dry hair strands to be heavy, which then results in loss of hair shape and volume. Normal and healthy hair retains 15 percent of natural water. On a humid day, though, the hair may absorb up to…

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different strokes

According to Kérastase, they have a “care-first philosophy.” “We work with the best hairdressers to provide to all women the ultimate solutions to care for their hair,” it reads on their company website. “At Kérastase, we believe there is not one single interpretation of beauty but an infinity. We enhance all types of beauty, cultures, visions... and of course, all types of hair.” Since the French luxury hair and scalp brand advocates for individuality, personalized hair care through diagnosis is done to understand each woman's individual needs. It has come up with lines that highlight rare and highly concentrated ingredients that sink deep into the fibers, healing the hair from the inside out. These Kérastase Rituals revolve around the majority of hair concerns: OLEO RELAX OIL This lightweight texturizing hair oil is infused with the…

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damage control

Skin aging is a culmination of genetic and environmental factors and is largely influenced by the cumulative damage from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The structural integrity of the skin is formed primarily by collagen. UV radiation exposure can induce tremendous insult to the skin through various mechanisms. One understood mechanism involves the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Excessive ROS are harmful to the skin because they can cause oxidative damage to cells thus contributing to collagen breakdown. DIFFERENT KINDS With chronological aging, exacerbated by photoaging, collagen synthesis is reduced. Increased collagen breakdown coupled with decreased neo-collagenesis results in the integrity of the dermis being compromised and the reparative response becoming defective. The joint result of these combined mechanisms is visible skin damage evident as wrinkles. Advancing age results in natural cellular attrition…