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Malaysia Tatler Best RestaurantsMalaysia Tatler Best Restaurants

Malaysia Tatler Best Restaurants


Authoritative and informative, Malaysia’s Best Restaurants Guide by Malaysia Tatler showcases the country’s highest-rated dining establishments, as reviewed by our esteemed panel of gourmands, complete with essentials like contact information, signature dishes, dress code, indexes and maps laid out for quick, easy reference.

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editor's note

A warm welcome to Malaysia Tatler’s T.Dining Best Restaurants 2018, our 25th edition thus far. Since 1993, we’ve been proudly serving up the best eateries and culinary fare from across the country right here to you. And my, what a journey it’s been. We’ve had our esteemed panel of gourmands drop in to wine and dine in most of the establishments featured in these pages to ensure you get the latest details on the best places for you to enjoy a great meal with your friends, loved ones or when entertaining business associates. New entrants into the scene such as Tiki Taka, Cocott’ and Taka by Sushi Saito have made the already vibrant local food scene that more exciting, and alongside with long-standing foodie-favourite establishments like Lafite, Cilantro, and La Risata will…

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DAVID BOWDEN David Bowden doesn't need any prompting when it comes to wining and dining. Food and wine are essential parts of his life when he's in Kuala Lumpur and on the road researching the world's hot new travel destinations. He spends much of the year travelling across Australia and New Zealand by train and has just had published a new book entitled Great Railway Journeys in Australia and New Zealand that is distributed globally. LUCIEN DE GUISE Lucien de Guise was for many years the editor of Malaysia Tatler’s Best Restaurants. He has now taken a more relaxed approach, truly savouring the fine dining experience. When aiming less high, he eats at the café of the Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery, of which he is the director. ALICE YONG Known as the ‘walking…

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how we do it

In the course of compiling this guide, each venue is reviewed incognito to ensure that the overall experience mimics as closely as possible to that by a regular patron in the said establishment. The reviewers’ reports, together with the general recommendations from our editorial panel result in the final ratings. Each restaurant is rated based on four key areas – setting, food, drinks and service – with each criterion rated on a scale of one to ten before the scores for all four areas are summed up. The total score is then averaged and displayed as stars at the top of each review, right beneath the restaurant’s name. For the awards, there are a total of ten categories, whereby four are awards conferred by Malaysia Tatler on deserving recipients after much careful…

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signs you’ve just had a great meal

Most Malaysians dine out quite frequently, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner (and in many instances, for tea and supper too!). Being the food and culinary haven that it is, with eateries sprouting in every street, nook and cranny, it’s natural to presume that the food served at these establishments must be the main draw, right? Wrong. Having the experience of a great meal is so much more than just the food, as we shall shortly see. The food, it can be said, is but a part of many other factors that all together (ideally) should combine to make a restaurant experience great. We look at some of the more pertinent factors that have a major influence towards making a restaurant distinguished or remarkable and hence, memorable. Service levels We agree that…

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trendy insights

What are the main food trends that you anticipate for 2018? Slow food and sustainable organic products. Food that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions and typically using high-quality locally sourced ingredients. Overall, demand for local and organic products is on the rise, and diners want to know how and where their food was produced. Would these affect your restaurant or cooking style? Healthy eating is a dominant trend in the world, as more and more diners are adopting healthy eating patterns. Therefore, nutritional purple foods and dried fruits will be my focus in 2018. For instance, purple yams are being used in foods such as ice cream, cupcakes, veggie burgers and more. Do you see yourself as a trendsetter or a trend-follower? I see myself as a trendsetter and my…

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comfort me, comfort food

Putien There’s nothing as comforting as a steaming hot bowl of soup and Putien’s bean curd with Chinese cabbage soup ticks all the boxes for a satisfying experience. Boiled with bits of ginger and lemongrass with generous amounts of soft-to-the bite bean curds amidst healthy Chinese cabbage leaves and flavourful pork meat strips, there is a pleasing mouthfeel to go with every spoonful of this heavenly tonic. It goes down so well with hearty bites like the fried Heng Hwa bee hoon – sundried and hand-milled vermicelli with silky, fluffy and wholesome texture, or with just plain white rice. Don't miss out on the crispy and sweet-skinned yet powdery on the inside stir-fried yam. The rejuvenating journey is made all the more complete with a medley of health juices available with…