Marlin February 2021

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change is inevitable

• Well, we made it—2020 is now history. Adios, sayonara, goodbye. And while we are sure to feel its lingering effects for years, at least we can look forward to the next fishing season with some newfound enthusiasm. Someone much wiser than me once said that what actually happens to us affects only about 10 percent of our behavior. It’s how we choose to react to those events that makes up the other 90 percent of our lives. It’s our choice whether we react negatively, or try to be more positive, seeking that glass-half-full bright side of the situation. I for one vow to be more optimistic in the new year. Change in the marine industry is happening faster than ever these days, and one area where we have been seeing a…

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IN MEMORIAM: RICKY SCARBOROUGH SR. Throughout our lives, there are experiences, events and people that influence us as individuals, and some even alter the direction of our lives. Ricky Scarborough Sr. was one of those people for me, as well as for many others in our local community; his influence extended to many more in the sport-fishing community around the world. I first met “Big Rick” in the late 1970s, but it wasn’t until winter 1979/1980 that he built the 46-foot Tarheel for me as a new young captain fishing out of Oregon Inlet, North Carolina. I was 23 and Ricky was 32. I was amazed to watch Ricky set up the framing and battens that would form the timeless lines on that rig. How could we know that 40 years later,…

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hot shots

SAILFISH CANDY Winter in South Florida means cold fronts, northerly winds and kite-fishing—prime conditions for an epic sailfish bite. Photographer Austin Coit went mask-to-eyeball with this lively goggle-eye for a better understanding of what a sailfish sees just before the bite. “The bait is the most underappreciated part of the fishing experience,” he says, “and I thought this angle would lend a unique perspective.” LOCATION Coit snapped this image off West Palm Beach, Florida. TECH SPECS CAMERA: Canon 1DX Mark II LENS: Canon 16-35mm ISO: 800 APERTURE: f/5.6 SPEED: 1/3200 sec…

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roy merritt

• The Merritt family has been building boats since 1955, and Roy has been hands-on at the yard ever since he started working there as a young boy. After the death of his uncle, Buddy, he led the building charge from design to launch. He morphed the construction techniques from frame to cold-molded boats and then the use of advanced composites more than 40 years ago. Under his leadership, Merritt’s Boat & Engine Works has grown from a mom-and-pop boatyard to the mecca it is today. His first build was the 42-foot Caliban; since then, the Merritt boat has evolved from the giant tuna-chasing 37 and 42-/43-footers to the overbuilt, globe-traveling sport-fishermen built today. Its latest is Hull No. 110, an 88-footer. Who were the biggest influences on your style of…

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ISLA MUJERES, MEXICO SAILFISH While the weather can be challenging, the Yucatan’s legendary sailfish bite is in full force—and full contact—when trolling from baitball to baitball. LA ROMANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC BLUE MARLIN AND SWORDFISH The blues are showing up on the FADs and the swords are found just off the beach in what is becoming a unique Caribbean fishery. PLAYA HERRADURA TO QUEPOS, COSTA RICA SAILFISH AND MARLIN They’re biting! Start filling your dance card with billfish tournaments based out of Los Sueños and Marina Pez Vela. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL BIGEYE TUNA Northern Brazil might hold the yellowfins, but the offshore oil rigs of Rio hold size-large bigeyes year-round. This underrated fishery is not to be missed. LOBITO, ANGOLA SAILFISH In January, the sails begin their 300-mile migration south from the metropolitan city of Luanda to the much more laid-back Lobito. Blue marlin…

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on the cutting edge

(A) BUBBA TAPERED FLEX Style: Folding Fillet Based on Bubba’s bestselling 7-inch tapered flex fillet knife, this one is a folder that’s versatile enough to easily fit in a pocket or tackle drawer while still providing the signature Bubba nonslip grip. The flexible blade is made of a titanium-nitride-coated, high-carbon stainless steel. (B) GERBER CROSSRIVER Style: Utility/Rescue The Crossriver is a versatile fixed-blade utility knife that doubles as a rescue knife in emergencies—the blunt tip prevents accidental punctures. (C) KYSEK WHETBLADE Style: Fillet The latest from Kysek is an American-made 7-inch fillet knife that utilizes a revolutionary cutting-edge technology. Rather than the traditional practice of having a super-hard blade edge, the titanium WhetBlade features a hard and soft side: The soft edge wears faster and the harder side does not, which means the knife actually self-sharpens as you…