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Martha Stewart Living September 2018

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martha’s september

(NAMBITOMO/GETTY IMAGES)“Instead of removing poppies, nigella, columbines, and foxgloves after they flower, I let my favorites go to seed. That way, I can save them once they’re fully dry in airtight containers to plant next year.”—Martha ■…

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class acts

THE ONLY ONE in our family who is actually headed back to school this month is my son, James, but come each September I still look forward to stocking up on new supplies and outfitting myself—and my home—for fall. There’s something about having pristine notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils (or in my case, a box of Uni-Ball Air bold-point black pens), and a smart backpack that makes one feel infinitely more prepared, confident, and ready to succeed on the first day. In the school of life, I think the same holds true. Fall is our unofficial new year, and once the languid days of August are behind us, its frenetic schedule can hit even the most organized among us like a freight train. With the right preparation, however, we believe you…

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out & about

| ON THE ROAD |SHIFT GEARSWhen executive chef Matthew Accarrino of San Francisco’s SPQR heads to wine country for fall figs, tomatoes, and peppers, he brings his bike. He’s a competitive cyclist and trains there, but it’s amateur-friendly terrain: The Vine Trail is paved and car-free; the streets are quiet, the hills optional, and the pit stops divine. Here, he shares three favorites.Northern CaliforniaST. HELENAGriddled bread topped with tomatoes draws crowds to the Bruschetteria Food Truck. Bikers get a warm welcome: “It even has a pump.” cliffamily.comYOUNTVILLEAt Kollar Chocolates, grab confections made with “indigenous Napa Valley flavors” like wild fennel and Jacobsen Orchards lavender. kollarchocolates.comSONOMAGlen Ellen Star is “a postage-stamp-size restaurant” where you can enjoy “a really good pizza made by a former French Laundry chef.” glenellenstar.com| ON OUR BOOKSHELF…

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grow your own greens

SpinachFor big, leafy plants, enrich well-drained soil with compost, and space them about a foot apart so they have plenty of room to grow. ‘Corvair’ and ‘Emperor’ varieties are especially good choices for this time of year.KaleThis superfood prefers similar soil to that used for spinach, and can in fact get sweeter as the temperature drops. For optimal germination, plant 6 to 10 weeks before the first frost. Curled-leaf cultivars, like ‘Winterbor’ and ‘Darkibor’, are extra-cold-hardy.ArugulaProne to bolting (the term for when a plant grows a flower stalk and turns bitter in flavor) in hot weather, arugula loves an autumn garden. Sprinkle seeds of a heat- and cold-tolerant type, such as ‘Astro’, over dampened soil, and cover it in a thin layer of additional soil. ■…

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glorious garlic

EVERY AUTUMN, I plant myself a gift to harvest—a gift of garlic. I order seed bulbs from Keene Garlic, a farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, that specializes in heirloom and organic varieties. I love experimenting with different kinds, and prefer those with a more mellow taste to stronger ones. Last year, we planted 18 cultivars before the first frost. Most are hard-neck, such as ‘Amish Rocambole’ and ‘Purple Glazer’, which yield large cloves around a stiff inner stalk. The rest are soft-neck, like ‘Inchelium Red’, producing cloves of varying sizes. By early summer, curly green stems called scapes form on each plant. They have a sweet, mild garlicky flavor and are prized by chefs. I like to add them, finely chopped, to an omelet or as a flavoring to summer…

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good things

| INSTANT UPGRADE |ON THE RISEHow do you like this apple box? Take the trusty tool used on photo shoots and film sets, give it a custom paint job, and action! It’s transformed into a scene-stealing step stool for your little leading man or lady.Choose a wear-resistant formula that dries to a hard, furniture-quality finish. We used Benjamin Moore Advance semigloss interior paint, in Sweet and Sour (1), Cork (2), Mountain Moss (3), and Normandy (4); benjaminmoore.com.The PaletteThe pretty, muted hues on our DIY stool will give any neutral bathroom a lift. To make your box slip-proof, mix a handful of hardware-store playground sand into the tray for the two paints on top (traction: check), then add clear adhesive pads on the bottom corners.THE DETAILS: 1. Semikolon linen blankbook, in Ciel…