Maxim March/April 2020

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in vino veritas

I fell in love with wine from afar. Watching one of the coolest guys I ever met entertaining on the terrace of his old rectory up in the hills behind Nice in the South of France—technically the Côte d’Azur in Provence. Of course, it was preceded by the clanking of freezing-cold ice cubes into long glasses, soon filled with syrupy green Pernod Ricard Pastis 51, which smelled of licorice and added gasoline to the conversational fire. Aperitifs over, the cicadas raised their calf-rubbing to a crescendo, the air resonated with pine sap, and the wine began to flow with the first course of dinner. Sometimes a petit vin de table, sometimes a classified Bordeaux, or fine Burgundy. Of course, at the time I knew nothing. In fact, less than nothing, as…

7 min
high altitude

Owning one of the world’s coolest and most luxurious helicopters, which can easily cost several million dollars, is reserved for the world’s elite. Whether it’s a necessity or an indulgence, a high-end heli is a piece of exquisite machinery far beyond the realm of even the most exalted hypercar. While there are workaday versions that can move you efficiently from point A to point B, as well as businesslike birds designed to simply get the job done, executive and VIP choppers remain objects of envy for all but the relatively few for whom they are the ultimate privilege. In the world of VIP helicopters a few names fly well above the rest, such as Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company; Bell; and Airbus Helicopters, which was rebranded from Eurocopter in 2014. Sikorsky…

9 min
spirit of the gods

All too often ignorantly dismissed as tequila’s “smoky cousin,” mezcal remains one of the most nebulous and misunderstood spirits in the canon of alcohol. The mythology of Mexico’s indigenous Zapotec people tells of a lightning bolt striking an agave plant, releasing its cooked and enhanced juices for the people to enjoy ever since. To this day its divine origins explain why indulging in mezcal does not make one drunk (in theory) but rather brings one closer to god. Even the agave plants themselves are fundamental to indigenous life: Dried leaves used to thatch homes, stalks and stems with which to sew and hunt, and fibers for clothing and rope come from some species. No wonder its magical juice is also said to be imbued with powers of healing. Walking the streets…

6 min
modern classics

“Thirty to 40 years is roughly the time it takes for a 15-year-old with a poster of a car on his wall to go through school, get a career, maybe start a family, and eventually have enough time and disposable income to buy a collector car—the one he or she lusted after as a teen.” Eric Minoff, a Senior Specialist at Bonhams auction house and Head of Sale at the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance is telling us why the “modern classics” of the 1980’s and ’90s have been shooting up in value of late. Savvy investors who aren’t already in on the game are taking note. The roll call of these dream cars, whose value has been increasing over the past decade or so following (for the most part) years of depreciation…

4 min
crown jewel

Drop-dead gorgeous model and social media influencer Kara Del Toro isn’t just one of the hottest Instagram sirens to grace the internet since the dawn of the Insta-model—she’s also a full-fledged goddess with her glossy honey-brown hued locks, pouty bee stung lips, and jaw-dropping curves that make you thank God for creating women. An L.A.-based Texas native, the bodacious bombshell is signed with Pretty x Elite and has starred in multiple campaigns for names like Guess and Beach Bunny Swimwear. But above all, she makes heads spin with her sizzling Instagram feed @karajewelll, where she show-cases her insane physique to her devoted following of 1.2 million and counting. Here, the rising star tells Maxim about her early start in the modeling industry, the life of a social media influencer, when…

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cliff hanger

As Brandon Semenuk dropped into his contest-winning run at this past October’s Red Bull Rampage mountain biking event, those unfamiliar with the sport might view it as a reckless, if not suicidal, endeavor. After all, the steep and treacherous mountainside he was about to attack would not look out of place covered in climbers, hooked into safety ropes, trying to ascend the same route he was about to descend. But for Brandon, and his fellow competitors, Rampage represents the pinnacle of the freeride mountain biking competitive calendar. As Semenuk tore down the rock face, launching backflips off of jumps and 360s over gaps in the rock, what should seemingly be an act of pure survival took on the rhythm and poetry of a choreographed routine, albeit one that some would consider…