Maxim September/October 2020

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madeira’s eternal spring

It may be a bit hard to envision at the moment, but we will travel again. And when we do, Madeira awaits—a volcanic gem 400 miles off the coast of Morocco whose remoteness might just be its greatest asset. The Island of Eternal Spring reopened in July to visitors offering idyllic weather year round, ancient traditions and folklore, pampering luxury resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants and enough outdoor activities to make Hawaii look redundant. Recently voted Europe’s Leading Island Destination for the sixth time at the World Travel Awards, its relative mystery to Americans only makes it all the more appealing. First charted in 1419 by Portuguese ships sailing under the flag of Prince Henry the Navigator, the discovery of Madeira officially marked the dawn of the Age of Exploration. When these sailors…

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tempus fusion

Hublot, founded in Switzerland exactly 40 years ago, has grown into one of the world’s most recognizable luxury watch brands, as much a symbol of wealth and achievement as it is of highly innovative watchmaking. Early on the brand, part of the LVMH portfolio since 2008, established its Art of Fusion ethos, merging traditional watchmaking techniques with new materials, such as brightly-colored ceramics and scratchproof gold, and revolutionizing the world of luxury watch design in the process. Over the years it has expanded horological horizons through partnerships with the likes of Ferrari, Formula One, international style icon Lapo Elkann, artist Shepard Fairey, and various other creatives and celebrities. And in 2018 it took its first step into the world of hybrid watches, with a connected version of the Big Bang, its…

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the spider that flies

“THE EARTH AND ITS TOPOGRAPHICAL MISCHIEF MEETS THE ZENITH EXPRESSION OF ITALIAN MACHINERY PUSHED TO ITS LIMITS” There is an unseen architecture in the universe one can discern with the correct lenses, like those alien-spotting sunglasses “Rowdy” Roddy Piper wears in They Live. An unheard symphony if you tune your ears to the right frequency. Followers of Carl Jung would call it synchronicity; the Grateful Dead faithful promise you can see this web of oneness under the spell of the right psychonutrients But forget all that crap. You don’t need sci-fi eyewear or glands from some endangered Arizona desert toad to manifest spiritual zen—all you need is a Ferrari F8 Spider, an azure sky overhead, and a clear swath of open tarmac rolling out before you like a red carpet. This is…

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liquid gold

Last October the $1.9 million sale of a bottle of The Macallan single malt Scotch distilled in 1926—the highest price ever paid at auction for a bottle of spirit—made even those who never touch the stuff sit up and take notice. At 700ml, it contains about 45 pours, making each dram worth around $42,000. Martin Green, Whisky Specialist for the storied Bonhams auction house in Edinburgh, Scotland, and one of the world’s foremost experts, was, however, hardly surprised. “For the past two years, Scotch whisky has been making headlines around the world as never before,” Green tells us. “Records have tumbled at such a pace that, at one point, Bonhams broke the world record for a bottle of whisky at auction twice in the same sale,” in Hong Kong in May…

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the red flame

British supermodel Karen Elson is one of the world’s most iconic redheads; even if you don’t recognize her name at first, you’re sure to vividly recall her image. She catapulted to fame in the late ’90s when the legendary Steven Meisel photographed her for the cover of Vogue Italia on her 18th birthday, signaling a new aesthetic distinct from both the previous decade and the more conventionally beautiful supermodels of the era such as Cindy Crawford. Since then she has graced over 60 magazine covers, including more than 40 international editions of Vogue, W, Dazed Numéro, Harper’s Bazaar UK, InStyle, and Nylon. In September 2008 she was dubbed “Fashion’s red queen” on the cover of British Vogue. Her position as the face of luxury cosmetics brand Jo Malone London is just…