Maxim November/December 2020

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crown jewels

Stroll through London’s famed Burlington Arcade in the heart of Mayfair, an enclosed array of exclusive shops that has catered to well-dressed gentlemen for over 200 years, and one’s eye cannot help but be drawn to the extraordinary display of watches at the far end–hundreds and hundreds of rare Rolexes, each seemingly more valuable than the next. This is The Vintage Watch Company, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, a mecca for Rolex collectors, who include some of the most stylish men on the planet. Want an early “Big Crown” Submariner identical to the one worn by Sean Connery in 1962’s Dr. No? Or the 1970s Explorer II, which legend has it, was worn by Steve McQueen? Or the extremely coveted “Paul Newman” Daytona, made famous by the film and…

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joy sticks

Some might say Zino Davidoff invented the desktop humidor, so the brand he established in Geneva in 1911 knows a thing or two when it comes to storing tobacco in an optimal environment for the next generation. And every now and then they do something really special to cater to those cigar aficionados who want the same bragging rights in the cigar world as the owner of a Mercedes CLK SLR has in the car world. For as with many things, exclusivity is king. Especially when executed to perfection using over a century of expertise. Once in a blue moon something comes out of their facilities that is so special they only make 400 of them globally. At 50 cigars per humidor that means only eight people on planet Earth will…

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a financial mastermind

History is full of great men who not only achieved massive success, but left behind a legacy of innovation and progress that outlive the men themselves. Becoming such an icon in a single field is enough to ensure one’s place in the annals of history… think Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or J.P. Morgan. Now imagine having the intellect, drive and foresight required to be considered a legend in not one but two distinct fields. This is the level of accomplishment, and impact, for which society can thank Michael Milken, the financier and philanthropist who hasn’t just thrived in his areas of focus, but has completely reformed them in ways that will continue to advance society long after he’s gone. Milken, now 74, remains one of the most influential financiers in modern history,…

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super fly

So-called “crotch rockets” are no longer the preferred flavor of motorcycle. A blind man with one ear and no sense of smell could tell you that. Today everything is about café racers. But it was not always so. And I am here to tell you that it will not always be so. And also that it doesn’t even need to be that way right now. Walt Siegl is a man of many talents whom some would argue makes the most beautiful and fantastic hand-built motorcycles available in the USA today. And perhaps even on planet Earth. I would be one of those people. I should also admit that I cut my teeth on crotch rocket superbikes in the 1990s. Ducati’s original 955SP track bikes. Suzuki GSXR750s and GSXR1000s. Triumph Daytonas. Hot on…

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home for the holidays

“In this new age of virtual experiences and dining at home, when all of us are craving authentic human interaction, hospitality has never been more important.” So says spirits writer and sommelier Adrienne Stillman in her new book Spirited: Cocktails from Around the World, published by Phaidon—and this holiday season we’re taking her words to heart, stocking up our home bar, laying in plenty of firewood, and perfecting our mixology skills. While large gatherings are (for the moment) out in favor of immediate family and intimate friends, there is no constraint against having just as good a time, albeit on a smaller scale, and even better drinks. And as Stillman notes in her book, “In many ways, it has never been a better time to be a discerning cocktail drinker. Small…

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free agent

One of Camille Kostek’s earliest ambitions was to become a New England Patriots cheerleader, which she did while still a college student. Another was to fall in love, which she did with her partner of five years, Rob Gronkowski—“Gronk” to fans, five-time Pro Bowl tight end for the Patriots for nine years, including three Super Bowl wins; and land the cover of a major magazine. So, at 28, she’s pretty much done it all, except…. You’ve been in the movie theater and you think, oh that would be so cool to be on the big screen like that,” Kostek tells us, revealing a new item she just checked off her wishlist. “My name is now ‘Bombshell,’” she says of her character in the upcoming Ryan Reynolds sci-fi action comedy, Free Guy.…