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holy smokes

Many of us know that the very finest wines in the world are best tasted after appropriate aging in proper conditions. But rather fewer understand that this is also true of premium cigars. And as with fine wine, the components of a premium cigar often improve with age. Bold, powerful flavors mellow, imparting a more complex, fuller, experience. So if you’re not already collecting and aging your smokes, here are some things to consider as you build a cellar worthy of Zino Davidoff. I can attest to the magnificence of aging firsthand after having been lucky enough to receive a package of pre-Castro Cubans that had been biding their time in a friend’s father’s humidor for over 50 years. Like a beautiful velvety, claret from a Grand Cru Classé, the smoothness…

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to the max

“I was totally terrified. I thought nobody was ever going to buy this piece, and it was basically going to kill our company.” It turns out that Max Büsser’s fears about the MB&F HM4 (for Horological Machine) were unfounded. In 2019, the New York Times cited the radical wristwatch as one of the 10 timepieces that have shaped modern watch design. The aviation-inspired HM4 was awarded Best Concept & Design Watch at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève when it debuted in 2010, and Büsser now hails the near-death experiment in watchmaking as the most important timepiece in his brand’s history. Ever since, MB&F—which stands for Max Büsser & Friends—has been a cult favorite among fans of avant-garde watch design and innovation. “The HM4 case escapes any standard definition, matched inside…

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blast from the past

I’ve scored myself a ride on the Elle Macpherson of motorcycles. Lithe, luscious and absolutely mesmerizing with legs that stretch all the way to the far side of 150 mph; she is, of course, the MV Agusta Superveloce. I’m winding her up and down a deserted highway in an alligator-filled swamp, reminiscent of a scene in a Bond movie. Pterodactyl-sized flesh-eating vultures exploding from shady mangroves into my path as I buzz past playing Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” on her three-cylinder motor. But they will need to try harder and fly a damned sight faster if they want to catch me before I arrive back at my base for the weekend. I’m chatting luxury with Dylan Austin, the President of Davidoff USA, at what should be SPECTRE’s North American…

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in the mood

Once Porcelan took number 13 on the Billboard charts with her 2018 hit, Lois Lane, there was no stopping her. A Christmas album, Joyful Hearts, rang in the season a year later, and then the pandemic hit. But that didn’t stop her. It only made her stronger. Last fall, straight out of lockdown came her debut album, Mood Ring, featuring the hit, Toxic, guest starring Motown legend Stevie Wonder. “He mentored me and made me think about my writing from a different perspective,” Porcelan says of Wonder, who wrote classics like “Superstition” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” The two have an ongoing dialog, occasionally exchanging music samples and notes. “The most important thing I learned from him was in your writing you need to go deep,” she tells…

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escape to belize

After your gleaming G650 comes to a skidding stop on the blacktop of Philip S. W. Goldson Airport in Belize City, a small team will meet you on the tarmac and usher you to a helicopter waiting nearby. A scant 20 minutes later, skimming over emerald islands, remote beaches and turquoise Caribbean water below, a small tropical key will materialize—the kind filed in your memory banks under “desert island.” Soon the chopper descends onto a green patch of grass where paradise awaits: a white sand, palm-studded Xanadu of solace dubbed Cayo Espanto. The brainchild of entrepreneur Jeff Gram, Cayo Espanto—aka Ghost Key—opened in 1999 with only a trio of casitas spread out over three acres. In the two decades since it has grown to seven villas, each nestled away in its…

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model citizen

Model and healthy-lifestyle advocate, Marina Pahomova, stumbled upon her vocation almost by accident. When her sister couldn’t make it to an agency casting call, Marina went instead. They chose her, and she never looked back. Sure, there was time out for modeling school, but that only stoked the already torrid love affair between her and the camera. “I was extremely insecure at the beginning. And it took me a few years to fully relax in front of the camera,” she tells us from her residence in Texas. “I was fascinated by models and fashion magazines throughout my childhood. So, I guess modeling was a part of my destiny.” With her father in the Soviet Air Force, Marina and her family were constantly on the move when she was younger, relocating to destinations…