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the cohiba chronograph

The best kind of collaborations are those where passion is shared, and values are perpetuated.” Julien Tornare, CEO of storied Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith, is speaking about the brand’s collaboration with Cohiba, the iconic Cuban cigar his company’s that is widely considered one of the finest in the world, and which celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. To honor the occasion and the partnership, Zenith is releasing a special timepiece, the Chronomaster Open 55th Anniversary Cohiba chronograph, limited to just 55 examples, which beautifully showcases the manufacturer’s 155-year-old watchmaking expertise. “The pursuit of excellence through precision, authenticity, and tradition are just some of the things that Zenith and Cohiba have in common,” Tornare notes. “But beyond that, it is a partnership that speaks to those who seek out precious moments to…

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the plug-in prancing horse

Ripping around the narrow roadways that crawl like capillaries across the Hollywood Hills in the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the thrills are gloriously visceral. Thank the supercar’s futuristic plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain—the first-ever from Ferrari—featuring a re-engineered and enlarged version of the marque’s twinturbo V8 (swollen from 3.9 to 4.0 liters), augmented with a trio of electric motors. With a motor affixed to each front wheel, the SF90’s all-world AWD keeps the supercar seemingly magnetically attached to the pockmarked asphalt of these ancient roads, and the torque vectoring—when one front wheel moves faster than the other to hasten turning radius—makes cornering feel… perverse. But when rare straights appear on Mulholland, and the totality of the quad-motor powertrain’s 986 horses hit, the breath leaves your chest: blistering acceleration (0-60 mph in under 2.5…

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ne plus ultra

I was suffering mild panic attacks, with euphoria and trepidation thrown in. And that was before I’d even swung a leg over. It wasn’t COVID-19. It was two wheels with a power-to-weight ratio more than twice that of a Bugatti Chiron. Weighing in at 159 kg, not far north of where I tip the scale after a good twelve-hour lunch at Balthazar, with 224 horsepower on tap from its highly tweaked V4 motor. The beast was the Ducati Superleggera V4. An Exocet missile of a superbike built to annihilate everything in its class, with that Bolognese panache and character unique to Ducati—the most powerful, fastest, and most technologically advanced production bike they’ve ever produced. I’d been chasing this most recent holy grail of superbikes for some time. A global pandemic had…

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escape artist

Artist Abraham Mojica’s career began with an ending, in the form of the sudden tragic death of a family member. It haunted him for months as he sought emotional support in therapy, friends and even the bottom of a glass. Then someone suggested art—to which he responded, “I’m not an artist. I don’t do that,” he tells us from his home in San Antonio, Texas. “But one day I was pretty drunk and I started painting and crying and crying and crying. [And when] I started painting I felt much, much better.” Seven years later, after giving up his contracting business, he now dedicates himself to art full time. He has no gallery representation, but doesn’t need it, selling his oil and acrylic canvases to a list of private clients. “It’s…

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rise and shine

Party proof. For the hard charging lifestyle that many of us aspire to maintain on our paths to legendary status, a valuable piece of the puzzle is keeping our eyes fresh. Whether we only get five hours of sleep or share a couch with 2 other people and wake up dehydrated and bleary eyed, Challenger’s Primo Eye Cream can bring you back to peak quickly (hopefully before anyone else notices). Weakest Link Average thickness of skin is 2.5mm, while the average thickness of under eye skin is .5mm. This is why you show fatigue and age there faster. Afternoon Anyone? If you’re a guy, you probably consume caffeine. We sure do. Keep your eyes looking awake even after your second (cough fifth) cup of coffee has worn off. Future Gains You might be in super hero…

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petrus in space

Christie’s auction house is now offering the chance to boldly go where no oenophile has gone before—in the form of a bottle of Petrus from outer space. The bottle of Petrus 2000 spent 14 months in orbit as part of a privately-funded research study on food and agriculture. The expected cost to own it, per Christie’s private sales division: a cool $1 million. Which is of course down to its extreme rarity, but also its bespoke presentation trunk, made by Les Ateliers Victor in collaboration with Cyril Kongo in Paris, complete with a corkscrew made from a meteorite that fell to Earth—as well as a bottle of Petrus 2000 which wasn’t aged in space, for the sake of comparison. “ONLY A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE HAVE EVER TASTED SPACE-AGED BORDEAUX, AND LIVED…