Maxim November/December 2021

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the world is not enough

In 2006 legendary Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre astonished the world of haute horology with the Reverso Hybris Mechanica à Triptyque. The first watch ever to have three dials run by a single movement, the ultimate evolution of the brand’s iconic Reverso timepiece, created for polo players in the 1930s, was priced at $500,000 and limited to just 75 pieces. Fifteen years later they have presented an even more impressive feat of watchmaking and another world first, the Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185, which has four faces, is limited to just 10 pieces, and costs about $1.5 million. It need hardly be said that Jaeger-LeCoultre, founded in Vallée de Joux in 1833, is one of the most prestigious names in horology, and has long led the world in the manufacture of in-house watch…

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guts & glory

I’m brapping around Manhattan on a Centenary Edition Moto Guzzi V7 bedecked in charcoal and olive-green livery. An 850cc V-twin which makes me want to hit the Swiss countryside and find some barbed-wire fence to jump, à la Steve Mc-Queen in The Great Escape. Sadly, the proxy has to be Park Avenue; a venue with its own inherent risks, challenges, and dangers. Madcap taxi drivers, lawless Uber drivers, mafiosi-pot-hole-riddled road surfaces, and entitled a—holes in overpowered German cars fit for the autobahn devoid of respect for other road users around them. I’m not convinced jumping the barbed wire fences is more dangerous. But the V7 with its upgraded 850cc motor more than rises to the task. Once reacquainted with the mental gymnastics of accounting for the torquey pull of the shaft-driven…

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body & soul

If you were to body paint a nude woman, which would you choose—a model with large breasts or more modest sized? The answer is that it depends, according to Pashur, recipient of the first ever Hall of Fame Award at the Paintopia Body Paint Festival in the UK, and a four-time body paint award winner at Fantasy Fest here at home. “You have models who have large breasts, those are really good for designs like lingerie where you’re trying to sell that aspect of it,” he tells us. “When you’re creating art, all sizes of the canvas, you need them—larger, smaller, bald, sometimes you even need a model who’s missing a leg. I’m always looking for models with smaller breasts for theatrical stuff. And if it’s for a magazine cover, or…

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daft by design

The neck-swiveling pieces in Hervet Manufacturier’s evolving design collection look otherworldly, yet strangely reminiscent of something you’ve seen before—perhaps in deep reverie after binging a weekend worth of ’60s sci-fi flicks. They’re almost interdimensional, as if somewhere in the apex of the mid-century modernist’s dream, civilization branched off into a different timeline, one where utopia was achieved. No wonder they dub their work The Art of Space. This is the product of the Hervet cousins Cédric and Nicolas, who are from a generation raised on Japanese giant-robot cartoons, Star Trek, TRON video games, and Barbarella—all tied together by a futuristic vision filtered through a nostalgic lens. “We have the same cultural references as we grew up together,” explains Cédric, who is best known as the Creative Director of Daft Punk, one…

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maximbet: beyond the bet

Picture this. You. Three friends. In Los Angeles. Living the football dream. We’re talking seats at the biggest sporting event of the year. VIP access to an invite-only Maxim party. Rooms at a chic hotel. Airfare to get you there. And cash to spend. Impressed? For MaximBet members, living the dream isn’t entirely unexpected. In fact, being treated to money-can’t-buy thrills has quickly become the norm. MaximBet is the first true lifestyle sports-betting brand, designed with sports fans who demand more in mind. And sports fans in Colorado are already reaping the rewards thanks to a new kind of sportsbook experience that makes every game and every bet special. Every interaction with MaximBet inches players closer to the rewards they really want, such as unique merchandise and access to one-of-a-kind experiences that…

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hayley’s comet

When April 15 rolls around, Hayley Maxfield can shelter your assets and deliver a refund that will make you feel ten years younger. That’s because she is the hottest accountant you’ve ever seen. Of course, she’s not an accountant anymore, not after nearly three years. These days she’s a bikini model and social influencer, with 450,000 Instagram followers and counting (@hayleytothemax). “I was so inspired by other models who were able to build huge followings and careers for themselves shooting and collaborating with brands,” she tells us about making the jump from a business suit to a bathing suit. “I started posting a ton of bikini pics and slowly growing my following. From there, I gained the attention of a popular swim brand [BoutineLA], and was flown to L.A. to shoot…