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Mega Man April 2019

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best body

Do you have a friend that only talks about the gym, their workout, and protein shakes? Does he eat only the bottom part of his burger? Does he flex his arms or touch his chest multiple times in a day to double- or triple-check if his muscles are still hard? Does this friend take gym selfies or ask his trainer to videos of him while he does his circuit training? I follow so many people who are exactly like this, and if I’m being honest, I roll my eyes whenever I see this type of content. I follow them for other reasons, and it isn’t because I want to see them gut it out with kettlebells, medicine balls, and gym ropes. Recently, however, I must admit, I’ve become one of those…

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high endurance

When crafting the summer issue, it is an unspoken requisite, especially since we reside in an aggressively tropical country, that the focus be on body, skin, and well, heat. This shouldn’t be a problem, what with the deluge of men who are veritable poster children for fitness. But we were thinking, while that is part and parcel of the requirement, how else can we take things a step further? Immediately, one word came up: endurance. With this gestating in our collective conscious, we flipped things around and just as easily as the concept came about, only one name sprang forth when deciding who would front this issue—Raymond Bagatsing. A tenured actor on stage, film, and television, Raymond Bagatsing is also a prolific acting teacher, as well as, when time permits, a yoga…

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i can see you

STYLE TIP If giving out shades isn’t an option, you can mellow out the trend by pairing it neutral or stark staples…

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kingdom: reptilia

STYLE TIP Add a dash of cool to the season (reptiles are cold-blooded after all) and wear the trend in a full-on sleeveless jumpsuit…

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out in the sun

1 PETER THOMAS ROTH A name that is on everyone’s lips these days, as their products are generously slathered on many a skin, Peter Thomas Roth kicks things into higher gear with the introduction of the future of Vitamin C. The Potent-C Power Serum is a high-performing breakthrough that packs 50 times more potency than traditional Vitamin C with a jaw-dropping concentration of 20% THD Ascorbate. Further amplified by fortified antioxidants, the rich anti-aging serum dramatically solves dullness, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. With diligent use, ideally twice daily on the face and neck, this innovation assures an improved look that is bright, firm, and most importantly, youthful. 2 LA MER As the skin, especially the face, gets bombarded by not-to-be-messed-with aggressors, it only means that the preventive and restorative treatments…

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the nation’s foundation

Positioned at the fore of the country’s thoroughfare developments, Mark Villar has always believed that roads are teeming with opportunities for the country and its people. He exudes vigor and fortitude—pretty apt for a man governing the nation’s major infrastructure projects, one of which is the flagship Build Build Build program. We spoke with the man heading the program to unearth what advancements and overall impact the Build Build Build project will bring forth. INNER REFLECTIONS WHAT IS THE OVERALL VISION FOR THE BUILD BUILD BUILD INITIATIVE? Heavy spending in infrastructure is seen to boost and sustain economic growth. Build Build Build aims to solve congestion, create jobs and alleviate the cost of prices. It is by far the most ambitious infrastructure program because we’re spending more than twice what any administration has…