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proud moment

I have a colleague who has six children, three girls and three boys. Marga documents everything her kids do: from a simple dinner they had to more memory-worthy milestones like band recital or a championship match. Every weekend, she takes a mandatory photo of all six kids after Sunday dinner and posts it on social media. Half the time the kids look happy, and half the time they don’t. I constantly tease Marga and call her an annoying mom, because kids don’t want their photo taken all the time. More than that, I never really understood why she spends so much time trying to be a super mom when she can be a normal, steady, cool mom who lets her kids be. Then I realized, seeing her kids alive on the…

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it’s all about perspective

Typically, the Pinoy Pride issue concerns itself with anything and everything local. As it decidedly and deservedly should be, right? Local sentiments? We got you covered. Local heroes? Check. Local crafts? Yes, of course. While it is in essence an overflowing source of pride, especially for a nation so ravaged by a decay of morals, there is a curious point consider, if not learn from people who despite all surface-level technicalities have chosen to stay and build a life in the Philippines beyond that of a permanent vacation spot. More than just providing a heck of a lot of laughs through his no-holds-barred and oh-so relatable social media content, agricultural entrepreneur and personality, Nico Bolzico, steps into the frontlines of the Filipino revolution by choosing to look past what he calls…

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why so blue?

1 CLINIQUE The generation’s penchant for customization and DIY has seeped into mainstream skincare, where Clinique recognizes the know-how of the consumer and uses it as a matrix to their technology. Pressing on that "customization is inclusion,” the brand puts forth the Clinique iD Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly + Active Cartridge Concentrate, a revolutionary hydrator and potent blend that targets specific skin concerns. Guaranteeing a 24-hour hydration, repair, and aggressor protection, the formulation, with its Clean Shield Technology and Active Cartridge Concentrate for Pores and Uneven Texture delivers focused actives, reducing the look of pores, eventually evening out the skin. 2 PETER THOMAS ROTH Whenever a number is affixed to a product, it does two things: fortify its scientific claim and inadvertently, intimidate with its mathematics. Skipping the technical pressure, Peter Thomas Roth…

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the state of pride

Contrary to popular belief, or well, assumption, Nico Bolzico didn’t come to the Philippines for a vacation, which is a typical first-time interface of a foreigner to the geographical wonder and cultural gem that is the Philippines. In fact, having been stationed in the country for a professional corporate work opportunity for a time (armed with knowledge in math and economics, holding two master’s degrees, one in Global Banking and the other in Global Finance), he was already preparing to leave the country and move to the next one on his list some eight years ago. “When I was ready to move to the next country, my dad came to visit me, and he said: ‘Why don’t you try to see if you can do something here,’” he recalls. You could…

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and then we forge ahead