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create a legacy

Four years ago, Sari Yap, founder of One Mega Group said these words in a recorded interview: “Some people might feel sad about it when they realize that their time or their job is done. But with me, I don’t feel that way. It’s because I feel that I have truly done what I was supposed to do which is to make sure that MEGA, my legacy, outlives me. And I think that’s the hallmark of a good founder.” I found this recording as I was on the treadmill on a very sad day the day she passed away. I found it so , powerful that I put it online to remind people of how truly ahead of her time Sari was, but more importanly, how useful these words were. In…

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the light is coming

When you really think about it, nothing has really changed with human perception. People will only want to show the good bits, projecting nothing but the best at every interface and connection, reserving the rest for a select few at best. With the onset of social media, it has careened from aspirational to out of control, where acuity has shifted to almost impenetrable heights all in hopes of getting all the likes and double taps their curated posts can get. There is inherently nothing wrong with this, except of course when some will resort to downright deception. This is the preconceived notion that Richard Juan, who is admittedly a little unnerved when being referred to as an influencer, is insistent on breaking down. On the day of this shoot, the cover star…

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on heavy rotation

1 TOM FORD Already touted as a masterpiece within a refined collection of fragrances from Tom Ford, the incarnation of Tobacco Vanille from its Private Blend line is an intoxicating invoking of an old-world charm that is infused with the grace of contemporary times. Smooth, dark, and heady, the traditionally oriental spicy scent opens up with an opulent whiff of tobacco leaf and aromatic spice notes, which then unravels to a creamy mix of tonka bean, tobacco flower, vanilla, and cocoa, before finishing to notes of dry fruit and sweet wood sap. A definitive staple for fans of the brand, the scent, and the man himself, the headlining fragrance chooses no time for perfection, but it is best sprayed on the pulse for a cool night out in the town. 2 CAROLINA…

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a real man is a man of love

Love moves in mysterious ways. An emotion often linked with soft and sweet imagery can also give people a rush of fiery sensations. This complex emotion can be expressed in many ways. It can be a quick embrace or making a call to a loved one, both of which were scenes from my interview with Richard Gomez. His loving ways stem from his work and it became evident that for a man who cares so much about his own physical and mental health, caring for others has become second nature. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF A MACHO SOCIETY As our conversation continued, Richard’s love for his friends and family became palpable. He remains unfazed by the looming stigma of machismo, believing that people should express themselves without any societal dictation. “Men cannot…

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the world according to richard juan

What were you doing at 27-years old?After a hopefully successfully clearing the hurdle that is a quarter life crisis, and standing at the awning of Saturn’s Retum, this fraction of one’s life can be challenging. With the whims of adolescence appropriately stripped and replaced with the rigors of adulthood, one is expected to pull it together and soldier on for the rest of their lives. Literature has drilled this in our collective consciousness time and again, setting prospects that are quite frankly sometimes too hard to reach. No matter how sane and sorted one may be, no one is expected to have it figured at 26, let alone be at the forefront of a disruptive revolution. At the very best, this time is spent navigating the labyrinthine catacombs of adulthood,…

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let’s talk about hair, boy