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Mega Man November 2019

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stand out style

I love having conversations with men and women particularly at events and during trips. It is from these dialogues where I am able to get content that I can put in my media brands. More importantly, it is a great source for data that I can use to make informed decisions. Conversations, however mundane or exciting are a great way to keep your ear on the ground for movements, shifts and new directions for the changing lifestyles of people today. In many of these dialogues, however, people often talk about themselves in an attempt to “sell” their brands, themselves or their ideas. Many time, I love what people tell me, but some go beyond sharing and crossover to the territory of narcissism. Those are the talks that I don’t like.…

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the move u p

It was a little after breaking into the mainstream through a fastfood commercial and his much publicized stint at the talent-cum-reality competition, Pinoy Boyband Superstar, that we first came into contact with Tony Labrusca, you know, the young man who has by now secured a sweet spot in the ever-so temperamental realm of show business. An up-and-comer with so much potential, we featured him two years ago for our Best Bodies Special, a comprehensive issue that took into account fitness regimen and lifestyle at an equal plane, and of course, the condition of his temple. While it may be considered surface level, the draw being the body, there was already more to him than just that. With a conversation that ran a little over the sound bite standard, it became apparent…

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all right now

1 ISSEY MIYAKE Scents function on so many levels, from the initial whiff to make a first impression to locking in that to an impression seared into memory. With an experience unlike any other, it is ultimately pleasant when the initial interface matches the coalescing with your chemistry. And this is precisely how Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Wood & Wood functions, with its flask of oak. Already giving off a grounded warmth, the scent is an alluring blend that is robust but not imposing with a swirl of grapefruit, sandalwood, ambrox, apricot, as well as of cedarwood and sandalwood, gaining intensity with a steady sillage through vetizer and patchouli. 2 AVEDA So, you’ve decided to get your hair colored and you’re wondering what the best after care solution will be for…

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huff & puffer

STYLE TIP Bulky as it may seem, the best way to confront the outerwear is to keep everything else streamlined…

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hot pink in your area

STYLE TIP Go all out with the devil-may-care ‘tude and wear your choice of hot pink from head-to-toe…

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do you know what i mean?

No matter how careful one is these days, the chances of being misunderstood or getting lost in translation (and we don’t mean that in the strict linguistic sense) is obscenely great that in a vacuum of opinions, thoughts, or fleeting statements, there exists a need to set a precedence or affix an insulating conjugation to cushion the potential impact. It’s like every waking moment is a frustrating game of Minesweeper, that popular pre-mainstream internet pastime in the 90s meant to mimic history’s atrocious relationship with landmines in a crude 8-bit render. In the single player puzzle, the objective is to clear the board of hidden mines without detonating them, very vaguely clued only by the mysterious squares across and steered by heavy strokes of luck. While I still do not get…