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Tabula Rasa or blank slate is probably my favorite part about a brand new year. It provides all of us with a new lease on life and an opportunity to rectify any past mistakes. If you had a bad last year, a new year will give you hope that things will be better since there really is no way but up. What I do like about a bad year, however, is the opportunity to learn and make the situation golden. So, here are some learnings from someone who survived a tough last year. TRAVEL OFTEN AND COMFORTABLY I refused to pay for premium flights in the past because I couldn’t afford it. I was also young and energetic and could deal with prolonged hours of discomfort, but not anymore. While it is…

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sign of the times

The turn of the new year usually signifies a severe shift. Whether it be of temperament, point-of-view, or physical change, this curious pivot in the calendar allows a point of introspection and realization that hopefully trickles throughout the rest of the year. Most opportune as it is, there is only a swelling surge of hope that things get better than what has gone by. Thus, it only felt fitting to view the first foray into future with a lens of calm as manifested by a corner set of alternating pastels, which was the perfect canvas to the light as air hues that dominated the fashion selection for this shoot. The only thing missing? Our cover star of course. Without missing a beat, Kit Thompson enters the room in the same state…

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raise the glass

If there’s one person to thank for today’s taste for dry champagne, it should be Madame Louise Pommery. Having taken over as the head of Champagne Pommery after the passing of her husband in 1858, her distinct taste in wine led to the creation of the first brut or dry champagne that won the world over with its delicate taste. It broke traditions–transitioning taste buds from very sweet wine often served as a dessert drink to a more refreshing flavor in every sip. A woman in a man’s world, Madame Louise Pommery imprinted her personality on her champagnes. Her confidence quickly changed the landscape of champagne in the English market. She always set her priorities straight, embodying a Qualit é d’abord (quality first) philosophy. The purity and the finesse of Pommery…

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turn over a new leaf

NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES It is fairly easy to make a promise, but committing to it in the long run proves to be a hair-pulling, shrug-evoking effort for most. Making full use of 100% renewable energy, supporting global communities, and actively protecting the oceans and reducing landfill, Neal’s Yard is bound to its mission and vision of a better, more sustainable future. On an even greater scale, the brand has been tackling climate change head-on, being carbon neutral for over 10 years now, and intending to curb its dent by 47% in 2025 and ideally, 87% by 2050. This persistent spirit trickles to its certified oganic offerings, such as the potent Firming Body Cream that firms and smoothens skin of all types. ORIGINS Powered by nature and proven by science, Origins prides itself with…

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kit thompson would like to have a word with you

Fire up a Google search with your name and depending on your internet connection, watch as the results trickle in from exact, related, and even head-scratching far-fetched results in less than a blink of an eye. Come on, don’t even act as if you haven’t done this or even so much as entertained the curdling curiosity before. Whatever affront of enlightenment, elucidation, and education you swish around, it becomes increasingly clear that the underlying force that compels us to have a look at our virtual imprint, aside from narcissism, which really needs no threshing out, is that anonymity no longer exists. Sure, you can hide behind a fake name, a faceless profile photo, or even a bogus personality, but that still intrinsically means you have embedded a digital footprint on your…

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the law of nature, chapter one