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health has no age

I remember the first time my age deterred me from chasing my goals. It was the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Michael Phelps was ascending the podium to claim his eighth gold medal of the Games. As a boy I’d dreamt of achieving Olympic swimming glory, having that gold medal draped around my neck, belting out the national anthem. But seeing Phelps sent my mind into mathematics mode: in order to achieve this pipedream, I’d have to commit to four solid years of training to be an outside shot at any success by London 2012. Actually, I figured, I’d better add another four years onto that to be safe, meaning I’d be in my 30s before mounting the blocks, an age oft-considered well past any athletic prime. Oh, well – perhaps it…

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men's health australia

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the big question

You’re not the first man to labour under this misapprehension – and doubtless won’t be the last. Folk wisdom has long held that chasing stamina will burn away muscle. It’s nonsense. For a start, this takes a hopelessly narrow-minded view of what cardio is. It’s not just long runs, weekend sportives and mind-numbing sessions on the rowing erg. By definition, cardio is any exercise that raises your heart rate for an extended period, increasing your endurance and expanding your lung capacity. And it includes everything from Hero WODs to sex. “Too many people look at training as cardio or strength,” says PT Jonny Jacobs. Sure, focusing exclusively on running means you’ll end up losing muscle mass. However, doing nothing but heavy lifts won’t make your lungs stronger. But the two can be…

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text a pharmacist

Please have mercy! I’m horrendously hungover. Can anything ease my suffering? Ah, poppet! Drink lots of water – sounds obvious, but it works. Add a rehydration sachet like Hydralyte to replace minerals. Will a bacon sanger help? Not if you feel sick, no. Just stick with water until you’re over the worst of it. My head is killing me too… Try soluble paracetamol. It’s faster than a tablet. Aspirin might irritate your stomach. Is Berocca any use to me? It won’t “cure” you, but it will replace the B and C vitamins, which you lose after drinking. TBH, though, it’s all a bit late now. To dodge a hangover, you really need to have done all this after drinking but before going to sleep. Next time, eh? Rita Ghelani, Pharmacist…

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am i normal?

You’re not alone. The weekend cheat day is becoming a staple of gym culture. Case in point: The Rock and his giant pancake feasts. But, like those 4am wake-up calls, not everything Dwayne can handle works for the rest of us. A famine-and-feast eating pattern can play havoc with your blood sugar levels. Studies show that a day of undisciplined eating can cause “rebound sadness” two days later. But eating “clean” all the time can also end in tears: “Most people binge when they find their diets boring or restrictive,” says nutritionist Ben Coomber. He advises working non-optimal foods into your diet through the week, ensuring they don’t exceed 20 per cent of your kJ intake. Schedule them for when you don’t mind feeling less than sharp – a lazy, midweek…

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happy meals

MAINTAIN MOTIVATION As with your training, sustainability is crucial. So, base your diet on foods that you enjoy. Prefer tuna to chicken? Get to know your macros and you can easily switch things up. ELIMINATE CRAVINGS Suppressed cravings lead to binges, so plan your deviations. Instead of reaching for a pastry on Monday, plan one for Friday and you won’t feel deprived. SLEEP BETTER Stripping carbs out of your diet can reduce sleep-boosting serotonin. Adopt a relaxed approach to starch to ensure sounder sleep all week long.…