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Men's Health Singapore

Men's Health Singapore January 2019

Men's Health Singapore is the authority on men’s fitness, health, sex and relationships, grooming and style, a “100% Useful” monthly guide for the sophisticated and active man who is vibrant, financially secure and who seeks an editorial product that is presented in an approachable and professional manner.

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how this singapore businessman finally got the body that he wanted!

“I WAS 39 YEARS OLD AND WORKED WITH PERSONAL TRAINERS IN THE PAST WITHOUT A LOT OF SUCCESS. I WASN’T CONVINCED THAT PERSONAL TRAINING COULD DO MUCH FOR ME BUT I WANTED TO GIVE IT ONE LAST SHOT!” Charles dropped from a respectable but slightly soft 18% body fat to a super ripped and tight 7% in only 12 weeks and here’s how he did it. In the gym – Charles trained 3-4 times / week with his UP trainer, Fariz Adam. Fariz put together a routine that was specifically designed for Charles’ aesthetic goals of improved v-taper, a six-pack, and an enhanced shape and six pack. The gym sessions were no more than an hour in duration and exclusively focused on resistance training, with Charles steering clear of traditional gym cardio…

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ed's note

Here We Are Again Somehow, 2018 has flown by and we’re at the start of a brand new year. Trying to figure out what fitness new year’s resolutions to make (and that you can see through)? Here’s three to start with. Do something active every day. Health and fitness bodies like the Health Promotion Board recommend 150 minutes of physical activity a week, to stay in optimal health. How on earth is a sedentary person going to achieve that, you ask? The good news: Lifestyle activities count too. If you move often enough, you may not even need a workout routine to clock those 150 minutes! Hit the gym more often. It’s proven: How often you visit the gym after joining is a strong predictor of your future attendance. Some researchers say that habits need…

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at menshealth.com.sg

Running With Flat Feet: How Does It Affect You & What Can You Do? When somebody has flat feet, their foot has very little or no arch at all, compared to regular people. Here’s how it really changes the way you move. https://www.menshealth.com.sg/fitness/running-with-flat-feet/ What Is Dry January & Is It Worth Trying? Recently, “Dry January” has become trendy, where you swear off booze for the month. But are there actual health benefits to going alcohol-free? https://www.menshealth.com.sg/weight-loss-nutrition/dry-january-worth-trying/ The Most Useful E-mail In Your Inbox Sign up for our newsletter when you register to be a member on Menshealth.com.sg and receive free expert advice and tips delivered straight to your inbox. Each week, you’ll learn how to upgrade your muscle gains, look like a million bucks and get the girl. www.bit.ly/1YHEeSA • MH VIDEO • Pierre Png Shares His…

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men’s health

I KNOW TANNING IS BAD, BUT I LIKE THE LOOK. WHAT ARE GOOD ALTERNATIVES? — JOE Sunless tanning products are improving. Done right, a good tanner gives you that manly outer glow, and you get the inner glow of knowing you’re not giving cancer an invitation. The secret to sunless tanners is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a U.S. FDA-approved ingredient that, when applied to skin, reacts with proteins on the epidermis and produces a pigment that darkens it, says Omer Ibrahim, M.D., of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. For best results, exfoliate and moisturize in the days leading up to self-tanning, says Manhattan dermatologist Meghan Feely, M.D. Smooth out any rough skin on your elbows, knees, and ankles. Just beforehand, shower away any deodorant or lotion, and dry yourself off completely. Work from…

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yes/ no/ maybe

Probably not. Unless, say, you have a mouthful of cavities or an impacted wisdom tooth near a nerve. CBCT, or cone-beam computed tomography, involves scanning your head to capture a super-detailed 3D image of your mouth so dentists can plan surgery. But some offices market it as a regular screening. Don’t fall for it: A standard CBCT scan emits way more radiation than a typical four-image bitewing x-ray, and shouldn’t be used just to scout for future problems, says MH dentistry advisor Mark Wolff, D.D.S., Ph.D. “That’s like having a chest x-ray every six months to make sure you don’t have lung cancer.” Unless you have cause for concern, stick to bitewings every two or three years.…

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legal ease

DOES TALKING ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE AT WORK COUNT AS SEXUAL HARASSMENT? Comments or conversations about one’s sexual activity are inappropriate in any workplace. You may make a complaint to your supervisor if you feel uncomfortable with your colleague’s behaviour. Otherwise, if you decide to adopt more drastic measures, if you do feel harassed, alarmed or distressed by your colleague’s discussions on said topic, you may bring a civil claim of harassment against him/her under the Protection Against Harassment Act (POHA). Following the POHA, sexual harassment can take the form of verbal abuse or inappropriate remarks. The POHA covers both intentional and unintentional harassment; as such, it is irrelevant whether your colleague had intended to cause harassment, distress or alarm to you when he/she made the harassing statements. Your colleague risks being…