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Health & Fitness
Men's Health Singapore

Men's Health Singapore May 2019

Men's Health Singapore is the authority on men’s fitness, health, sex and relationships, grooming and style, a “100% Useful” monthly guide for the sophisticated and active man who is vibrant, financially secure and who seeks an editorial product that is presented in an approachable and professional manner.

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In this issue

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men's health singapore

GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Caroline Ngui, nguislc@sph.com.sg GROUP EDITOR Raymond Goh, raygoh@sph.com.sg EDITORIAL Editor Kelvin Tan, kelvtan@sph.com.sg Content Producer Gilbert Wong, gilbertw@sph.com.sg Senior Manager,Administration & Editorial Support Unit Juliana Chong, julianac@sph.com.sg Administrative Assistant Ho Mei San, meisanho@sph.com.sg CREATIVE Art Directors Jason Tan, jasontan@sph.com.sg Ashruddin Sani, ashdin@sph.com.sg Michael Chian, cmichael@sph.com.sg Ray Christian Tiscay, rayt@sph.com.sg Chief Photographer Veronica Tay, verontay@sph.com.sg Executive Photographers Frenchescar Lim, frenchl@sph.com.sg Tan Wei Te, tanweite@sph.com.sg Photographers Darren Chang, darrenc@sph.com.sg Vee Chin, veechin@sph.com.sg Angela Guo, angelag@sph.com.sg Videographer Gong Yimin, gongym@sph.com.sg Assistant Photographers Phyllicia Wang, wanglix@sph.com.sg Senior Administrative Executive Wendy Wong, wwong@sph.com.sg BRAND LAB Director Ong Ting Nee, tingnee@sph.com.sg Editor Grace Chua, cshgrace@sph.com.sg Associate Editor Shairah Thoufeekh Ahamed, stahamed@sph.com.sg Senior Writer Nida Seah, seahnida@sph.com.sg Assistant Project Manager Nurasyidah Abdul Razak, nsyidah@sph.com.sg Senior Art Director Neccol Woo, neccolw@sph.com.sg Art Directors Kim Wong, kimwong@sph.com.sg Stephanie Teo, stephteo@sph.com.sg VIDEO LAB Graphic Designer Felicia Liew, felliew@sph.com.sg Graphic Designer Sherry Leung, suetyee@sph.com.sg Graphic Designer Muhammad Firdaus Mahadi, firmhdi@sph.com.sg SPH MAGAZINES Chief Executive Officer Maureen Wee,…

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our time has come

There’s a line in our interview with Ludi Lin that stands out, where the Hollywood star says: “I feel like Asians and Chinese people have always been serving the food at the table as Chinese takeout. But it's really time for us to actually get a seat, and have a word in.” He’s right, really. Asians have come a long way from token movie roles, and playing sidekicks in the game of life. Our physiques, like our stature in the world economy, have never been stronger, so why should we succumb to our usual shy sensibilities when we can stand out? One of the things that’s always helped us is our work ethic, and hanging with Ludi for this cover feature only reiterated the value of maintaining it. “It's really not that difficult,”…

2 min.
rebuild that man in the mirror

The usual narrative is that only women primp and preen – that the fairer of the sex is more inclined to worry about appearance. But that really isn’t true – in fact, in a recent Men’s Health survey, 32% of men – 45% of them are aged 18 to 34 – have edited or cropped a photo to make themselves look better online. But worst of all – 1 in 20 men have been teased, trolled, or body-shamed on social media about their appearance or weight. While you shouldn’t be trying to improve your appearance for anyone else but yourself, the fact is there are medical solutions to improve your grooming and appearance. Let’s start with gynecomastia. Pronounced guy-neh-co-mastia, the Greek word means ‘woman’s breasts’. In today’s vernacular, we call them ‘man…

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The Texas Method Is Your Key To New Strength & Size Gains If you’re looking to gain serious size and strength, and aren’t worried about your abs or eating below a certain number of calories, this advanced training programme is for you. https://www.menshealth.com.sg/ fitness/texas-method-key-secretnew-strength-size-gains/ What Do Protein Powder Ingredients On The Label Mean? The right jug has nutrients to build muscle. The wrong one has a lot of BS. Let us decode the label to help you make the best choice. https://www.menshealth.com.sg/ weight-loss-nutrition/whey-protein-powder-ingredients-label/ THE MOST USEFUL E-MAIL IN YOUR INBOX Sign up for our newsletter when you register to be a member on Menshealth.com.sg and receive free expert advice and tips delivered straight to your inbox. Each week, you’ll learn how to upgrade your muscle gains, look like a million bucks and get the girl.…

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face off

We don’t always understand how a facial works. And most of what the therapist tells us eventually comes to nought midway through the massage. But if you have had a facial before, you would know that the most intense part would be the “extraction”. This is when pores are pressed, probed and squeezed to expel the gunk trapped beneath your skin. While this clears up your complexion, it’s also when one experiences the most discomfort. TRIPLE ACTION At Thomas D’Esthetique, a men’s only aesthetics and wellness centre, the signature Aqua Peel treatment does away with the pain but retains similar, if not better, results. The three-step therapy begins with the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) solution that is said to target wrinkles and slow down the signs of ageing, while firming up and toning…

3 min.
ask men’s health

DO I NEED SURGERY ’ IF I VE GOT A LONGTERM BACK INJURY? – DANIEL Treatment always depends on the MRI. The first thing you want to do is get another evaluation, just to make sure nothing has changed and that you don’t need surgery. If surgery isn’t needed, start focusing on mobility and stability. This means keeping your hips and the muscles around your pelvis mobile. You can do this using a foam roller or just by stretching. Target your hip flexors, quads, and glutes. For stability and strengthening, focus on the hips. This stabilizes the pelvis and relieves pressure on the lumbar spine. When you lift, maintain a neutral spine position while strengthening the core. Avoid movements that have a dynamic rotation or that cause you to lean backward…